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Mountain Climbing

2023-01-20 21:55:11

NOTE: This is a love story.

Since XNXX decided to put water sports and pissing together in one category please don’t be misled. This story contains pissing.

Mountain Climbing

I am an avid mountain climber and have been for many years. I take my vacations just so that I can climb mountains throughout the United States.

I cannot ever imaging climbing Mount Everest at 8,848 meters in height K2 at 8,611 meters in height but someday I do hope to climb Mount McKinley at 6,194 meters or 20,320 feet in the Alaska Range of south central Alaska. It is the highest point in North America.

I have however climbed in Eldorado Canyon near Boulder, Colorado which is one of the world's finest rock climbing areas. Another great place to climb is the Needles of Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota. That is a little known rock climbing paradise, which offers extraordinary climbing on some spectacular rock pinnacles.

I talked about my climbing escapades to several of the guys at work and had often tried to get them to try it with me but to no avail. Then to my incredible amazement one of the women that I worked with said that she was interested in learning to mountain climb.

Audrey was a very nice lady, not bad looking at all, and she was pretty physically fit so I decided to give her a try. That first night right after work I had her follow me back to my house to talk some more and to watch some training videos that I have. A few years ago I built a climbing tower in my backyard which has four practice walls that increase in difficulty. I suggested that Audrey try it out.

Since we had come straight from work she was still in a pretty dress. I offered her some of my clothes to use. She found a T-shirt and a pair of my shorts that she decided to wear. Audrey even had a pair of sneakers out in her car that she could wear too. So she got dressed and we went out back. I got her into a harness, put some tension on her safety line, and told her to see if she could climb to the top. Audrey did surprisingly well on the easy wall. She loved the way it made her blood race. On the next wall she had to stretch more and the footholds were smaller. Her adrenaline gave her the strength to finally get to the top. When she insisted on trying the third wall I had to say no to her. I could see that Audrey had sapped her strength even if she couldn’t see it. I chalk it up to experience. You have to know how hard you can push yourself and those in your climbing party. Audrey was exhausted but she didn’t know it yet.

Once Audrey sat down in a comfortable chair she finally realized that she felt drained. I gave her a big glass of Gatorade to drink. It would replace some of her electrolytes. She couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful she felt climbing my wall. That’s when I knew that she had the climbing bug just like I did.

The very next day after work Audrey was ready to go after that third wall. She had even packed a bag of clothes to change into. When she came out she looked much better in her tiny little yellow shorts and her skimpy yellow top than she had in my things the day before. As she got into her safety harness she very carefully made sure that the two straps through her legs were adjusted to the outsides of her pussy.

In doing so Audrey blushed a light shade of pink and then said, “I didn’t quite adjust them right yesterday and I chaffed my clit pretty badly. I don’t know if you noticed or not but today at work I could hardly sit still. The irritation drove me absolutely crazy and gave me several unintentional orgasms as well. It was terrible.”

I smiled at her and asked, “Since when is having orgasms terrible?”

Audrey blushed again and said, “Since it made me want to jump your bones in the copier room. That’s since when.”

I just smiled at her again and said, “I’ve had those same ideas about you for quite some time now.”

Audrey asked, “Why haven’t you asked me out then? Didn’t you ever want to climb my mountains? Or aren’t they big enough for you?”

Audrey then supported both of her breasts in her cupped hands and gave them a little squeeze and a little bounce. They sure were impressive mountains. When she had changed she had removed her bra and just put on a T-shirt where the bottom half had been cut off. As Audrey finished getting into the harness she made sure to adjust the top connection right between her breasts enhancing their already fine look.

Audrey wanted to start out on the third side of the climbing tower but I started her back on the first side. She smiled at me and climbed the forty feet to the top with hardly any effort at all. She struggled just a little bit on the second side though. The third side gave her a real workout. The hand and footholds were getting smaller and smaller each time and they were getting spaced out far enough where sometimes you had to go on faith alone to reach them. After falling three times from the third wall she finally made it. Audrey didn’t even ask me if she could try to climb the forth side but instead asked me for a rest break before giving the third side another try.

