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Don't Change - Chapter 1

2023-01-19 02:37:16

Author’s note:

Fiction – Noun – 1. The class of literature the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, especially in prose form. 2. works of this class, as novels or short stories: detective fiction. 3. something feigned, invented, or imagined; a made-up story: We've all heard the fiction of her being in delicate health. 4. the act of feigning, inventing, or imagining. 5. an imaginary thing or event, postulated for the purposes of argument or explanation. 6. Law. an allegation that a fact exists that is known not to exist, made by authority of law to bring a case within the operation of a rule of law.

All of my works are works of fiction.

Meaning they are made up.

The characters, though sometimes loosely based on a real person, are fictional.

Why did I find the need to change my introductory note? Because people seem to not know what fiction is.

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It in no way reflects actual events that I have seen or been in anyway a part of. The people within, though may have been based on actual persons, are in no way real. The story is made up, it’s fake, and any confusion with real life events means you should go get your head examined.
Warning: This chapter may include topics that people are uneasy with such as but not limited to: Beastiality, Incest, Rape, Forced Sex, Sex with a virgin, Sex with a person in a status where they do not have normal cognitive abilities, or sex with objects. If you do not like to read such stories, please click away and read something else. If it is illegal for you to view such stories, please click away and read something else, as I cannot be held liable for something you read.

The purpose of this or any of my other stories is entertainment.

Thank you


A young lad, no more than 18 years old, and fresh out of high school suddenly snaps back into a cognitive mind. He looks around him, but only sees darkness at first. Slowly, a light forms and with it, a figure. The light isn’t too bright, but it isn’t dim either. The lad is named Joshua. He’s about 6 feet tall, with a rather skinny build, thanks to his genes. His muscles are toned, but not bulky at all. He has short, red, spiked hair. His eyes are green with a brown tint, so that if viewed by a person with bad eyesight, they’d swear that his eyes were brown, but a person with good eyesight would be able to tell where the brown ended and the green began. The figure in front of Joshua, who at first he mistakes for a power ranger, as he tends to dream about when he’s been watching the television show all day, but then, as the light illuminates this figure, he quickly realizes that the figure isn’t a power ranger or even one of the foreign counter parts. He looks over the figure and sees that instead of a spandex like uniform, the figure is wearing a painted plate based armor that closely resembled that of a futuristic soldier. The armor is black with a green tint to it, and on the center of the chest an odd looking symbol is placed. The figure speaks, but only for a moment.

“You are the one. I am sure of it. Your time will come, soon.” The figure says.

But before Joshua can get out a response that consists of more than a single word, his dream abruptly ends, and vanishes, replaced by the darkness of the back of his eyelids, and the sound of his alarm blaring. His mind tells him that he was dreaming, and that his alarm is going off.

His eyes slowly open. His vision, though blurry at first, adjusts to see him staring at his alarm clock, which reads seven a.m. He slams his hand against the top of the alarm a few times, until he is able to locate the silence button and turn it off. He slowly pulls the covers over his head and groans, not wanting to wake up.

His attempt to go back to sleep is soon thwarted by his roommate barging into his room and forcing him back out of his tired state.

“Joshua, Earth to Joshua! Time to get up! We have to get moving!” His roommate says as he barges into the room.

He pulls the covers off his head to see his roommate. His roommate is named Phil and stands about six foot five inches. He has the build of a wide-receiver, though he never worked out, nor played sports. Phil was a black man with black hair and dark brown eyes. He is wearing the lower half of a costume with a pair of socks, and was nude from the waist up.

“Where?” Joshua asks, unwilling to get up.

“The Convention! Where else?” Phil says. “Did you forget that it was today?”

Joshua groans and pulls off the covers the rest of the way, and sits up. Joshua had went to bed in his boxer shorts, and nothing else. Joshua’s skin is a slightly tanned Caucasian that honestly looked like it would rather burn than tan. Joshua rubs his head as Phil turns and walks out of the room.

