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Jessie Fan Fiction Part 2

2023-01-18 00:33:43

Jessie Fan Fiction,  Part 2

  Jessie awoke to find Tony dressing to leave.  "Hey  beautiful,  I was wondering when you'd be up."  He said smiling.  Jessie rolled her eyes and got up from the hard tile floor,  feeling a cramp in her abdomen and thighs.  "Do you really need to go?" She asked sadly.  "Yeah, I really got to going, I'm already late for my job."  "Maybe I can 'convince' you to stay."  Said Jessie sexily.
  She was still naked from the night before (read my first story) and she could see that was having an impact on Tony's member.  She walked over to tony and got down on her knees.  Slowly, Jessie undid the button and  pulled down his zipper.  She could tell he wasn't fully hard, so she pulled down his boxers and pants to the floor,  and slowly pumped up and down on his growing erection.  Once she could tell he was at his maximum potential, she started to suck on his dick's head.  She had gotten about half way down his cock when she heard Luke yawn.  She decided to continue and see where this would lead.
  "Luke, can you go check on Zuri, I'll give you a treat if you do."  "Ok!"  he almost yelled, scrambling out of the room.  Jessie got just about all of Tony's cock inside of her mouth, was deep throating him, and loving it.  As she bobbed up and down on his dick, Luke was peeking inside Zuri's room.  
  He couldn't go in, since he was naked, so he snuck a look in.  He saw Zuri in her bed, sleeping soundly.  He quietly shut the door and ran back to the bathroom where everyone was.  By this time everyone had woken except for Emma.  Jessie was still sucking on Tony's hard on, and Ravi was next to Emma, sucking and licking Emma's tits.
  "Fuck" Tony moaned.  It was obvious to everyone he would cum soon.  Jessie sped up.  She felt his dick starting to spasm so she pulled out and jacked him of.  Several long white strands of cum landed on her hair, eyes, and mouth.  She gathered the cum together with her fingers and licked them clean.  "Now will you stay?"  she asked hopefully.  "You bet!"  Said Tony enthusiastically.
  Meanwhile Ravi played with Emma's hard nipples, and put a finger inside of her love canal.  She moaned.  She awoke and saw Ravi licking her nipple and fingering her pussy.  She also saw his now very hard dick.  Jessie turned and saw Luke was jacking himself.  "Time for your reward."  She said.  She got up from Tony and walked over to him, and then sat on her ass, legs spread.  Luke  sat down near her.  "Want to fuck me?"  Luke never turned down Jessie's offer of sex.  Never.  Before Jessie knew it, Luke had roughly slammed his entire dick inside of her.  He felt his manhood be engulfed inside of his seventeen year old nanny.  Jessie enjoyed be fucked roughly, in fact, she always had.
  Emma reached over and played with they young Indian's boy's balls.  She took his right testicle into her soft and warm mouth and let her tongue explore it.  Ravi decided to return some of the pleasure he was receiving so he stuck two fingers inside of Emma's pussy, making her shudder.  She took the testicle out of her mouth with a loud "pop".  She bent over so Ravi could still finger her and she could suck his dick.  She put the head in her mouth, rubbing her tongue lightly along the sensitive underside of the cock, while using her right hand to jack him off, and using her left hand to stay upright.  Ravi added a third finger in an effort to hit her G spot and used his his other hand to finger her ass.  He took his finger out, sucked on it to make it lubricated, and returned it to her ass.  Emma took about two inches inside her mouth and jacked what was left over.
  Luke slammed with all his might into his crush of a lifetime, while said talked dirty to him.  "Harder, harder, make me cum! Aaahhhhh aaahhhhh, fuck my pussy!  I'm such a slut, fffuuucckkk yyyyoooouuurrrr ssssssllllluuuutttttt!!!"  Jessie had cum during those last three words.  Luke had made Jessie have one of the biggest orgasms she ever had, he rubbed he clit, fucked her pussy, sucked her tits, AND finger-fucked her asshole.  The squeezing of Jessie's tight, wet, pussy on Luke's cock almost pushed him over the edge.  He called Emma over, much to Ravi's dismay,  and pulled out of Jessie.  They both got on the ground in front of him, on there hands and knees, and watched as he finished himself off.  "Shit!"  He mumbled as came came on Jessie first, then pointed his cock toward Emma.  The cum had landed on Jessie's left breast, her hair, and mostly on her chin.  On Emma, his cum hit her forehead, both of her eyes, and the right part of her lips.  They  both scooped the young boy's cum into there fingers, almost in unison, and licked it off into their mouths.  They then passed the cum back and both in a french kiss, and it eventually ended up in Emma's.  She showed Luke his cum,  swallowed, and showed her mouth again only this time, it was empty.  Luke was in heaven.  However he was quickly pulled into hell when he heard a little girl voice walking up the hallway that asked "Jessie can you help me?  Chubby the bear ripped."