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An open marriage in India

2022-07-02 00:00:04

This is a sexually explicit true story containing detailed descriptions of consensual incestuous and non-incestuous sex including oral-genital-anal straight, gay, lesbian, transsexual and mixed-group sex between adults, exhibitionism, transvestism, transsexuality, body-shaving, fist-fucking, urine-bathing, urine-drinking and prostitution. If any of these offends you, then please do not read further. However, this story does NOT contain any descriptions of scat, shit-eating, non-consensual sex, rape, forced sex, animal sex, paedophilia, medically harmful sexual practices, drug use or public indecency.

By Saroj with husband Rajeev
An Introduction
This is the true story of our sex-lives as a bisexual swinging incestuous couple. We live in Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay), India. We were married in 1979.
Part-1 was written nine years ago in ‘97 and some parts have been rewritten and expanded in ‘06. However, the time and setting of the narration in Part-1 remains as ‘97.
Part-2 was written in ‘06. Events after ‘97, especially incest with our son and other family members besides my husband Rajeev and our son – with his wife Rithika, my real brother Shekhar, his daughter Kiron, our son’s wife Rithika’s mother Suchitra, Rithika’s brother Tanuj, and our family friend transsexual Sheena – appear in this part.
I have written this autobiographical novel for international readers. Indian readers may find too much explanation for something that may be obvious to them. There may be a few repetitions, but please bear with me. People unfamiliar with the social and sexual attitudes in India may find many things puzzling or quaint, or going contrary to their general beliefs about Indians, but that’s how it is!
Rajeev and I (separately) attained puberty in the late 60s and early 70s in small-town urban India. In those days, in the towns where we both grew up, there was a lot of surreptitious sex, though one kept one’s sex-life and sexual preferences private. In the huge metropolis of Mumbai of mid and late 70s, wife-swapping made its appearance, so did ‘cabaret’ joints – similar to strip joints in the West. In the name of lingerie, only functional bras and panties – essentially designed as undergarments – and simple ankle-length nighties were available. Two-piece bikinis were unknown.
This situation improved only in the late 90s. As for sex toys, absolutely nothing is available then or now. One could pick up Indian pornography – essentially of a very low grade – or pay about 5 times for smuggled American soft porn like Playboy and Penthouse, or European hard porn magazines. 8mm porn movies could be hired from shady characters, again with a very limited choice. This has not changed even today. On the whole, the Indian society is as prudish as ever, however, the vocal minority of puritans is reducing in numbers, the media has becoming much more tolerant and ‘sexy’, and the general urban population is becoming more tolerant to girls showing skin in public, homosexuals, premarital sex, and to an extent extramarital sex too.
In my narration, there may be some inconsistencies about dates, places, etc., but most of these are deliberately introduced to protect our and our friends’ identities.
We may sound too perfect and too candid to be true, and our sex-life may seem too fantastic to be real, but we are real and genuine. In fact, we have not come across anyone in India who enjoys as colourful a sex-life as us. To enjoy a rich sex life, one only has to let go of each and every inhibition, hesitation and taboo.
‘An Inclusive Marriage’ is a very long story. I suggest that you downloaded it and read it at leisure. It gets kinkier as you read on!

Our Sex-life before 1997:

I’m Saroj, writing this with my husband Rajeev. We live in Mumbai, India. Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, is India’s largest, most crowded metropolis. I was born in ‘57 in a small town in northern India, and Rajeev was born in ‘55 in another small town in central India. I have lived in Mumbai since I went to college in ‘73 at the age of 16.
‘An Inclusive Marriage’ is an autobiography of my sex-life as a kinky, bisexual, incestuous swinging woman in a sexually open marriage with my dear husband Rajeev. Rajeev and I got married in ‘79 and have been married now for 18 years. Both my husband and I are healthily bisexual. Inherent in our open marriage, is the enjoyment of individual extramarital sex too, with the spouse’s full knowledge, and without any jealousy or possessiveness. To us, sex is in the minds, not between the legs! We swing with individuals, couples and groups of all sexual orientations from both sexes in India and abroad, together as a couple and individually too without any guilt, bias or bar whatsoever. We also indulge in many other unusual sexual variations. We have been early starters on the swinging scene, right from our marriage onwards.
This story may create an image of wholesale promiscuity, but in the 18 years of our open marriage, we have had sex with genital / anal penetration in India with only about 50 partners, and abroad with about 25, and exhibitionism / fooling-around / foreplay / oral sex with another 100-odd. Many unrelated incidents described in this story actually involve the same people in different situations. We have described many of our experiences, and we have referred to the people involved by names, though I have changed all names to protect their privacy. Moreover, since this story is only about the sexual side of our life, it may create the impression that we indulge in sex all the time, but that’s not true either.
Now, if some of you are wondering how we can have sex with others with our loving spouse watching, or knowing about it, I’ll try to explain:
I’m truly in love with my husband Rajeev, and when I’m having sex with someone else, in spite of the erotic feedbacks my body parts, my genitalia and my mind are giving me, my heart is always with my darling hubby. I’m constantly excited by the real fact that by having sex outside our marriage, we are not violating or weakening our love-bond but actually strengthening it. We are aware that swinging does not work for many couples who try it, but it does work for us. We believe it works for us because, firstly, we believe that love and sex are two different emotions, and secondly, we keep our family life, social life and work life completely unaffected by our swinging life.
We speak English and Hindi at home, and know Marathi, Gujarati, Italian and some German. Both of us are well-educated – I’m a Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration from Mumbai and Rajeev is a Master of Technology from the famous Indian Institute of Technology.
I’m a freelance technical writer; I write technical manuals. That should explain my dry, detailed, systematic writing style. I tend to write long sentences, and tend to digress into related topics.
Rajeev is a very successful consulting engineer. He travels quite often. I’m more of a homebody. We both have always worked from home so we escape Mumbai’s hurry and hustle, and have sufficient time and energy for our sex-life. Being freelancers, we are our own masters. Our projects run into months and years, so clients hardly ever visit our office at home.
As professionals, we both are devoted to honesty, ethics, equality and transparency. We strive to bring the same qualities into our sex-life. We are not political animals and we don’t play social games with people.
In my writing, I describe many people as ‘fair’. It simply means a fair-complexioned Indian person (much lighter skinned than average), not a white person, not an ethically fair-minded person either. On an average, Indians are brown-skinned, so a light-coloured skin is at a sexual premium, and is our sexual preference too – the counterpoint of white skinned people lusting after a black, brown or a well-tanned skin complexion.
There are no “whites” and “blacks” in Indian people. 99. 9% Indians have dark black hair and 99% have black eyes, so people are identified not by racial colour, or hair- or eye-colour, but by skin complexion, which can be anywhere in between a peaches-and-cream complexion from Punjab or Kashmir in North India, graduating to a jet-black complexion from Kerala at the southern tip. However, you find dark and light skinned people in ever region, every city and even in many families too – I myself am fair complexioned and my real brother is very dark skinned.

