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Loving Courtney...The True Story

2023-01-09 00:31:33

Loving Courtney...the True Story

Earlier this year, I wrote my first attempt at erotic romantic fiction here on XNXX called 'Loving Courtney' The story, which became a series thanks to the votes and comments from you, Kind Readers, was seemingly well received. Now I would like to relate all the facts that brought the series to life and to give all of you some insight as to why the tale was written. Also, there will be a new series coming soon that my female readers should like. I will explain as we go forward.

I met Courtney in exactly the way I described in the first installment. My description of her was also totally truthful. She is a real, living, breathing girl and I considered her a good friend. The story came about as a result of my missing her after she left. Now the true details.

Some details of the story are totally factual. Courtney was sixteen when we met. She did drop by from time to time asking for rides. She did stay in my guest room on several occasions and she truly was sweet and polite. She and I would talk for hours on some nights and we did do some harmless flirting. We had a good friendship. Not quite like father-daughter yet not quite boyfriend-girlfriend either. We just liked each other's company and we formed a good, friendly bond.

I often wondered why Courtney would just pop in and out with no notice and seemingly no reason. She never gave me any real reason to suspect that anything was amiss, but I still had my concerns. She never talked of home and she was always a bit reserved when asked, so I let it slide.

We had been friends for some months when out of the blue she called (something she rarely did) and asked if I would gather the few belongings she had at my house and pick her up for yet another little ride. I arrived a few minutes later and Courtney climbed into the car. She then asked if I would drive her to the local hospital. I nearly panicked and asked her if she were ill or injured. She said no, but that she had something to tell me.

She hung her head, took a deep breath and said, "This is the hardest thing I have ever had to tell anyone in my life". I just drove in silence and let her go on. "I am a runaway and I just can't do this anymore", Courtney said. "I'm going to turn myself in".

I was flabbergasted! I had always suspected that something was amiss about her, but I guess I let myself just believe her since I cared for her so much. But this revelation truly floored me. I took her to the hospital as she had asked. When we arrived, she said,"I really don't know what to do". I told her to just tell the receptionist what she had told me and they would take it from there.

I hugged her and told her to please take care of herself and to contact me when she could. She didn't say a word, she just gathered her meager belongings and walked away. I watched her until she vanished into the building then reluctantly drove away.

Several days later, I got the idea for the original story which was published here on XNXX. It was mainly fiction, but I based the characters on Courtney and myself. I was so pleased that the first story was so well liked that I decided to make it a series. It is still my most popular and highest rated series on the site.

Now the fun REALLY begins!

Several days ago, I answered a knock on my door to find Courtney standing there and smiling at me. I invited her inside and after a quick (and nearly tearful hug on my part), I took her to the living room where we could talk.

My first question was, "Court, did you run away again?".

She assured me that she had not so I asked her to detail the events since we had last seen each other.

She told me that she had followed my advice and informed the receptionist of what she wanted to do. The police were summoned and Courtney was told she could go to a mental health facility or jail. Since Courtney had no desire to be sent to a looney bin and perhaps medicated against her will, she opted for jail. She was taken to a facility near Lebanon, Ohio where she was held until just after her seventeenth birthday. She was released into the custody of her Mother, but when mom became pregnant, she sent Courtney to live with an Aunt. Turns out that the Aunt just wanted State money for taking Courtney in and when that didn't happen, Courtney had to leave. She ended up with her on again-off again boyfriend whom we shall call Roberto.

She spent some time there until she began to think that she may be pregnant. When she informed Roberto, he freaked and hit her. She then gathered her belongings into her plastic bags and headed for the one place she truly thought she would be safe.

I listened as she told me her story then I asked if she were working. When she said she wasn't, I told her she could work for me. In truth, I am an independent carrier for a large Ohio newspaper. The work is easy, the pay is great and the hours are short. In fact, on the Saturday night/Sunday morning routes (the busiest of the week), it rarely takes more than three hours to complete. Courtney agreed and our new adventure was on!

Courtney and I started our first night on the route on a Saturday. We arrived at the office around 12:30 am, assembled our papers and loaded them into the car. The route took about three hours and during a space in time where we had no deliveries, I started to confess to Courtney about my writing the series about the two of us. I didn't tell her everything that first night, in fact, I didn't get into detail until our third full night of working together. Courtney's response amazed me.

She said that she wanted to read the first installment as soon as we got home. I asked her several times if she were sure, each time telling her that it was really just a work of fiction and I wouldn't be hurt if she decided she didn't want to see it. She assured me that she wouldn't get mad and hit or strangle me or anything of the sort. In fact, she announced that she would like to write a version of her own from her point of view. She even had her working title, 'In Her Eyes', so when we arrived home I called up the new, enhanced version on my computer for her (I will submit this version as well in short order for you, Kind Readers, to peruse and critique).

I pulled a chair up beside Courtney as she read. A few times she giggled or snickered at some of the passages, but her interest was held. I warned her on several occasions as she read that the story was about to go from romantic to quite graphic, but her eyes never left the monitor.

When she finished I asked her what she thought. She said it was a really nice story, but she wanted to get started on her own version. We decided to get a bite to eat and then we would both take some time writing. Her doing her first draft and me writing this explanation and introduction.

So now, Kind Readers and others, you know the true story of how I met Courtney and how I came to write the series that so many of you seemed to enjoy. Now, if all of you would be so kind as to watch the the postings for Courtney's versions, we would both be most appreciative. The first items that should appear will most likely be this writing and the revised version of 'Loving Courtney'. Court's story, maybe even her own series will still carry the title 'Loving Courtney' so that readers will not be confused. However, we have decided that her version(s) will also include her title idea...'In Her Eyes'.

I hope that all of you, my Kind Readers, will enjoy the work that Courtney is doing as much as you seemed to enjoy mine.

George in Cincy