“By the way, the coffee is hot! Get into your shower before getting your costume on.” Phil shouts from the other room.

Joshua looks over at his closed closet door. His costume hangs from it. He had decided to dress as the character Buster Red from Tokumei Sentai Gobusters. He had spent weeks in the designing stages, and even longer in sewing and making of the costume, and it was at a level that anyone would be proud to wear it. The helmet sat on his bookshelf near his closet, and he had only put on the finishing touches a few days ago. He gets to his feet and slowly walks over to his mirror, looks at his body for a moment, wishing that he had been built more like one of the heroes he idolized so much. He worked out every so often, but couldn’t put on any weight. He sighed before opening his closet door and grabbing his towel off a shelf inside. He then walks out of his room and into the bathroom to shower.

A little while later he walks out of the bathroom, freshly showered, but still half awake. He has his towel around his waist and his boxers in his right hand. He walks back into his room and closes the door. He tosses his boxers into the hamper and thinks he sees something out of the corner of his eye, but when he turns to look, nothing is there. He shrugs the feeling of being watched off, and pulls off his towel. He walks over to his dresser and grabs a fresh pair of boxers. Again he thinks he sees something out of the corner of his eye, but nothing is there. He pulls on his boxers and begins pulling on his costume slowly, making sure everything looks alright, and when he looks over to see his bedroom door is open.

“The hell?” Joshua says.

“Problem bro?” Phil asks as he peaks his head inside the room.

“Did you open my door?” Joshua asks.

“No, I thought you just opened it.” Phil says.

“No. I was all the way over here.” Joshua says.

“Weird, maybe we have ghosts now. Either way, finish getting dressed and we’ll get moving.” Phil says.

Joshua goes back to getting his costume on as Phil pulls his head back and heads out to the kitchen. Joshua pulls on the jacket and gloves before strapping on the foam Morphin Brace to his arm. He looks at himself in the mirror, checking out his costume again, before pulling on the custom made belt and grabbing his helmet. He walks out into the kitchen where Phil is making a couple slices of toast. Joshua sets his helmet on the counter. Phil is dressed as Buster Blue, minus the helmet which is sitting on the counter next to Joshua’s. Joshua walks over to the coffee pot and pulls out a travel mug, and begins pouring his coffee into the mug. He puts the pot back in the dispenser and walks over to the fridge. He opens it, grabs the Coffee-Mate. He walks back to his mug, and opens the Coffee-Mate and pours some in his mug. He closes the Coffee-Mate and puts it away as Phil finishes buttering his toast. Joshua walks back over to his coffee, grabs a spoon from the drawer and stirs the coffee.

“You certainly took your time getting dressed, Joshua.” Phil says.

“Well, Phil, when you look as good as I do, preparation takes time.” Joshua says.

“Yeah. Sure. Grab your coffee, and let’s get to the convention. I wanna make it to some of the tables before lines get epically long.” Phil says.

“What’re you having autographed this time?” Joshua asks.

“My newest drawing, depicting all the characters that the actors portrayed that happen to be showing up today.” Phil says.

“You did another one?” Joshua asks.

“Well, my last one didn’t turn out half bad, so I figured: Why not? Besides, they’re always happy to sign unofficial stuff.” Phil says.

“That’s true. Well, let’s get going.” Joshua says as he tosses his spoon in the sink and puts the top on his mug.

The two of them head out the door, grabbing their helmets and lock up behind themselves before walking out to Phil’s white truck. Phil hits the unlock button on his keychain and they get in. Joshua takes a sip of his coffee, before setting the travel mug in the cup holder and buckling up. Phil buckles up and checks his mirror.

“What the hell?” Phil says as he looks in the rearview mirror.

“What’s the matter?” Joshua asks as he sets his helmet at his feet and grabs his cup of coffee from the holder.

“I could’ve sworn… never mind. I think I just need some more sleep.” Phil says.