My Large Charms
I’m a large-sized woman. I’m 40 years old, 5’7” tall, 195 lbs., and a Gemini. My figure today is 42C-36-52. Everything about me is big and firm rather than fat and flabby. I have been plump and big-boned right from birth. I have a naturally hairless, very light brown smooth skin and dark brown eyes. I have a head of thick healthy hair and I keep changing the style, length and occasionally perm or colour them. My average-looking C-cup breasts are very soft, moderately saggy and not very close-set, with large deep-brown nipples and large aureoles. My nipples are not very sensitive, but the moment my buttocks are touched, I get goose-pimples all over, so I’m lucky to have a husband who is a confirmed ass-man, not really a tit-lover.
With regular yoga for the last many years, my waist even now is quite trim without the flab and bulging normal on women of my size – just a gently swelling average tummy. No stretch marks on my tummy. My abdomen has a deep sexy belly button. My wide-boned pelvis and full heavy buttocks flare out smoothly from my waist. My smooth and rounded buttocks and thighs, though quite heavy, are firm and shapely. No folds of fat sit between my tummy and my pubic mound, or between my waist and hips. No sag or dimpled fat in my ass-cheeks, no flabby wrinkles behind my thighs – just one feminine fold below my heavy ass-cheeks – normal on most women.
I have small soft hands, feminine shoulders and average arms, and a shapely back with a deep spinal channel, smoothly tapering thighs, and long, full legs. However, my calves are rather thick, and my feet are quite unattractive. When I wear an Indian Sari, I don’t get those very common folds above my petticoat, though Rajeev loves that in a woman.
For Western readers: A Sari is simply a rectangular piece of unstitched cloth, measuring 18 feet by 40 inches, made from either plain, but usually quite colourful and ornate cloth – which can be ballooning cool cotton, heavy draping silk, or flowing chiffon or clinging synthetic stuff. A Wedding-Sari is the most ornate of all. It’s worn over a petticoat, which is just a full-length underskirt, worn over or without panties and tied at the waist with a string. The petticoat itself can be tied above the navel if one wants to dress ‘sensibly’ or below the navel if one wants to flaunt her sexiness. It’s accompanied by a Choli (also called a blouse), which is a tight short Indian top, much like a training bra. A blouse is usually worn over normal brassieres, but can be worn bra-less too. The portion of the long Sari draped over the breasts is called the Palloo. A bride drapes the Palloo over her head too.
The Sari leaves the woman’s midriff open – and this open gap can vary from a modest zero to a brassy 12”. However, many married middle-aged Indian women have heavy buttocks like mine, and a Sari can camouflage a big ass much more gracefully than any tailored dress, Indian or Western; so my fat ass does not attract so much attention in a Sari.
The material and design of the Sari, its draping style, and the cut and form of the blouse can vary hugely. The Sari is a personal statement, and thus can be a non-verbal sexual statement in itself. The same set of garments stitched / draped differently can proclaim you a pious Indian nun, an average homemaker, a ramp model, or an available slut! The Sari is a difficult garment to handle, and needs years of practice to wear with ease and grace – that’s the reason that almost all foreigners look all ‘wrong’ in a Sari.
My vulva and my vagina are noticeably large but my elastic vagina isn’t at all loose despite a normal childbirth. Men, who fuck me for the first time, often remark favourably on my ‘tightness’. Yet I can, and often do, take a male hand inside my cunt up to the wrist quite easily! Even at this age after being fucked almost everyday, my taut light red inner labia are without any loose fringes or lip-folds hanging out.
I have a big 4” long gash (top of clitoris to bottom of vagina) and a prominent pea-sized clitoris, which cannot be seen normally, but pops up as soon as I’m horny. My whole vulva and pubic mound are rather flat, not puffy and swollen like those of small-boned women who get fat later in life. My cunt is quite upturned for a heavy woman like me – it faces somewhat forward rather than down – which, with my flattish mound, makes my vulva look even bigger.
My milk-chocolate coloured asshole is smooth-walled and naturally hairless all around. Rajeev often teases me that probably with so much anal sex, all my anal hair have rubbed off and crinkles around my anal lips have got ironed out! Both my vaginal and anal love-passages are deep and still quite taut and pliable despite continuous years of joyful fucking and sodomy. I get all squelchy-squishy-drooling wet when I’m excited, and can have multiple orgasms quite easily throughout a long sex-session. My orgasms can be really intense, and result in strong throbbing contractions.
The smell of my vaginal lubrication is rather strong, but I have been told it’s not at all unpleasant. Rajeev always teases me that he can smell my oozing ‘Schämlippen’ (shame-lips – German slang for labia) in the next room.
I have a big, really long tongue, and my mouth is as much of a sex-organ as my vulva and anus.
Rajeev always says he married me for my fat ass that’s (as he puts it) big and heavy yet absolutely rounded and shapely! Before marriage, I used to be very conscious of my then 44” bottom and my thunder-thighs, but Rajeev has always worshipped them. He has made me feel proud of my large figure. When we started swinging after marriage, I happily realised that so many men love my kind of figure, and especially fancy my large bottom. The sheer amount of reverent kisses, love pats, hot spanks, hungry licks, endless fondling, bottom-pinches, horny squeezes, requests for all-fours and doggy-style fucks, and general non-stop attention my bottom-globes have received from my lovers over the years has convinced me of their sex appeal. I have a rather short neck and a small upturned nose, but Rajeev loves it, and teases me that my nose must have got worn out poking around in cunts and cleavages!
Rajeev insists on adding his own words:
“My wife Saroj’s perfectly rounded buttocks have got lots of sex appeal, and her voluptuous dancer’s hips naturally sway and sashay very erotically when she walks! You can see her lack of inhibitions by the manner in which my darling slut shamelessly presents her inviting ass to the camera. Once, after having seen her striptease and having merrily fucked her, one of her admirers wrote to me, “Rajeev, I’m constantly fantasizing about the ultra-sensuous sway of your sexy wife’s ponderously large, voluptuously heavy, yet so perfectly-rounded chiffon-ensconced posterior!”
Even when Saroj bends over completely, her buttocks remain absolutely rounded. Most heavily built women’s ass-cheeks sway jointly as a more or less connected pair, but each of Saroj’s bottom-globes has a life of its own. Moreover, most plump women’s cunt-lips cannot be seen when they stand straight, but Saroj’s big ornate vulva looks big and inviting even when she’s standing straight up. My sexy wife’s asshole is truly exquisite. The fleshy, polished walls of her anal cleft plunge smoothly into her deep round anal entrance. Her anus has no creases, ridges or crinkly folds at all!
Saroj is the sort of woman who looks better and sexier with every passing year. She’s a great cook in the kitchen, a sensible lady in the living room, and an absolute whore with our swinging friends! I just love my beautiful sexy wife, and I love the way she transforms from a gracious lady to a shameless slut for sex with our friends!
What I like best about Saroj is her complete lack of any kind of sexual inhibitions – she can appear absolutely naked, or completely strip, and engage in any kind of kinky sex in front of any number of fully clothed strangers.”

