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Marking - An unexpected fetish - Part 1

2023-01-21 01:34:23

This story takes place while I was seeing Cindy. I'm jumping around with stories from our time together as we were often "working on" several things at once, which makes a pure linear recounting of our experiences difficult.

Before this story took place Cindy had decided that she was tired of letting preconceived ideas, friends, family and society tell her what was acceptable, what was "right" or what she could enjoy. She was now choosing to give everything a try, as long as it wasn't impractical or highly illegal. At worst she'd discover some things she didn't care for, at best she'd find new things to enjoy or make her cum.

Part-1 deals with the path we took and challenges we faced as we worked to make water-sports a reality




It was early evening as I texted Cindy. She would be stopping by after work tomorrow and there was something I wanted to bring up before she arrived. Even though I'd already fucked Cindy in Hanna's bed, while kissing her through a pair of Hanna's panties, I somehow found myself nervous to bring up this particular topic. 

The thing is, younger girls, someone else's daughter and incest fantasies are all fairly mainstream taboos in today's society What I wanted to talk about was none of those things and a part of me feared feared this might cause Cindy to say "that's too far", especially since most people see it as more degrading than pleasurable.

I told myself I was being silly, that even if she wasn't interested, this was a small request when you considered all we'd done. After all, we always said that we were free to bring up, suggest or talk about anything, without fear of rejection, so it was time to hold her to that. Deciding to get straight to the point I said, "I want you to try water-sports."

"How exactly?" was her reply.

Her response told me she hadn't flinched in the slightest by the request. Instead she was wanting to make sure she understood what was expected of her. 

I typed my reply, "Nothing too extreme. I'm thinking we start in the shower. I can go on your pussy and you go on my cock. From there, we'll see if we want to take it further."

Moments later she reminded me that she's more intuitive than I often gave her credit for. She wrote back, "So, is that all you want?"

I replied with what was a "technically accurate" answer by saying, "I think that's a good place to start, so we can see if it's something you like." I wanted to stop her from delving too much deeper into my motivations so I added, "Don't bother running home to clean up after work tomorrow, you can shower here once we're done."

Several messages more and the topic changed, but that didn't matter, she'd agreed to try a taboo that many people refuse to even entertain. Better yet, she'd agreed without even batting an eye.

The thing is, Cindy had been right to ask "Is that all you want?"  Virtually everything we did together stemmed from the hope it'd bring her to new heights of pleasure. Yes, even the incestuous topics she'd once been so against weren't only for my enjoyment. It'd taken a long time to tear down those walls, but in doing so, it was helping teach her how to let go, give in and enjoy the moment. It was also showing her how to find pleasure by focusing on someone else's desire, even when you don't share that particular fetish

The problem was, today's request hadn't been about her discovering a new way to cum. It hadn't even been about pushing her to try something new so she could see if she liked it. When I asked her to try water-sports, I'd only been thinking about myself.

For a long time, I'd been interested in "squirting". I loved the idea of a woman being so turned on and cumming so hard that you could both see, and feel, her orgasm. I'd been with one girl who could squirt during sex and sadly, we only fucked a couple times. I can't explain how amazing it felt when she'd rub her clit to make herself cum, causing my balls and thighs to be pelted with warm streams being shot out of her, as if from a naughty water-gun. The first time it happened I reached down in confusion as to what was happening and the realization of I was feeling as she squirted on my hand nearly made me cum all on its own.

I wanted that experience again, but Cindy couldn't squirt. It didn't matter which training techniques we followed or how hard she came, she just couldn't squirt. Instead, when Cindy was cumming exceptionally hard, she'd sometimes "gush". Her gushing would be a sudden flood of liquid out of her, more like a warm waterfall instead of a sex-powered blast broadcasting her pleasure. While gushing is still brag worthy, it wasn't what I wanted.

I'd seen enough porn to realize, even before I researched it, that most porn-site squirting is nothing more than women peeing. I hate to be the one to break that to you if you didn't already know that, but despite squirting being a real thing, most professional and amateur porn stars fake their squirting talent, not just their orgasms. The thing is, I can forgive the forgive the squirting deception since porn-stars are in the business of fantasy, not realism.