Upon entering my house Audrey removed her harness. She said that she had too pee and went off toward my bathroom. Shortly she came back out naked to give me a quick tease, said that she needed me, and then ran right into my bedroom. I was sure that she was asking me for sex. When I got to my bedroom there was Audrey in my bed with the covers pulled all the way up her neck. I couldn’t see a damn thing and that quick run through earlier hadn’t allowed me to see much then either. I assumed that she wanted to watch me undress so I tried to do a sexy little strip tease for her but all I really wanted to do was strip and jump under the covers with her. She cheered and hooted as I undressed. When I was naked she signaled me with her finger to turn around for her so I did.

She then told me to turn all of the lights off, close the bedroom door, and to close the drapes on my windows too so that it was as dark as possible in my bedroom. Only then was I invited to get into my own bed with her. Audrey even asked me to close my eyes, which I did too. After that she invited me to explore her body all I wanted too. I started with one of her mountains, which is what a mountain climber would do. I started at the base and explored several ways to get to the peak. When I found that boulder at the very peak I rewarded myself with a generous suck. I descended that mountain to scale the next one in her range. When I was done exploring her fine mountain range I traversed the plateau across her firm tummy. I found a nice moist cave to spend the night in that I just couldn’t resist. I couldn’t fit my entire body in her cave, which I suppose was a good thing so I fit in what I could and it happened to be my pecker.

With my eyes still closed I explored her hips and the sides of her breasts with my hands and the inside of her mouth with my tongue. Meanwhile I was making love to that mountain climbing lady. Her pussy was so velvety soft that I couldn’t help but love being in there. I enjoyed every slip into her love cave and every slide out of her too. It was a wonderful feeling and unlike any I had ever had before. Audrey was one very unique lady. After our mutual climaxes we just closed our eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up completely refreshed. It was dark in my bedroom. When I looked at my alarm clock I realized that it was five o’clock in the morning. I also realized that I could cuddle Audrey in my arms for another two hours before I had to get ready for work. As we cuddled I then realized that Audrey might require a little more time to get ready and that she would have to go home to change her clothes for work too. So I gentle nudged her, then I kissed her forehead, and then I squeezed her breast that was still in my hand.

Audrey stirred a little and opened her eyes, she smiled up at me, and asked, “Can we make love again? This time with all of the lights on and your eyes open.”

I flipped the covers back and turned on the lights in my bedroom. Then I feasted my eyes on Audrey’s naked form. She had looked sexy as hell in her tight shorts and that half shirt but she looked even better lying there naked on my bed. I went back to exploring her mountain range again. Then I explored that wonderful moist cave of hers and then finally I explored her backyard. She raised her ass up into the air for me, she laid her breasts flat on the bed, and she moaned ever so sweetly as I inserted my pulsing cock into her throbbing pussy. Her legs were between mine as I stroked into her over and over more urgently than I had the night before. We were both so very excited that once again we climaxed together. Then we took a shower, ate breakfast, and then Audrey went to her house to get dressed for work.

That evening when Audrey followed me home I had to help her take three suitcases out of her car and a stack of dresses, skirts, and blouses to put in my closet. Audrey had decided to move in with me and I didn’t mind one bit.

She got very good at climbing my tower in the backyard and she watched every climbing video that I had. So after only four weeks of training I felt that Audrey was ready for a real mountain.