My Hubby’s Assets
My dear husband Rajeev is 42 years old. He has lived in Mumbai since he joined too his college in 1969. He’s 5’7” tall, 160 lbs., fair complexioned with a 42-38-40 figure. Rajeev is a Leo. With regular exercise and yoga, his tummy is quite flat for his age! Rajeev has a handsome, shapely, straight and pointed half-circumcised penis, about 8” long when fully erect, though he’s very small when flaccid. The shape of his erect cock is very ‘anal’ – narrow pointed head, thickening to 5½” circumference at 2/3rd way to the root, and a thinner root again – just like a butt-plug. He has average sized testicles.
Rajeev can put off ejaculation for hours and can manage two or three climaxes in a night. Both of us have this nightlong endurance due to yoga. He leaks a lot of pre-cum juice (prostate fluid – tastes much like my cunt-juice, but more sweet) – so much so that friends often ask him during sex, “Have you cum already?”
Rajeev has average body hair, but they are very fine and soft, and from time to time, he keeps removing his body hair. He has shapely hands and feet, and he’s extremely skilled with his hands in every way. Physically, he’s very strong – though he does not look it. Rajeev’s tongue is rather small but he too is very skilled with it. He’s getting bald, and if you ask me, bald men are indeed very sexy!
With males, Rajeev can be both active and passive, orally and anally, with equal liking and comfort. He can be a bisexual stud – which he normally is – and he can be an eager-assed passive cross-dressed fairy too! Rajeev has a very luscious pair of round ass-cheeks, and healthy red anal lips. His full bubble-butt is a great favourite with his gay studs. When he’s on all fours to get his ass sodomised, the shape and roundness of his buttocks and thighs do look quite inviting!
As I said, our bodies are almost hairless, and both of us always keep our armpits, genitals and anal area very clean, smooth and completely free of hair. Earlier, we used to use hair-removing creams, like ‘Anne-French’, rather than shaving, but now we both use my Braun ‘Silk-Epil’ electric epilator about once a month. We both prefer partners with hygienic and hairless armpits, cocks, cunts and ass-holes, as we really dislike hair getting into our mouths.
Rajeev always sleeps in the nude; and – unless I’m wearing some kinky lingerie – I too normally take off everything before I go to sleep. Rajeev is a light sleeper but I sleep like a log, and both of us can go to sleep anywhere and at any time, which helps us in getting enough rest despite an active sex-life.