It was the fantasy vs reality mindset which provided me the solution to Cindy's inability to projectile squirt. Cindy was very multi-orgasmic and already came like a porn-star, so why not have her squirt like one too? All it would take would be having her do something she already did several times a day without thinking. It was an easy solution, and I was fairly certain that in-the-moment I could accept the fantasy as to what those powerful blasts were as I fucked her. However, in order to get make that happen I just needed to get her use to peeing on my cock.




At my house the next day, after our usual chat-fest, we moved onto what I'd been anxiously waiting for. Standing naked in the bathroom I turned the water on right before,going to my knees in front of Cindy. I pushed her back against the sink and began to lick her pussy.

I brought her right to the point of cumming before standing up.  Sliding back the shower curtain we stepped in.  Standing under the water I began to touch and tease her more. Her hands followed suit as she explored my body.  My cock hard, she went to her knees and took me in her mouth.  I reached over and turned off the water, as she took me in deeper, swallowing my cock in its entirety.

My hands went to her hair and I moved her head on my cock. Then I held her in place as I began to fuck her mouth, sometimes taking her to the point I'd hear her gag or gasp for air.  Even when she had to pull away to catch a breath, she always went right back to my cock, hungrily devouring it.

As much as I wanted to just cum down her throat, this wasn't why I'd asked her to join me in the tub. Reluctantly I pulled away and she stood up.  I pulled her close to me and I used my hand to guide my cock between her legs.  

I held my cock against her pussy lips so I'd feel her "squirt" not only on my cock, but on my hand, just like my first squirting experience.  With my other arm wrapped around her I held us close as I said "You first".

I stood there, anticipating the warm but powerful rush of her "squirting" on me, but as more and more seconds ticked by, I realized something might be wrong.  I asked, "do you not need to go?"

Cindy answered, "I do. I didn't go before leaving work on purpose. I just can't".

"Can't".  That wasn't a word I'd heard Cindy use often, and certainly not one she'd said to me recently.  I encouraged her, "It's ok, just relax, take your time".

Cindy didn't reply, and instead she stood there silently. I allowed even more time to pass and then more still. I could hear the frustration in Cindy's voice as she said, "I'm trying, I just can't."

Not wanting to give up I said, "It's ok.  I know you can do this. Of everything you've done, of all the things you've pushed yourself to learn, this is nothing. You've been doing this since the day you were born. This is easy, it's natural, just don't think about it too hard, it'll happen"

I was confident that my few words of encouragement and understanding nature would help her relax and her flow would soon start. How could it not? She was naked, she needed to go and it was something she absolutely could do. She'd become multi-orgasmic, been trained to cum on command, she'd slipped her panties off in a fast food restaurant and given them to a stranger and that barely scratched the surface of her journey. Of all things I'd pushed her to do, peeing was a simple task and one she'd obviously conquer as soon as she relaxed a little.

The thing is, it didn't happen. The longer it took the more frustrated she became, which only made relaxing that much harder. We took a couple of breaks, turning the water back on and distracting ourselves from this seemingly easy task. After a few minutes we'd turn the water off and I'd hold my cock, against her, as she tried again. 

The results of each attempt were always the same, she just couldn't pee.  Finally she asked, "why don't you go, maybe it'll help".  

Peeing while hard can be a little difficult but I'd already lost some of my erection with the frequent pauses and lengthy attempts, so a raging erection wouldn't be an obstacle for me on this attempt.  I pressed my cock against her pussy, letting the head of my cock part her lips slightly as I rested my cock by her clit.  After years of visiting public urinals, I didn't have the same shy bladder she did. After a couple seconds of trying to go, I felt myself starting to pee.

Warm liquid shot over and across her pussy, coating it. My stream continued as I fully unloaded.  My own attempt over, I remained in place and said "Your turn".

As before, she didn't say anything as she concentrated. She willed herself to relax and then mentally beat herself up for not being able to do such an ordinary task.  I finally pulled away and started the shower back up.

With the water flowing over us, I placed my cock between her legs once more and said, "Maybe the running water will help".  This wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to feel her "squirt" on my cock, and the shower would mask that, but right now I just needed her to be able to do this if we were ever gonna get to her "squirting" as I fucked her.

As before, she wasn't able to pee. We finally decided to give up for a while and settled into just showering.  I was just finishing rinsing the soap off my body when I heard her say "I'm sorry".

