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Poking Aunt Nita

2023-01-24 00:09:35

Poking Aunt Nita

My wife was raised by her grandparents, who had a daughter late in life. As a result, Carly and her aunt, Juanita, are more like sisters, rather than aunt and niece.

As Carly’s mom got older, we wound up being responsible for her, although she had spent very little time being responsible for her own daughter.

We bought a nice little home for her and I was always able to keep up the maintenance on the place. When I’d be there working, I loved to get the old gal talking about her younger years, promising I would not reveal some secrets to her daughter.

The main reason she’d given Carly up for her grandparents to raise, was because she’d become a high priced call girl and couldn’t watch over her child at night.

“You better not ever tell Carly this, but sweetie, I’ve had as many as eight men in my bed in one night; sometimes, as many as four at one time. I made more money back then than half of my customers did. I always tried to send Mama and Paw some money every month, but sometimes, my bills were just too much. Most of the time, I didn’t even like screwing, but I damn sure liked the money.”

When Carly wasn’t with me, I’d teasingly call her, ‘Ol’ Puss’. It always brought a grin and she’d shake her fist at me.

Now I get to the meat of this story…

I found out things about Juanita (Nita) that I never suspected. I knew she had married an older man the day after she graduated high school.

“I introduced them one time when she came to Springfield to visit me for a few days,” my mother-in-law (Jackie/Ol’ Puss) told me, “He was a sweet talker and had about seven inches. Trust me, he knew how to use it, too. I told him not to fuck Nita but both of them were naked in MY bed when I got home from my date… So much for MY customer; he asked her to marry him when she got out of school, so she did.”

The more I pumped information from Ol’ Puss, the more interested I became in trying to fuck Nita. I learned that her husband wasn’t the first dick she’d had in her. She’d confided in her big sis many times… Nita had been fucking boys since the eighth grade.
Her marriage to Ed lasted less than two years, when she found out about another girl who was carrying his baby. They split and she went into the workforce.

As it happened, that was about the same time Carly finished high school and began working at the same advertising agency. Nita fell in love with a printer who worked there and Carly fell in love with me, Don Parker. Those two marriages, less than a year apart, have lasted for decades.

Only one time during the first twenty, or so, years was Nita and I alone. Carly was giving birth to our youngest daughter and Nita made the two hundred mile trip from her home to the hospital for moral support.

The baby was born, but Carly had some problems during delivery and the doctor said she’d have to stay in the hospital for a few days.
Nita said she didn’t have anything pressing, so she’d stay and help out with our other two kids.

By this time, Carly was thirty-eight and Nita was forty, same age as me. Nita napped a little on the one hour drive back to our lake house. It was dark when we arrived, so I told her we’d just leave the kids at Jackie’s place until morning.

We showered and met in the living room for a little chill time. The TV was on some channel with old black and white reruns. Needless to say, the light, loose pajama top and short bottoms she wore caught my attention. All I wore was long, satin bottoms and no shirt.

“You want a little glass of wine, maybe some popcorn?”

“Oh, Donnie, that sounds so good. Want me to help?”

“I can get it, but… sure, c’mon.”

She opened the wine bottle while I popped the popcorn. I just dumped it all in one big bowl and sat on the couch beside her, enjoying the Dick Van Dyke show followed by Father Knows Best.

I didn’t get up enough nerve to bring up having sex, so we finally said goodnight and went to bed. I had one more glass of wine (my fourth) and proceeded to my bathroom. I brushed and flossed, took a quick shower and, as I stood at the toilet, I realized I was pulling on my cock, thinking of the pussy in the guest room, just twenty feet away.

“What the fuck?” I thought, “No need to pump a load of cum into this pot when Nita’s right in there… I’m gonna give it a shot.”

She was still awake and, with the night light on, she saw me open her door and walk in, naked.

“Oh no, Don. You just stop right there. There’s not gonna be any of that. I’ll never cheat on Ken and I don’t think you really want to cheat on Carly. Just turn around and close that door behind you.”