About our home, the centre of our sex-life:
We live in our own large independent 2600 square foot (carpet-area) apartment house, one floor below the top-floor penthouses (top split-level apartments with a large patio on the upper floor), in a high-rise apartment building in the Mumbai suburbs. Our house is actually two medium-large apartments combined while being built, and then discreetly modified by us to suit our special sex-life.
The first of the two apartments has a large living-dining room after a short passage from the main door, a kitchen with a store room, a dressing room and a toilet, all opening into the hall. One bedroom is our son’s, with a bathroom. Another bedroom is Rajeev’s office, and the study is my office. The second of the two apartments is the fun space! The large living-dining room of the second apartment has been made into our ‘pleasure-palace’ master bedroom. This apartment also has a door to the outside, so we usually admit our ‘adult’ guests directly into this side of the apartment.
However, we have converted its entry passage into a small sound-proofed vestibule, so there is more privacy inside, especially during a party, when guests are still arriving and some people inside are already undressing, smooching, partying… The second kitchen is back-to-back with the first kitchen, and has been made into a storeroom, accessible only from the first kitchen. One bedroom has been constructed as a huge bathroom with a big shower enclosure. This bedroom’s bathroom has been converted into a walk-in closet for our sex-wardrobe. It also has my dressing table, and this is where I get ready for my floorshows. Our bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet are all interconnected. The big bathroom opens into our master bedroom through a wide sliding glass door. The windows of our master bedroom and bathroom, and the covered terrace face the sea, so we never need to bother about drawing the curtains.
This size of an apartment is obscenely affluent by Mumbai standards, but 11 years ago, we got this apartment when it was being built, in lieu of our inheritance of our parents’ substantial properties in Mumbai, We moved in two years after our son went to full day school and we regularly started swinging. We got the plans modified right when it was being built.
The functionally designed house is aesthetic and elegant with minimal decoration, rather than ornate and opulent. Our apartment has exceptional privacy for a Mumbai house. This combined apartment is the only one on our floor – so no neighbours on our floor. We don’t fraternise with our neighbours – keeping to oneself is quite normal in Mumbai.
When we are going to be busy with our lovers, we padlock our main door to remain undisturbed by delivery boys, etc. and get in from the other door. Two small windows with one-way glasses overlook the entrances so we can discreetly check out any visitors before opening the door for them. We need that check, as I like to dress-up quite provocatively to welcome our fuck-mates at the door. Like most upper-middle-class people in aloof Mumbai, we actively discourage unannounced visitors.
Right after we moved into this house, and our son went to his school, my engineer husband cleverly transformed our spacious master bedroom and bathroom into a pleasure-palace. When we bought our new house, Rajeev designed and worked on the interiors of our master bedroom and bathroom. He got all the ‘normal’ work done by skilled workmen, and then he himself worked with some of our closest friends and fuck-mates to make it into a den of kinky sex. As my dearest men toiled, I kept house, ran the office and played “Coffee, tea, or me?”
Our bedroom and bathroom have both been soundproofed and the bedroom air-conditioned – necessary in Mumbai. We have put in electrostatic air-fresheners in the bedroom and bathrooms, so the rooms remain dust and mould free. Bathrooms in urban Indian buildings are always built one above the other, and one can hear noises from the bathrooms many floors above and below one’s own – but we have soundproofed all our bathrooms. When the wide connecting sliding door is kept open, the bathroom also gets the air-conditioning. The bedroom and bathroom have very tough seamless flooring made of a hard synthetic compound. It’s gleaming-smooth, but offers high friction even when it’s wet – perfect for filthy sex. As I said, we like brightly lit places for sex.
Our oversized marital bed can have four people sleep comfortably, and Rajeev has made it in such a way that any liquid spillage runs off to the floor and nothing seeps into the thick mattress, so our frequent ‘bedwetting’ merely needs a sheet change! Our bed has a huge mirror in place of the head-board, concealed by a curtain. In the other half of the long bedroom, comfortable couches semicircle around a huge low round table, which I use for my strip- and sex-performances. Earlier, it could be rolled under the bed, but Rajeev has recently fixed it to the ground and put a shiny pole in the centre to enhance my dance- and strip shows. The pole can be easily removed without any tools, so one can fuck on the table in front of spectators. There is concealed nightclub-like stage-lighting with movable baby-spots (small bright lights) for the table and bed, and in the bathroom too. There is a stereo system, TV, VCR, bar, etc. Rajeev has designed the couches too to be spill-proof and suitable for all sorts of wet sex. The tough vinyl covering has seen all sorts of intimate dribbles and stains! There are a couple of high, movable side-tables, meant for leaning over or lying on, and getting comfortably fucked by a free-standing man.
Our spacious squeaky-clean bathroom has a large quarter-round Jacuzzi bathtub for two (but four can sit), a bidet for easy personal hygiene, a WC, another big wall-to-wall mirror, a large transparent shower area as I described, and plenty of floor-space in the middle. Right in the centre of the open space in the bathroom, Rajeev has fitted a set of shower in the ceiling and bathtub-like drain right below that, into which the whole sloping floor drains, With the plug in, a puddle forms in the centre – water or golden – and one can wallow in that to one’s heart’s content.
The wide glass door to our bathroom is right next to our bed, and can be covered by a thick curtain. Next to that, there is that walk-in closet-wardrobe for my sex-accessories collection – with a built-in dressing table for me. The other bedroom and bathroom is for our adult guests who lodge with us. The widened study has become the gym and yoga room, which has a thick fitted carpet, lots of pillows and bolsters and no furniture, except an all-purpose exercise machine, and we use it for group sex affairs. All this can look a bit odd to a casual visitor, but we keep the well-camouflaged connecting door closed, and never bring a non-sexual acquaintance into this part of our house. That’s a bit of a cramp, but we have learned to live with it. We clean this second apartment ourselves, and not even allow our housemaid to go into this apartment.
In our bedroom, a thick ceiling-high curtain separates the bed and sitting areas. When that and the curtain on the bathroom access are drawn, the setup looks quite harmless. However, when they are opened, a few things moved around and the lighting put on, the couches face the round table, and the huge bed and the mirror is behind it, like a stage setting. You can very well imagine the erotic possibilities of such a setup – I can pole dance and strip on the table, on the floor in between, or put up a live-sex show on our big marital bed!