I looked over at her wet body and perpetually hard nipples as I said, "It's ok, we'll try again another day, if not today".

She wouldn't make eye contact as she said, "I'm sorry that I couldn't, but that's not why I said it. You were rinsing and I couldn't hold it any longer. I just....you know".

I was taken aback. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was afraid if I did, if you touched me I'd stop. I've never gone in the shower before today, I think that was part of my problem"

"Never?"  I asked, not sure how that could be true.

"Never, and I never understood how people could, or why they would. It's the shower, not the toilet".

I didn't fuss at her, I knew she'd tried and I knew she'd blame herself for her failure without me adding to it.

Deciding to put a more pleasant spin on the day I gave her a little smile and said, "well, now that you've emptied yourself, why don't I fill you back up?"

A smile crossed her face and before long my cock was buried in her, providing her with a new reason to need a shower.




As I would have predicted, Cindy didn't take to her failure in the shower lightly. She didn't like having something she couldn't do, especially when it was something she knew she was capable of doing.

Over the following weeks we made more trips to the shower, but the results were always the same. During that time I assigned her "homework".  Every morning she skipped her trip to the toilet and waited until she was in the shower to pee, thus becoming more comfortable with the act and location.

At the same time as she was trying to get use to peeing in the shower, we started to explore other elements of the water-sports taboo. After she would try, and fail, to pee on my cock, I'd either pee on her pussy or I'd pee in her pussy as I fucked her.

Peeing in her pussy had never been a fantasy of mine, and admittedly it didn't do much for me beyond the first couple of times. In order to even make that happen I'd have to stop fucking her, let my cock relax a little before my stream would start, which detracted from the experience and made it less spontaneous feeling.

Cindy did find the feeling of me shooting up into her to be enjoyable. With my cock plugging the only exit for my golden stream, the increase of pressure inside her gave her a new "fuller" sensation.  That feeling didn't actually make her cum, but just knowing how taboo it was for me to piss and fill her pussy as I fucked her, did propel her ever closer to her own orgasm.

Simply reaching my hand down to her clit was all it normally took for her to start cumming. As she came, the mix of my own thrusting and her orgasmic contractions would leave my cock flooded with sudden waves of liquid, especially as I retracted.

That gushing was the closest we got to her "squirting" on my cock, but not even a porn-fantasy mindset let me imagine the torrent of my own pee flowing out of her was actually her squirting. Yes, it was certainly a forbidden and taboo act, but it wasn't the one I wanted

Her pussy filled with my piss wasn't the type of amazing experience which kept both of us up fantasizing at night, so it didn't take long before I stopped pissing in her pussy. There were simply too many things we both liked better to keep doing something we only mildly enjoyed.




Cindy and I did move on from both me peeing on and in her but this didn't mean we left water-sports completely. Reality was, neither Cindy nor I had a personality which accepted failure, so we focused on getting her past her block.  By now we'd tried our normal relaxation techniques, along with some other "tricks" which had helped her get past previous mental hurdles, but none of that was working this time. Her body seemed hard-coded to not be able to explore this particular taboo, yet she remained dedicated to seeing this through. It wasn't long before she took the initiative and started trying to push her own comfort level.  

While I was at work one day I received a video via text message.  Once I was alone I played the video and when I did, I saw her standing naked in my bathroom.  She smiled at her phone and said "I'm sorry I couldn't do this yesterday."  She then stepped into my tub and with the shower curtain pulled back, she bent her knees slightly and peed.  Once the stream was finished she turned the water on to quickly rinse her feel before stepping out to stop the recording.

After that day I started getting video clips of her in various bathrooms as she sat on the toilet. She'd open her legs slightly and record as she peed. Before she'd wipe herself she'd stop the recording and send it to me. All of this was in an effort to break her mental block about peeing being a "private" act.  She never said it outright, but I believe she hoped that the more she shared with me virtually, the easier it'd be to cross that bridge in person. The videos also conveyed two important messages: a) I'm not trying to get out of this, I'm really trying b) I want to do this for you, and I'll do whatever I think will help make this a reality.

Sadly, even with the assortment of pissing videos she sent me, when we were together she still couldn't pee on my cock  Seeing her frustration one day, I offered a new, but familiar, approach.