He starts the truck and pulls out of the parking lot, heading towards the convention. The two of them listen to the radio and keep sorta silent as they drive to the convention. They pull into the convention parking lot and hop out of the truck. The birds in the nearby park are chirping in the trees, and the sun is slowly making its way overhead. Joshua chugs the last of his coffee, and sets the cup in the holder. He grabs his helmet and shuts the door. He pulls on his helmet as he walks around to the front of the truck.

“Hey, let’s only refer to each other in our ranger designations unless we’re alone today.” Joshua suggests.

“Sounds fun, Joshua. I mean Red Buster.” Phil says.

“I wonder if we’ll be the only one dressed as the go-busters today.” Joshua says.

The two of them enter the convention hall, showing their tickets to the checker at the entrance before entering the crowded hall.

Joshua and Phil make their way through the crowded hall, not being surprised in the least as they are asked to pose along the way, or get asked questions about how they made their costumes. Before the end of the convention for the day, they make their way to several tables and get several autographs on their memorabilia, which in Joshua’s case is stuff he purchased along the way. Joshua had purchased a poster which depicts a mass series cross-over and of course Phil has gotten each of the guests to sign under the character he had drawn of them. It was enough for the two of them. They are content, and head for the exit of the hall towards the parking lot.

Joshua and Phil make their way to the truck. Phil unlocks it and they begin placing their stuff inside as they begin to hear a commotion. Joshua turns and walks to the back of the truck with Phil following him as they spot the source of the commotion.

“What? Are they L.A.R.P.-ing or something?” Phil asks.

A terrified and screaming person runs by the two of them heading back towards the convention entrance.

“Somehow, I don’t think those things are people in costumes.” Joshua says.

Joshua points to the large group of what look like costumed robots, which are attacking some of the convention goers.

“We’ve got to help them, Phil.” Joshua says.

“You’ve lost it! Those things don’t look human, or friendly in the least! We should wait for the police!” Phil says.

Joshua turns towards him.

“I know you think that this is just me cosplaying as Red or something, but these people need to be helped. We have to get those things away from them or they’ll get killed, Phil. I’ll run in and provide a distraction. You pull anyone to safety that you can.” Joshua says.

“What? You can’t be…” Phil starts, but it’s too late at this point as Joshua has turned and run towards the robots.

Joshua does a handspring then a backflip towards the group. He spin kicks one of the bots away from a civilian. He turns to the person, who happens to be dressed like a Shikai version of Ichigo from the anime called Bleach.

“Run! Get back, these things aren’t playing around!” Joshua says.

The guy dressed as Ichigo nods, before getting to his feet and running for his life, past Phil. Joshua spots someone dressed as Buster Yellow and runs in as she bends over after being hit by a rod that one of the robots has.

“What the hell did it do to me?” She says as Joshua flips over her and knocks back some of the robots.

“Yellow, you alright?” Joshua asks, turning towards her.

“I don’t know. It hit me with that rod, and my body went numb.” She says.

“Try to get to my buddy, he’s dressed as buster blue over by the white truck, he’ll get you to safety.” Joshua tells her.

Joshua grabs one of the bots, and twists its arm back behind it. He puts his foot on the arm and kicks forward as Yellow stumbles over to Phil. She turns and looks at Joshua as he continues fighting and Phil runs over to her.

“He’s nuts.” She groans.

“Yeah, he is, but he’s doing what he knows is right. Come on, we’ll get you over to my truck.” Phil says.
Joshua runs forwards, clotheslining two more bots as he moves, but quickly realizes that his years out of martial arts practice are taking their toll on his body. He’s already in a great deal of pain, and his muscles are sore from the fight.

Phil picks up the young lady dressed as yellow buster and throws her over his shoulder and carries her over to his truck. He sets her on the back bumper.

“Can you stay sitting here, without falling?” Phil asks.

“I think so.” She says

“What happened?” He asks.

“They hit me with one of those rods, and my body went numb.” She says.