Origins of My Bisexuality
Coincidentally, both Rajeev’s and my adolescent sex-lives have run on remarkably similar lines. Many would say that God made us for each other and brought us together, but we don’t believe in any such sentimental mush. Both of us have never been the flirting, romancing, emotional-sentimental, having-a-love-affair types. Our approach to sex is quite clinical, and several of our mates have remarked that we should have been born in Germany – the land of unemotional practicality combined with kinky sex.
When I was 15 and already fully mature physically, I was seduced by my real elder sister Sujata. Being sisters, we had often seen each other completely naked. Sujata and I used to sleep in the same room, on two separate single beds.
One night, I woke up late in the night, and discovered that my sister was slowly masturbating. Quietly, I asked her if she’d teach me how to, so she called me to her bed, lay down next to me and showed me how to masturbate. As I felt the first buzz in my clitoris, Sujata asked me to slow down. She started playing with my breasts and seriously kissing me. I knew that this was lesbian sex and we were committing a sort of incest, but in all honesty, I was enjoying every moment.
From then on, we both sisters started having lesbian sex every night – kissing, kneading, sucking breasts, eating each other out, 69s, sleeping together naked, having baths together… This was when I discovered that my buttocks were far more sensitive to touch than my breasts. We were good students, and well-behaved, so our parents left us alone most of the time and didn’t interfere much in our daily routines.
Within two months of my ‘initiation’, our parents had to go out of town for a fortnight, leaving us three sexually ripe siblings behind in the house. Sujata was the eldest at 20, less plump, slightly dusky, and better looking than I was. She had beautiful big taut breasts. Our brother Shekhar was 19, 5’8”, 180 lbs, a muscular 44-34-38, and had a straight 7” cock. And I was a curious 15-year-old. In sharp contrast to my sister’s fair skin and my very fair complexion, and our plump soft figures, my brother has a very dark skin, almost like a Negroid complexion, and a taut, muscular build. It’s quite common in India for real brothers and sisters to have widely differing complexions.
The day after our parents left, as we lesbian sisters were making out in our bedroom, our brother Shekhar quietly pushed the unlocked door and walked in upon us!
Unseen by me, Sujata had left our bedroom door ajar. Stark-naked in Sujata’s single bed, we sisters were indulging in foreplay prior to a 69. My sister was sitting on top of me straddling my pelvis with her knees in my armpits, and we both sisters were playing with each other’s breasts when my brother walked in.
I was taken aback, but Sujata immediately put her hand on my mouth and calmed me, saying that she had in fact invited him to join us. My brother quietly walked up to our bed, wearing just his underwear with a big bulge in it, his dark muscular body looking very sexy.
I immediately got the picture – My sexy sister had already had sex with my brother, and now my brother too was going to have sex with me! Wonderful! I found that I was very horny, and was looking forward to losing my cherry as well as committing more incest! My brother stepped closer and calmly took out his cock, and without a word, my sister leaned across and started sucking him. I still remember my first sight of an erect penis – it was lovely, and I wanted to kiss it, suck it, play with it… It had suddenly dawned on me that that piece of male flesh would soon be entering into my vagina, and my sister had told me that its entry and movement inside me would give me a fantastic thrill.
It was obviously an uncomfortable posture for Sis, so she got down from the bed and kneeled in front of her younger brother to fellate him. Captivated by my plump youthful nakedness, my brother was cheeking out my naked body, and I was loving every moment of the desirous gaze of a horny man on my naked body for the first time in my life!
I wanted to display all my well-rounded feminine allure to my brother! So I got down from the bed, showing off my birthday suit to my brother. He inclined his head, obviously wanting to see my rear, so I turned around and presented my naked plump ass to my elder brother, looking eagerly over my shoulders to see his reaction. He exclaimed, “Wow, what a sexy ass, Saroj!” Sujata too added, “Yeah Shekhar, doesn’t she have a sexy ass? Come here, Saroj, watch me suck!”
Fascinated, I kneeled and watched the first live cock I had ever seen in my life. Sujata asked me to try sucking it too. Already very horny, I did just that, and sucked my elder brother rather clumsily with my elder sister Sujata guiding me.
My brother soon came in my mouth, and gleefully, I swirled his cum in my mouth and swallowed every drop. I truly loved my first taste of semen. And then my brother pulled me up and kissed me on my mouth like a lover. That was my first kiss with a man, and I loved French-kissing my elder brother back as he kneaded my sensitive, ample derrière, heaping praises on my ass! I remember I got goose bumps all over.
Then as Sujata guided us, we sisters did a 69 with me on top, as our darling brother took off his underwear, sat next to us on the bed and watched our lesbian act, kneading my broad upturned derrière as my elder sister ate me from below. After we sisters brought each other to strong climaxes, my brother put on a condom and fucked my sister in a missionary position as I closely witnessed live copulation for the first time. After having cum a second time, my brother deeply kissed both of us, promising to meet the next night, and left the room, as had been planned earlier between my naughty siblings.
As my sister and I talked excitedly, Sujata told me that she had deliberately left the door unlocked, then told me the whole story of how she came to have sex with her younger brother. Two days earlier, when Sujata was taking a shower, she had discovered that someone was peeping at her through a broken slat in the bathroom window, which was built rather oddly next to the bathroom door. There was no one in the house as I had gone to school and our parents had gone out for the day, but she had heard Shekhar return from college a few minutes ago. So she reasoned that it had to be her younger brother.
Knowing that there was a place next to the bathroom door where someone could hide, she was sure that Shekhar was hiding there waiting to see her step out freshly bathed, Sujata decided to titillate her younger brother further.
She dried herself and stepped out clad only in her bra and panties, with a towel wrapped round her head, looking very sexy (I had seen her in that state) and walked to her room, humming a tune and swaying her plump derrière as if she believed she was still alone in the house. She swore she distinctly smelled his aftershave as she came out of the bathroom – how small details give you away!
That night, after Sujata and I had sex, and I had gone off to sleep, she sneakily stepped out wearing just her panties, and tiptoed to her younger brother’s room. His door was half open, and she saw our brother sprawled naked in his chair, slowly masturbating with his hand. Sujata quietly stepped in with her, full, rounded tits on full stark-naked display, kneeled next to her younger brother, gently replaced his hand with hers, and started masturbating him, as he groped at her inviting breasts. In a little while, Sujata replaced her hand with her mouth. Shekhar came like an express train in his elder sister’s mouth, and she swallowed it all. My sister then stood up, motioning him to stay in the chair, and offer him her naked jutting boobs to suck, guiding one of his hands to her boobs and the other to her ass, as she took off her panties and played with his rapidly growing cock.
Soon brother Shekhar was erect again, and Sujata steered him to his bed, put a condom on him – which she had carried tucked in her panties – and happily fucked her own younger brother without a care in the world.
Sujata had lost her own virginity well before that to a boyfriend with whom she had broken up later, and Shekhar was not a virgin either, having been seduced by a young married teacher in college. And as my sister was getting it on with my brother, she let the cat out of the bag about our lesbian incest, and invited him to take my oral cherry the next night in our room…
So, the next evening after sucking my brother, I lost my virginity to my very own darling brother and enormously enjoyed my first fuck. I didn’t bleed at all, nor felt any pain, as I had torn my hymen long ago while learning how to ride a bicycle.
We three siblings continued having sex with each other and in a threesome for about a year. The three of us must have got shamelessness and incest in our genes: Sujata later told me she had once spied on our parents, who were with my mother’s elder brother – who happened to be my father’s old college buddy, and was the one who had initially introduced my mother to my father. The two men – her own elder brother and her husband – were sprawled on the sofa, both drinking and smoking, and watching my plump, religious, Sari-clad mother silently but very willingly do a slow dance and strip for them. Once completely naked, my mother happily sat in her own brother’s lap, kissed him and offered him her charms to paw all over, and then moved to sit on her brother’s cock. Brother and sister slowly fucked as my father stood besides them and mother sucked his cock.
Hearing this story, I made up my mind that I too would learn to dance erotically and emulate my mother. I was learning the sensuous Odissi dance, and behind closed doors, I started developing my amateurish striptease routines with my brother and sister watching and appraising me. However, none of us had the inclination or courage to try and seduce our otherwise strict parents.
Sujata and both my parents died in a road accident just after I arrived in Mumbai to join my new college, and Shekhar too got a job in the U.S. and migrated. I ended up inheriting my parents’ substantial assets, as Shekhar declined his share and gave everything to me, as he was making good money in the U.S. and had applied for permanent citizenship.
Ever since that bisexual beginning, I have relished sex with men, and equally enjoyed wallowing in breasts and vulvas and soft female flesh!