I had Cindy get out of the shower and I sat on the toilet.  I motioned her closer and said. "This is where you're use to going. So sit."

Cindy was unsure but she obliged. Out of habit, she sat on the toilet like she always did. While this may have been the normal way to sit, we both knew this position would never work as our bodies being front-to-back caused her to be positioned too far forward on the toilet.

She stood up to turn around and then sat on my lap so our chests touched and our faces were close together. It wasn't perfect, but it was comfortable enough and, more importantly, she was over the toilet. From the position we were in I could have easily just fucked her, but her pussy owed me something else first.

With her in position, I began to talk softly and encouragingly in an attempt to help instruct and guide her through what was happening. "Forget about everything else. You're on the toilet so close your eyes and block everything else out. You know how badly you have to go. You're on the toilet, you're in the place you always go, this is the right place, so there's no reason to not relax and let it go. Just relax and let it happen. This is the bathroom. This is the toilet. You are alone and you know what to do. You feel yourself relaxing as a familiar feeling in your body takes over. This is normal, this is natural and you do this every day, and you're about to do it now. Nothing else matters, let yourself go and let it go. Your legs are already spread in preparation to send me another video. You want to show me what you can do, what you do every day when you're alone and sitting here. Give into the urge, the feeling and the need inside you. You can't stop it. You don't want to stop it. This is the place. This is the time. Feel yourself relaxing as you start to go...."

I used the word "go" too many times, but I was trying to paint a picture for her as she sat there. I had just about decided this would be another failed attempt when I heard, and then felt, a few drops.

I tried to contain my excitement, but almost as soon as it had started it stopped again.

After a few moments she spoke. "I thought I could, I just can't."

I knew she wasn't comfortable, but despite that, it showed I was on the right track, finally. It hadn't been much, but she had finally started to pee.  I debated calling it a victory and moving on, but I thought I'd try something else.




I moved to the tub and sat down on the floor. Once again I said, "Sit on my lap, see if that's any better"

She tried, but the tub just wasn't designed to have people sit on each other comfortably. Thinking through alternatives I finally said "hold on". 

I disappeared for a minute and came back to the bathroom carrying a shower chair. The chair had been left in an apartment I rented once and for some reason I was still lugging it around. I kept it in my other bathroom since I never used that tub and suddenly I hoped my hording would be the answer to Cindy's block.

I sat the chair down in the tub and looked at her as she inspected it.  This particular chair had a decent sized oval hole in the middle of it so water could flow through, which made it perfect for our needs.  I smiled as I said "If sitting helps, sit here instead".  Cindy wasn't convinced but she'd tried everything else.  Cindy sat on the shower chair and I got in the tub after her. 

I will briefly interject that I'd stopped thinking about this as "squirting" once she started sending me videos of her peeing. With no sexual touching, teasing or cumming in the videos, it was too hard to think of it as anything other than what it was. While you might expect that'd ruin the fantasy, this had moved past fantasy squirting. Getting her to finally pee around me and then to pee on me, had almost become an obsession neither one of us were willing to concede defeat on. Even if there was no sexual element left in water-sports, we were determined to say we'd successfully explored it.

I tried to get my legs and hips under the chair so she could pee on my cock as she sat above me, but I couldn't.  Next I had Cindy stand up and I lifted the chair to get my hips under it, but the chair legs weren't far enough apart to allow that to happen. No matter how I tried there appeared to be no way for me to lay under this small shower chair.  

I looked at the chair and defeat stared back at me. I had believed the answer to her mental block was sitting down and if so, then I'd let myself hope this chair was the answer. After all, the chair gave her: the familiar sitting position, no direct contact, and no mess on the floor. Was I really going to let the narrow spacing between the legs be what stopped us now?

As I stood there, considering the options I looked back at Cindy, who had returned to sitting on the chair. She looked reasonably comfortable and the position seemed natural. Even that damned hole in the middle was perfect for what we needed. I was convinced that since she had started peeing earlier, if we used this chair she'd be able to finish.  

With our first truly workable solution now slipping through our fingers, I let myself consider an option Cindy and I had never discussed, and one I really wasn't keen on pursuing. The problem was, it was starting to look like it was the only option at this point. To move forward I had to decide if I was willing to put my own reservations aside and push into a new territory just to make this finally happen?