Together we planned a trip to Mount Washington in New Hampshire to climb the highest mountain in the Northeast United States. It is in the heart of the White Mountain National Forest. On a clear day, views from the 6,288-foot summit extend beyond New Hampshire as far as 130 miles to Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Quebec, and to the Atlantic Ocean. A modern summit building houses a cafeteria, restrooms, gift shops, the Mount Washington Observatory and its museum. The historic TipTop House is located adjacent to the summit building and is open to visitors. The mountain boasts some of the planet's most severe weather, and it retains the world record for wind speed at 231 miles per hour. It would be perfect for Audrey’s first climb. Besides if we climb up that mountain we don’t have to climb back down it we can just take the Cog Railway back down. It would also give Audrey the opportunity to enjoy the incredibly scenic view.

I watched the weather reports for the best opportunity for our climb. Two weeks later we took off work at noon that Friday and drove to our motel. We ate a romantic dinner, made love twice, and got to bed early for a sunrise ascent.

Being a slightly chilly start didn’t curtail Audrey from wearing her tight shorts and her half shirt. As we prepared ourselves for our climb another couple asked me if they could join us. Audrey was pleased to have another woman along so I agreed. I was the only one to have climbed this particular mountain before. I had climbed it twice in fact.

So the four of us started up the incline. I was going to lead with Audrey following me. Stella would come next followed by her husband Ralph. The first part was pretty easy and it allowed everyone to get better acquainted with each other. Mostly the girls talked to one another and traded secrets. When we got to the rock surface we stopped for a snack and a rest before the vertical climb.

Audrey whispered to Stella, “I’ve got to pee.”

Stella laughed and said out loud, “I’ve got to pee too.”

Then Stella started to remove her harness. Audrey shrugged her shoulders and looked around. Seeing no place to get out of sight she removed her harness too.

Next Stella said, “Well Audrey if we can’t hide it from them we might just as well show it to them. You take my man and I’ll take yours.”

With that said Stella faced me and dropped her shorts and her panties to her ankles. Then she removed them so as not to get them wet and squatted down before me. I looked over at Audrey and she looked a little nervous but she was starting to do the same thing for Ralph. I turned my full attention back to Stella and especially to her pussy. I watched as she peed and a warm yellow river started to flow across the rocks between us and down between my feet. Stella really did have to pee. As she continued I realized that I also had to pee. Taking my hint from Stella I just pulled my cock out and aimed it toward her. As our streams merged on the rock surface we just stared at each other’s gentiles. Stella had more hair on her pussy than Audrey did, her pussy lips opened up more too, and I could even see Stella’s clit as it poked out. She took the opportunity to finger herself to an orgasm as I watched her. When the show was over I looked at Audrey. She was fully dressed already and was getting back into her harness again. The three of us then watched as Stella got dressed and got back into her harness.

The rest of the climb up the face was too strenuous to allow the girls to chat very much. They had to conserve their strength. They did very well actually. It was good to have Ralph on the other end too. He was just as pleased to have me in the lead. We just might have discovered a couple to climb with in the future.

After the vertical climb we got to the wooded area at the top and just hiked to the peak. We weren’t alone because of the roadway and the Cog Railroad that get visitors to top an easier way. Stella had been telling Audrey all about their habit of taking nude pictures of her on top of every summit that they climb. Audrey had expressed an interest in starting her own collection of such pictures. So we waited around for just the right moment and then the girls stripped naked except for their hiking boots and posed together for both of us to capture the moment. Then we took pictures of each girl alone too. Luckily the girls got dressed before a group of young children ran up to the peak screaming and shouting that they were standing on top of the World.

We ate in the restaurant and exchanged phone numbers and email addresses before taking the Cog Railway back down to the base and to our cars. Audrey and I went back to our motel for a night of well-needed rest and of course some celebratory sex. Audrey was defiantly hooked on mountain climbing. She was also hooked on me and on posing nude on top of mountains. She couldn’t wait to do it again. Audrey was also a Scrap Booker and couldn’t wait to start a new one of her mountain climbing experiences

Audrey finally gave up her apartment after living with me for the past two months. We got married and now we climb mountains together as often as possibly. Occasionally Stella and Ralph will join us too.

The End
Mountain Climbing