In our college days, unknown to each other, both Rajeev and I had lived in hostels for many years, and both had enjoyed long and happy homosexual relations with our hostel-mates on virtually every night of the study programme.
Rajeev went steady with a wonderful boy throughout, but I had fun with a good number of girls, almost always in groups. Unknown to each other, we both used to remain in the hostel with our gay partners through many vacations too, as sex in our teen years was obviously more fun than going home. Moreover, during vacations, sneaky wet sex in the common bathrooms was easily possible in the almost-empty hostels.
When others of our age were having adolescent romances and crushes, I, and Rajeev too, were already getting abundant healthy sex from wonderful gay mates – not promiscuous but constantly satisfying. Almost all the sex we got in our college days was homosexual. Everyone involved happened to be bisexual; and luckily, no one attached any emotional strings to sex. Sex was just there, to be enjoyed frequently with close friends, and thus neither of us learnt to connect sex with sentiments. Because of these unusual yet very similar beginnings, Rajeev has become a sexual genius, and I’m so open and comfortable with sex that some of my lovers say my sexual brain works more like a man’s, as I have none of an average woman’s demureness about sex. At any rate, I have never understood why many of us (Indian) women believe that being irrational, prudish, sentimental or childish is more feminine.
Pursuing our sex-lives in total secrecy in our hostels, we learnt all the tricks, methods and discipline to keep our rich bisexuality and our perversions secret and well-insulated from other people, yet enjoy ourselves to the hilt with careful planning and flawless execution. So, we have never had those pet Indian worries about “Somebody will see us!”, “What will people say?” Today we know exactly how to organise privacy without arousing suspicion, how to eliminate risks and quietly organise complex sex-sessions, and how to quickly clean up and clear up afterwards without leaving traces even for the domestic help. Individually and together, we have always systematically steered our variegated sex-lives clear of any snooping eyes, scandals, medical emergencies, emotional turmoil or any kind of legal trouble.