She looks over at Joshua who’s fighting his way through the robots towards different cosplayers.

“He’s very brave.” She says.

“Maybe. I think he’s enjoying this though.” Phil says.

Joshua does a diving roll under the legs of one of the robots, jumps to his feet, and grabs it by the arm. He begins spinning it, until he lets it go, launching it into a group of attacking bots, knocking them down.

“Run! Get to safety! I’ll hold them off!” He yells.

Before Joshua can turn from them, a bot walks up and hits him with one of the rods. Joshua’s body, not being protected in the same way one of the go-busters may have been, starts to tingle, and his muscles give out. The bot slams its arm against Joshua’s helmet as he drops to his knees, smashing his eyeplate and part of the pvc made helmet, and sends him flying on his back to the ground. Joshua is out for the count.

“Fuck.” The young lady says.

Phil turns and looks to see Joshua out cold on the ground.

“Shit, they got him!” Phil says as he gets ready to run in.

Before he can blink, he’s surrounded by a group of officers in full riot gear. No one had even noticed the sirens until the officers had arrived. They pulled out their pistols.

“Stay put kids. We’re gonna try to take these things out.” An officer says as he walks up next to the truck.

“But, My friend…” Phil starts.

“We’ll at least draw their attention if we can’t stop them. At that point, run in and grab your friend.” The officer says.

“Some of the other cosplayers may need medical attention.” Phil says.

“On the way already.” The officer explains.

The officers point their pistols and fire. The guns are standard issue, but do their jobs, hitting all of the bots in the heads or in the chests. The robots fall to the ground like broken toys.

“Get your friend, we don’t know if those things are gonna get back up or not.” The officer says to Phil.

Phil runs over to Joshua. He kneels down and grabs his arm. He pulls the dead weight of Joshua onto his shoulder and walks back over to the truck, setting Joshua on the ground at the young lady’s feet. She slowly moves herself off the truck and helps Phil remove his helmet as the paramedics drive up and disembark from their vehicles. The young lady looks up at Joshua.

“You think he’s gonna be alright?” She asks.

“I hope so.” Phil says.

In Joshua’s mind, he’s reentered the place he had been right before waking up before. Before him, again, is the armored warrior.

“You did well, for a human. Not many can say that after facing the Cybots.” The warrior said.

“Who are you?” Joshua asks.

“A friend. I’m communicating to you telepathically while you are in an unconscious state.” The warrior says.

Joshua can make out a feminine tone in the warrior’s voice.

“You sound like a woman, but look like a guy.” He says.

“I am indeed female. We will meet soon enough, but first, I have to check on the others.” She says.

“Others?” Joshua asks.

“The others that were chosen. I am sure of it now, that you are one of the six.” She says.

“Why? Because I saved a few people at the convention?” Joshua asks.

“You risked your life without a cause.” She says.

“Without a cause? They were in trouble! I had to help.” Joshua states, but he finds himself about to wake again.

Joshua opens his eyes to find himself looking up a tiled ceiling, his eyes no longer behind the shattered eyepiece of his Buster Red helmet. His head is pounding and as he attempts to sit up, he feels a bit of dizziness take him. Phil, who is sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, looks up as he hears Joshua shifting in bed. He puts down his novel and stands up. He’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt now.

“You’re finally awake.” Phil says.

“I had the weirdest dream.” Joshua says.

“No, you really went off the deep end and attacked a bunch of robots in order to save people that you’ve never met, who happened to be dressed like a bunch of cartoon characters.” Phil says.

“So, that wasn’t a dream… That would explain why I’m in the hospital.” Joshua says.

“No, you’re all over the news.” Phil explains. “I think this is the best advertising Saban could hope for. A guy dressed as buster red running in to a large group of robots and saving people at a convention. The kids are gonna be begging for the Americanized version of Go-Busters.” Phil says.

“Did everyone get away?” Joshua asks.