Instead of turning around, I flipped the wall switch and turned the overhead light on. When I rested one knee on the side of the bed, she rolled over and got out on the other side, “I mean it, Don! Don’t come any closer.”

“Oh, fuck, Nita. Don’t try to pull that ‘goody two shoes’ on me. Before you say anything else, I want to know the whole story about Walt Smith.” I could see in her face that I had struck a nerve, “Tell me about the letter he wrote to you before he shot himself. Tell me about how he couldn’t stand being with his wife because every time he had sex with her, all he could think about was how much better it was with you.”

“How did you…?”

“That’s okay, let’s just say I know a lot. Does Ken know about Walt?” She shook her head ‘no’ but didn’t speak. She stood in place as I walked, on my knees, across the bed.

“Does Ken know about David and Wayne? When you went to visit Jackie, she was working in the little bar with the dance floor. You made a big hit with those two cowboys. You left the place with them and didn’t come back to Jackie’s until Sunday. You bragged about getting fucked eleven times; twice, you had both dicks in you at once… I ask again, does Ken know about them?”

Again, she stood still and shook her head ‘no’.

I had her…

“You see, your big sister and I have lots of good talks, bless her sweet heart, and she told me all those things that you told her, in confidence.”
When I reached out and took her wrist in my hand, Nita let me pull her back toward the bed, “I think this is gonna work a little better if you just go ahead and pull your pajamas off. This bed is rock a lot tonight and there no need to get that pretty little outfit messed up.”

My cock was already hard but it ached, as more blood tried to rush into it when she raised her top up and off. Her tits were firm and almost identical to Carly’s, dark aureoles with nipples a half inch thick and close to the same amount, sticking out.

She still had not spoken, but I did notice that her eyes kept dropping to my shaft for a quick look. Her thumbs hooked in the top of her p.j. bottoms but before she pulled them down, she looked me in the eyes, “Don, please don’t make me…”

“Make you? I’m not gonna ‘make’ you. It’s called coercion. It means I’m talking you into giving me some pussy. To ‘make’ you do it would be rape… and I wouldn’t rape anybody. Well, I at least I wouldn’t ‘want’ to rape anybody. Now pull those pants off and lay your fine ass down.”

Her pubic hair was thinner than Carly’s but covered a little more area. Even after having two children, not a stretch mark, nor a mole, marked her creamy skin. God, how I was gonna enjoy sweet Aunt Nita.

As soon as she lay on her back, she began to cry softly. To her credit, though, she knew what was coming and spread her legs. I took in the sight, which looked much more delicious than I had expected.

My first kiss was to her belly button, followed by three minutes of slow progress toward her cunt. By the time my lips reached her mound, I could feel slight responses. Then, when my tongue touched her hooded button, her butt rose completely off the bed.

That was when I noticed her sobs had turned to heavy breathing and an occasional gasp. I sucked on her clit, swirling my tongue around. The result? ... her hands sought the back of my head and forced it tighter. Within thirty seconds of that first suck, her orgasm hit her hard.

“Oh, Donnie… Oh my God, Donnie! Keep going, keep going! Eat me, eat me, eat me! It’s been so long….Ugnhhhh… Oh, Mmmmmmm… Oh God yes, yes, YESSSssssss!!”

I raised my head and kissed her belly button again. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and curled them until I found her g-spot, She was gasping when I asked, “Did you like that?” She nodded. “Do you like this?” I started ‘walking’ my fingers on her g-spot.

“Oh my God yes, Don. Shit, that feels so good. Oh, God, I think I’m gonna cum ag… ag… again! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh...”

I kept fingering Nita as I worked my way to her luscious tits. I wasted no time working them over with my mouth and the fingers on my left hand. Through the whole thing, she was thrashing her head back and forth and moaning with pleasure.