When I entered college, I was ragged (hazed) by a pair of attractive girls Sushma and Marlene from a hostel where I had applied for admission. I was called to their hostel room on the first Saturday evening, and I complied. Both girls were very fair-complexioned. Sushma, a year senior, with a big ass was quite pretty, with lovely green eyes, and Marlene, two years senior and the student secretary, had those sexy tomboyish good looks.
After asking me some general questions, they asked me asked if I was a virgin. I replied in negative. Sushma then asked me, “what if we asked you to strip?” and I said matter-of-factly, “I’ll do it!” They said quietly, “Okay slut, in that case, take off all your clothes!” I stripped without any hesitation. The girls had a good look at my naked body, and checked out my erect nipples and my shaved cunt with a week’s stubble.
Marlene gave me a large fresh banana and asked me to suck on it pretending it was a real penis. I did that rather nicely, she asked me to lick the insides of the peel as if it were a cunt. As I did that too quite dexterously without any hesitation, I could see a spark of lust in their eyes, and realised that I was in the company of lesbians and the situation was leading to a seduction. In other words, they detected my gay inclinations, and they too knew that I had caught on.
All the same, Marlene asked me rather gently if I had been into lesbian relationships. When I admitted my lesbian secret, they too confessed to their own lesbian relationship with surprising openness, and both spread out their arms, inviting naked me for some gay intimacies. Heavily turned on, I consented; and right away Marlene and Sushma were kissing me like lovers. I then anxiously asked them if I too could see them in the nude and I’d like to lick them off. The results were predictable!
So for the first time in my life, I was with not one but two lovely naked girls, and I was soon eagerly licking away. Marlene had a picture-perfect dark freshly-shaved cunt, and Sushma had a small, pink-lipped one between her plump thighs. She was freshly shaved too. And Sushma had a lovely, absolutely wrinkleless anus too – I always enjoyed tonguing it.
Three of us spent a glorious lesbian night together, and the duo invited me to be their roommate, and bed-mate too (each room had three beds, and their third roommate had just graduated). Sushma and Marlene later told me they had deliberately employed all sorts of subterfuges during ragging to discover another lesbian roommate. Marlene was the student-secretary of the hostel, and used that influence to get their room allotted to me.
The very next day, I was officially allotted that room, and was installed in that vacant bed. Since that first night, hardly any night passed without some sort of sex. Over the next three years of my lodging, whenever one among us graduated, the remaining two would again use similar tactics to find other lesbians.
During those hostel years, I shared my room and body with two more lesbians – Shamolie, when Marlene graduated, and Rema, when Sushma graduated. While hazing rather aristocratic Shamolie, who came from an ivy-league boarding school, we had asked her if there were lesbians in her dorms. She affirmed. We next asked her if she had had any lesbian experience, and she briefly narrated how a senior girl had made a pass on her, and pressured Shamolie to sleep with her.
To our question, Shamolie replied that the experience wasn’t bad – it at least relieved the exam stress. When Sushma asked her how she’d feel if we too forced her in the same way, Shamolie smiled and said tongue-in-cheek that that would surely make hostel life a bit less boring.
There was a moment of silence after that, and then Sushma said in a sultry voice, “Take off your clothes, Slut!” and Shamolie smiled, “I thought you’d never ask!” With that, three of us silently stripped and made love. We discovered that Shamolie was a well-experienced lesbian, and had slept with her school dorm warden too. Shamolie had a very mature-looking large cunt with thick inner labia.
Next year, Sushma had graduated, and Shamolie and I were hazing petite Rema. We had asked her to strip, lie on the third bed and masturbate in front of us. 17 year old Rema – from an educated but conventional south-Indian family – said she didn’t know how to. She wasn’t even sure if she had ever had an orgasm. That came as a bit of a shock to us. For all her innocence, she was unfazed, and almost asking us to teach her. So I sat next to her naked figure, and slowly started diddling her love-button. Rema had a very young-looking red-lipped cunt. As Shamolie and I watched her closely, she maintained eye contact with me all the time. Rema was having problems cumming, so I quietly started rubbing her nipples. Breathing heavily with her nostrils flaring, as I diddled her nipples, she came like an express train.
As she subsided, Rema unexpectedly pulled my head to her face and wet-kissed me to thank me, and I kissed her back passionately, slowly running my fingers on her labia. Rema was an innate lesbian, and later she told me she had a major secret crush on a senior schoolgirl, and was generally attracted to sexy girls. On my cue, Shamolie and I took off our clothes, and lay next to her, hugging and caressing her slowly. The horny girl now turned and kissed Shamolie, and soon climaxed again strongly. Needless to say, she came to our room to stay.
Shamolie and I spent quite a few wanton vacations together in the hostel. In the beginning of my final year in college, we accidentally discovered and teamed up with another lesbian threesome like us – Milisa from Yugoslavia, Rehana, and stunning Rati Saxena (She was dubbed Sexy Rati. Rati actually means copulation in Sanskrit – and she was true to her name. And I was nicknamed Nautch Girl for my penchant for erotic dancing.)
Milisa used to bring really hard-core porn-magazines from Europe – mostly lesbian stuff. She used to buy them in the porn shop at Frankfurt airport’s ground floor. She also had a very sturdy steel vibrator, which saw the insides of a lot of vaginas and even rectums, as it was always circulating, even among straight girls. In fact, we stumbled across this other lesbian group because of that vibrator.
During an otherwise dull vacation, Shamolie once went to borrow the vibrator from Milisa, and Milisa teasingly said, “You can have it for the night, but you’ll have to pay rent, whore!” When Shamolie asked how, Milisa said offhandedly, “You’ll have to suck my nipples!” To Milisa’s surprise, Shamolie simply said, “Okay, open your tits!” breasts readily agreed and soon the two were all over each other. The same evening, our trios met and we expanded our lesbian horizons.
I remember a time when all eight of us – Milisa, Rehana, Rati, Shamolie, Marlene, Sushma, Rema and I vacationed in January in Mahabaleshwar (a hill resort near Mumbai). We lived in an enormous 800 sq.foot room in an out-of-the-way, simple, old-fashioned guest-house. The room had a vast 200 sq.foot bathroom with a huge old bathtub, and the whole guest-house was virtually empty, as it was the off-season.
In January, Mahabaleshwar was freezing cold, but the place had an unlimited supply of running hot water and a real fireplace – a relic from the British Raj days. We eight girls had a non-stop three-day orgy with plenty of watery beer and some smoking, pube-shaving and a lot of fruit – bananas, grapes, strawberries, and even rough-skinned litchee fruits going into vaginas. Some fruit went into assholes too. The best way to keep warm and be naked for sex was to huddle together under the very large thick blankets the house provided, and make out. Milisa had brought a strap-on, an anal vibrator and a double-header in addition to her old vibrator, so we all enjoyed a lot of ‘penetrative’ sex too. Marlene was the most senior among us. She had migrated to Australia with her husband, where they had gotten into a swinging group and thus she had slept around with a lot of men, so she was the friend, philosopher and guide on copulation.

Rajeev’s Bisexual Beginnings
As a boy, Rajeev used to massage his fat mother daily from the age of 10 till the age of 14. As Rajeev’s father would be in town only for 3-4 days a month, his mother was obviously horny and lonely –as Rajeev realised much later – and was using massage to alleviate her horniness, as she was not the sort to sleep around or masturbate.
In the beginning, when Rajeev started giving leg, arm and back massages to his Mom, she’d be fully clothed in a Sari, petticoat, blouse, bra and panties. By the third or fourth session, she’d take off her Sari during the massage sessions, as it was getting stained with the massage oil. Within a few days, she started taking her blouse off, and would soon leave out her petticoat as well. Within a month, his Mom would even take her bra off to get her huge tits, chest and back massaged unobstructed by her pre-pubescent son, explaining that she had breast fed Rajeev for almost four years, so she didn’t mind being topless in front of her son. She’d only be wearing large cotton panties for her massage, and would even ask her son to put his hands inside the seat and get her sphere-like buttocks massaged. Rajeev says that as a boy he clearly remembers secretly seeing his mother bare-ass naked, shaved vulva and all. His father never knew any of this.
His mother suddenly stopped the massage sessions when Rajeev started getting hard-ons at the age of 14 and clumsily tried to make sexual advances on his mother. After that, horny Rajeev discovered that the smell, and then the taste of his own urine turned him on, and he was soon drinking and bathing in his own urine everyday while taking a shower, as he masturbated. This later bloomed into a full-fledged urine-love, of which I too have become a merry devotee!