I didn't think long, as failure didn't feel like an acceptable option after all this time.

I asked Cindy to scoot the chair from the middle of the tub to the far end.  I then stepped into the tub and laid down, pulling my feet up so I could lay there more comfortably. Next I pushed myself back, pausing for just a moment before positioning my head under the stool. My shoulders wouldn't fit between the legs, but they didn't need to, the only part of me that needed to fit between the legs was already there. I looked straight up and I could see through the hole in the chair as revelation washed over me as to what that meant. 

Cindy had stepped out of the tub when I stepped back in to lay down, but that that was good, I had one last instruction for her. Looking up at her from the tub I said "Put your panties back on".

Cindy went to her clothes, picked her panties up and slid them on as instructed. Seeing them on I said, "Good. Now step in the tub, pull them down and sit".

Cindy hesitated momentarily before beginning the awkward step back into the tub as she shuffled her feet around my body. She looked down to me and asked the question she needed to hear the answer to before she could continue. "Are you sure?"

I reached my hand up and licked it, making it wet.  I started stroking my cock as I said, "Yes. As you go to sit, slide your panties down, just like you always do, Try to imagine that you're alone, in your bathroom, sitting on the toilet, and then, do what what comes naturally.  I know you need to go, so push your panties down and let it happen"

It took maybe 5 seconds before I saw the first drops form on her pussy.  I closed my mouth tight and continued stroking my cock as a small trickle hit my face.  The trickle lasted only a second, but another started a couple seconds later. 

The second trickle lasted only a little longer and I was still stroking my cock as it too stopped.  Another 10 seconds passed with nothing happening so I was preparing to slide out from under the chair and accept that this was as far as we'd get today. However, before I moved I saw her pussy visibly part just as her stream began.

It had only been a trickle in the beginning, but whatever had held her flow at bay moments before had been brushed aside and she now let a torrent flow out of her onto my face.

My eyes and mouth were both closed as she continued to coat me as I stroked my cock, surprising myself as to how aroused I suddenly felt from the taboo act.  When her flow finally stopped, she stood up to give me more room to stand.  She'd moved the chair out of the tub and was about to step out as well but I placed a hand on her leg and she stayed put.  

Looking up at her and her pussy, my hard cock not only conveyed my acceptance, but also my enjoyment of what had just happened. With all the failed attempts I had become so caught up in just getting her to actually pee that I had stopped thinking about what my sexual reaction might be.  My body hadn't forgotten though. My cock had enjoyed it, despite it being on my face.  

My need swelled in me and I wasn't about to let this moment pass. I stood up, turned her around and pushed her hands against the wall. I closed the distance and slid my cock into her.  

Normally I would fuck her with an intent to draw things out, wanting to let her cum multiple times before I'd let myself approach the edge and plummet over the orgasmic cliff. I loved the feeling of being hard, of being aroused and fucking her too much to just cum quickly; however, I didn't feel like holding back now, not after what had just happened. 

I let myself go and I fucked her hard from behind, not worrying about her need, her arousal or her orgasms. She had pissed on my face and now I was going to fuck her until I came in her.

As I fucked her, with no other thought than my own pleasure, my orgasm built and grew stronger within me.  I plunged deeper and harder into her and as I felt myself reaching the brink of cumming a delicious thought manifested.

Barely able to hold my orgasm back I pulled out of her.  I heard the gasp of disappointment from her when I withdrew, but this wasn't about her, it was about me.  I placed a hand on her shoulder, turned her around and pushed her to her knees all in one motion.  Cindy instinctively opened her mouth to swallow my cum but she didn't taste herself on my cock as she expected. Instead of sliding my cock down into her throat, I intentionally kept my cock just out of reach as it continued to swell with its own need.

Cindy watched as my hand went to my cock and she understood.  Her mouth closed as I provided the final strokes necessary to send myself over the edge.

I almost never came on Cindy's face as it was her least favorite place for my cum, but on that day, it seemed right.  She had covered my face as I laid under her, and now I would return the favor by coating her face with a stickier substance.

As the final waves of my orgasm subsided, my cum now covering her face and lips, neither of us realized that we'd just laid the groundwork for what would become a fetish for both of us.

Continued in Part-2