When my lips sought out hers, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard, then soft, then violent, then passionate. She couldn’t get enough. It was like she hadn’t been loved on in years.

Nita pushed me away from her mouth and looked deeply into my eyes, “Ken won’t eat me… never has. Walt was the last man to touch me down there with his tongue. That was fantastic, thank you.”

Then she felt my cock against her opening, “Will you fuck me gently… be easy with me, please? I saw the size of your dick and it’s much bigger than Ken’s… bigger than David’s and Wayne’s too. They were so long ago I guess they really don’t matter. Ken’s only screws me about once a month, anymore. Be easy, okay?”

She was tight, alright. Ken’s pecker never did this one any damage, that’s for sure. But she was already flooded with lubrication and I slid inside her easily. Once all of my meat had filled her, I lay still, kissing Nita over and over, my hands fondling her tits.

Slowly, I began to pull back, but only a couple of inches before I sank it back in. I fucked her gently until I realized her hands were grasping my ass cheeks and jerking me to her. I picked up the pace and before long, I was slamming her pussy as hard as I had ever done anyone.

It took less than two minutes for me to lose it… my load shot into her for an eternity and my cock never wilted. I kept up the pace, even though her crotch was getting sloppy with cum from both of us. A minute after I unloaded, she had a third orgasm.

“Honey, will you get on your knees? I want to fuck you from behind.”

The words were barely out of my mouth and I was mounted like a big ol’ stud turtle. This time, it was around fifteen minutes before I blasted her cervix, again.

Satiated, we fell to the sheets, tired, sweaty and dripping with cum.

After catching our breath, Nita smiled at me and said, “If coercion is that good, I wonder what rape feels like. Either way, whichever you want to do to me, you can… anytime. My God, Donnie, the only dick I ever had in me that was half that good was when I was married to Ed. I probably could have lived with his cheating, but when he started slapping me around, I left.

“Daddy and a friend of his found Ed and beat the shit out of him. They kicked him in the nuts until he blacked out from the pain, then they threw him down a flight of stairs. He never tried to contact me again… but he really did know how to fuck.

“I haven’t had it doggy style since the threesome, either. Ken only does missionary… it gets kind of boring, but what the hell. With my security there; there’s no way I’ll ever leave him. And I know you love Carly and the kids. So…. why don’t we just call it quits? That is, until you get hard again, or… until I wash my pussy and you’re ready for another fur meal.”

Carly was a little upset that I didn’t sleep good, “Was your mind on me and all these damn problems? That’s what kept me from sleeping very good last night, too.”

I didn’t have the balls to tell her the truth… in fact, I was beginning to wonder if my balls would ever be the same, after getting off five times inside Nita, in one orifice or another. But as tired as I was, I still looked forward to whatever the coming night held in store.

“Of course I was worried about you; the baby, too. Little Jess is a pretty one… just like her mommy. In fact, if you were in a private room, I’d think about doing a little work on making her another little sister.”

“DON PARKER! I just my tubes tied, you horny old fart. It’s gonna be a month to six weeks before you get any, so just make do with your right hand and those old Playboy magazines in the garage.” She tugged me to her face and kissed me, “The gynecologist says no pussy for six weeks, but I don’t think my dentist will have a problem if I use my mouth on ol’ Fat Boy… just as soon as I get home.”

I kissed her again and told her, “Guess I’ll just have to wait, then.”

Nita and I enjoyed our sex for the next three nights, sleeping and showering together. My prostate seemed to come alive with more semen every night… we had to alternate the beds we slept on, in order that we didn’t have to wash sheets every day.

Four days later, Carly came home. Her tits didn’t produce milk, so Jess was already on formula. Nita was kind enough to stay another ten days so Carly could heal and get her rest at night, “You can feed her bottles during the day and she can sleep in my room at night. That way, she won’t disturb you two and I can feed her when she wakes up.”

My mind was blown when Nita produced some little lime green pills, “They’re a form of sleeping pills. Just drop one in her hot chocolate and it will dissolve right away. Once she out cold…” she looked up at me with those blue eyes, “you know where to find me.”