“Yeah. You almost got killed in the process, but yeah.” Phil says. “Now let me go get the nurse and let her know you’re awake.”

“One more thing. How long was I out?” Joshua asks.

“Two days.” Phil says.

Phil leaves the room, speed walking to find a nurse. Joshua looks around and sees the flowers on his night stand. He pulls out a pink card from it. Written in the card in plain handwriting is ‘Thanks for saving me ~Amy’.

“Amy? How the hell am I supposed to know who that is? Oh well. The gesture is more than enough.” Joshua says to himself.

As soon as Joshua stops speaking, Phil reenters the room with a nurse and doctor in tow.

“Well, Mr. Hero, you gave us a bit of a scare there.” The doctor says as the nurse walks over to him to check his vitals.

“What did that thing do to my body?” Joshua asks.

“We’re not exactly sure. We were hoping you could answer that for us.” The doctor says as the nurse begins checking Joshua’s vitals.

“Well after the robot hit me with that rod, my body felt weak and numb, and since I couldn’t react, it smashed me in the face.” Joshua explains.

“Anything else you remember?” The doctor asks.

“No, that was all of it.” Joshua says.

“Well, your story seems to confirm what the others who were hit said. The rods seem to temporarily cut off the nervous system of your bodies from your brains. This is what caused the numbness and weakness. Thankfully it only lasted a few hours. However your helmet saved your life. If you hadn’t been wearing it, you would’ve died. That robot smashed that thing pretty bad according to the young lady that was in here yesterday to check in on you.” The doctor explains.

“Amy?” Joshua asks.

“I didn’t ask for her name.” The doctor says.

“Well, if you’re feeling up to it, you can check out and head home. Check in with your regular physician if you have any pain or more tingling in your body.” The doctor says before he and the nurse leave.

“Thanks.” Joshua says as they leave.

“Alright, man, ready to get going then?” Phil asks.

“As soon as I get my clothing, sure, but who the hell is Amy?” He asks.

“No idea, I know that was the name on the card on the flowers, but I didn’t see who dropped them off.” Phil says.

A knock comes at the door. Joshua and Phil look over to see a young lady dressed in a grey sweatshirt and jeans. Her hair is brown and cut short, and her eyes are hidden behind a pair of sunglasses. She has a backpack on her back.

“I’m sorry, the nurse said you were awake and that it’d be okay to come in and visit you.” The young lady says.

“And you are?” Joshua asks.

“I’m Amy. I was the one who sent the flowers.” She says.

“So… I saved you the other day?” Joshua asks.

The girl sighs and flips around her backpack to her front, unzipping it as she walks over to Joshua. He can see that she’s only 5’6” or 5’7” in height, fairly shorter to him and by her looks she’s a petit girl. She pulls out a buster red helmet and hands it to him as she bites her lower lip. Joshua looks over the helmet. It’s definitely his, but there’s not even a hint of damage to it.

“I did what repair work I could, but I’m afraid that without knowing the steps you took to make it, I could only do guess work on repairing it.” Amy says.

Joshua continues to look it over.

“This is great. It looks brand new. But… who were you?” Joshua asks.

“You aren’t too smart, are you?” she says.

Joshua looks over to Phil who puts his hands up.

“Don’t look at me, man, I’m at a loss for words.” Phil says.

Amy walks up closer to Joshua, and leans in. She give him a soft peck on the lips, then moves her head next to his.

“Of course if we had been the real go-busters, I’m sure we would’ve fared much better, but you wouldn’t have gotten kissed right now.” She says.

Without letting him get out a word, she pulls back and turns before walking out of the room in a hurry. Joshua puts his left hand to his lips as Phil turns towards him.

“Wow.” Phil says. “I think she’s into you.”

“Yeah… you’re telling me.” Joshua says, still in a state of shock.

“So, who was she?” Phil asks.

“Buster… yellow.” Joshua says as he lowers his hand from his lips, looking at the smeared lipstick on his fingers.