I slid out of bed at 11:15, shooked Carly and called her name. The sleeping pill had worked…
Nita was asleep, but lying on top her bed, naked in anticipation. No way I was gonna make her wait any longer. She woke up while was sucking on her clitoris. When her hands went to the sides of my head, I slid two fingers into the luscious pussy I had become so familiar with. Her gasp told me she would be okay with anything I chose to do.

She had told me that our sex had awakened a sleeping beast within her, one that had been dormant for many years. It was time to feed that beast… again. After bringing her to her first orgasm, which soaked my fingers and filled her entrance with delicious juice, I positioned my cock and drove all the way in.

“Oh, shit, that’s nice. Fuck me good, Don, but remember, your baby daughter is sleeping right over there and the other two are right upstairs, so don’t make me yell too loud.” She pulled my head down and kissed me, “I wish I had found you before Carly did. You know I’m in love… oh yes, yes… you’re hitting it just right. Oh, God, that feels so good.”

Two minutes later, she grabbed her pillow and smothered her groans of ecstasy as her orgasm hit. My own balls tightened and jerked, shooting pulses of hot cum, filling her pussy. I lay on top of her, passionately kissing her lips, neck and ears, “If it weren’t for our kids…”

“I know, I know. I figured out the second night we were together that you loved me; you just never would say it. I love you, too, Donnie. But we both love Carly and the kids too much to let them go.” She stopped talking long enough to kiss me again, “But, with God as my witness, I love you and I’ll be with you every chance I get.”

Over the next few days, I used the sleeping pills on Carly every night. When it got close to time for Nita to go home, we (reluctantly) stopped, knowing Carly would need to be in a position to take care of the baby during the night. We did manage a motel room a couple of times and hit an awesome 69 in the seat of my pickup, once… then she went home.

That was nineteen years ago.

Over the years, Nita and I have been able to get together many times and each time, parting was hard. Three years ago, Carly contracted bone cancer, which quickly progressed to her spine and brain. She died within four months of being diagnosed.

Nita’s husband, Ken, began pressing her to move to somewhere in South America. His only reason was that his money would go much further in the foreign economy. She finally told him that he could just give her the house, half their bank account, her little car and a divorce. When all was said and done, she discovered he had mortgaged the house and was running from ‘collectors’, representing local loan sharks.

She got an attorney, got the quickest divorce she could, and moved to a small apartment in Springfield, just a short thirty minute drive from my home. Needless to say, we spent a LOT of time together.

When she and her only daughter came to my youngest daughter’s high school graduation, we had decided to tell our kids that we were going to start ‘seeing’ each other. In the middle of the pre-graduation meal, her daughter exclaimed, “Oh my gosh! Why didn’t I think of it sooner?”

“What, honey?”

“You, Mom… you and Don. Why don’t you two go out together and have some fun? You may be pushing 60 but you’re both a long way from being dead.”

I beat Nita to the punch, “WHAT?? Me go out with your mom?? You gotta be kiddin’ me, girl. She’s wayyyyyy to old for me. If, and I did say ‘if’, I decide to start seeing another woman, she’s not gonna be like… 35. Yep, 35 to 45. That should be the range for me.”

Nita slapped me on the shoulder and turned to her daughter, “Actually, honey, Don and I discussed that exact subject yesterday. We wanted to see what you kids thought about it first, though.” It was a small lie, but we had talked about running the thought by the girls, first.

My oldest girl, who was now a mother, herself, spoke next, “Wow! That’s a great idea! There’s not another woman in this whole world that we girls love more than our Aunt Nita.”

Two weeks later, Nita moved out of her apartment and into my home, as my wife. My daughter took the apartment, saying she needed some peace and quiet, “My gosh, Dad, you two have more sex than teenagers. I have to get out of this place; I can’t sleep because of the noise you make at night.