Rajeev was introduced to homosexuality (mutual masturbation) at 14 by his same-age nephew Hemant, his cousin sister’s son. Hemant stayed next door, and was alone in the house for a few days due to some reason (it was arranged that he came to Rajeev’s house for food). One evening, both the boys were studying on a big desk in Hemant’s house, sitting side-by side on two armless chairs. Rajeev on the right was wearing a pyjama and Hemant was in rather tight half-pants. Gradually, Rajeev realised that Hemant was slowly sneaking his left hand onto his thigh, then into his pyjama crotch and was softly curling his fingers around his cock. Instinctively, Rajeev’s cock started growing, filling Hemant’s fingers. Excited Rajeev now sneaked his own hand onto Hemant’s smooth thigh, and slowly explored the contours of Hemant’s erection through his half-pants.
After a while of this ‘innocent’ adventure, Hemant slowly but surely tightened his grip on Rajeev’s cock. Now both boys knew the score, but were too diffident to move from the surreptitious to the open – throughout this episode, both boys avoided eye contact or speech. They just kept ‘reading’ the book in front of them with a dry throat and racing pulse.
With his left hand, Hemant now opened the waist-string of Rajeev’s pyjama bottoms, and put his hand inside the leg of his underwear, again grabbing Rajeev’s bare cock. Now Rajeev too got a bit bold and opened the buttons on Hemant’s fly one by one. Hemant even lifted his butt from the chair surreptitiously to let Rajeev get some room inside his knickers so he too could put his hand inside Hemant’s underwear. Both boys just held each other’s cocks, just squeezing from time to time.
Hemant now put his right hand into Rajeev’s open pyjamas from behind, and sneaked his fingers into his butt-cleft, slowly tickling him there and inching his way down. Rajeev too emulated Hemant and both boys had both hands exploring each other’s privates. Surprisingly, none of them ejaculated, and had to stop when Rajeev’s mom knocked on the door to call them to dinner.
Hemant again took the lead at the next opportunity, and they got to being naked from waist down while playing with each other the same way as the first time. The next day, Rajeev was looking for something in his wardrobe, when Hemant crowded into him from behind, pressing his erection into Rajeev’s butt cleavage. Rajeev enjoyed the feelings, and when they were alone that afternoon in Rajeev’s house, Rajeev quietly invited Hemant for a mutual masturbation session, but inexplicably, Hemant refused. After that, the two never got intimate, as no opportunity came their way again.

Rajeev, extremely horny from that first initiation, then tried to seduce one of his schoolmates Deepak, a fair-skinned hairless twink. Rajeev sweet-talked Deepak into sharing a study table in Deepak’s house, and tried the same caper of sneaking his hand into Deepak’s crotch and softly caressing his cock. Within minutes of that, Deepak too grabbed Rajeev’s cock straightaway, and suggested they go up on the terrace upstairs. Once there, Deepak asked Rajeev to drop his pants, followed suit, and crowded his bare erection into Rajeev’s naked butt-cleavage. Holding Rajeev’s cock, Deepak gave a few fuck moves and orgasmed. Next, Deepak proffered Rajeev his exquisite girlish ass, and guided him to try and fuck his ass. The impetuous boys tried sodomy without lubrication the first time, without success.
Next afternoon found both boys alone in Rajeev’s house, where Deepak again thigh-fucked Rajeev from behind and came, then guided Rajeev to lubricate his bare cock and Deepak’s virgin asshole with coconut oil. With his perfect butt-plug shape, Rajeev entered Deepak’s soft bowels to the hilt without any effort or pain, and the boys enjoyed a long leisurely sodomy session – the first of their many. Deepak enjoyed having his ass filled so much that from then on, he was visiting Rajeev’s house practically every afternoon – when they’d be alone for about three hours – and getting his ass sodomised. Their favourite was Deepak sitting on supine Rajeev’s cock, then lying back; and Rajeev sitting up with his cock still deep inside Deepak’s ass, and him masturbating Deepak’s big cock off. Their affair came to an end when Rajeev got into IIT, and moved to his hostel in Mumbai.

Rajeev had his first woman at 16. Once, when he returned from a cadet and trekking camp after a week without a bath, his real Bhabhi (sister-in-law, specifically elder brother’s wife) Manju (6 years older) was alone in the house, and horny – as Rajeev’s brother was working in a place 400 miles away – and she volunteered to scrub and bathe him. She took Rajeev into the bathroom and locked the door, then asked Rajeev to strip, generally bemoaning about how filthy he had gotten. Manju took off her Sari and gave Rajeev a thorough scrub.
When Manju was done scrubbing, naked Rajeev had a big hard-on – she hadn’t touched his cock so far, and had asked him to clean it himself. He quietly turned the shower on and Manju, still clad in a petticoat and blouse, got drenched, and pretended to be annoyed when Rajeev – turned on by the sight of her wet cleavage – asked to see her young, full breasts. She gave in before long, and opened her wet blouse and brassieres. Rajeev almost came when she saw Manju Bhabhi’s lovely boobs. She asked him to keep his cool, and invited him to suck her nipples. Now she got horny, asked Rajeev to strip her completely, put one foot up on a towel rail, and guided him kneel in front of her and lick her cunt. After a while, Manju instructed young Rajeev to get behind her, kiss and nuzzle her big spongy buttocks, spread her butt-cheeks and tongue her anus, and climaxed as she diddled her love-button from front.
Rajeev tells me that fair-skinned Manju Bhabhi had a soft 36D-28-44, 5’2”, 160 lbs. figure at that point in time, and had an absolutely splendid peaches-and-cream complexion and a big wobbly baby-soft derrière.
During their next bathroom encounter the next day, she taught him to shave her vulva. However, Manju never let Rajeev go beyond oral sex. On every occasion, Rajeev would masturbate and cum at the same time as her. And Rajeev never told her about his massage sessions with his mother, Manju’s mother-in-law. Rajeev’s sister-in-law Manju is still a very sexy ripened woman. Rajeev and Manju Bhabhi have no sexual relationship now.

When Rajeev moved to his college hostel in Mumbai in ‘69, he was attracted to a very pretty boy Gautam. Rajeev says it were young Gautam’s lovely lips and fair hairless complexion that first caught his eye. He was attracted to Gautam’s ‘feminine’ beauty, and looked for ways to seduce him.
The two boys would go daily for long late-night walks in that sprawling campus, basically to avoid hazing. Rajeev finally decided on a direct approach to seduce Gautam. During one of their walks, Rajeev gingerly told Gautam that he had very beautiful lips and he wanted to kiss him. To his delight, Gautam eagerly agreed and the two had a date!
That night at midnight, Gautam quietly came to Rajeev’s dimly lit room, and the two sat next to each other on the bed and smooched as if there was no tomorrow! Their maiden kiss went on for an hour, and by the time their fervent kissing ended, the boys were intensely in love for life.
Next night, they kissed more and furtively explored each other’s bodies, as they read some cheap pornography together. Before long, they narrated their own past gay adventures, and both confessed they were so glad they discovered each other’s homosexuality within a month of starting their 7-year long hostel sojourn. Gautam had studied in a public school in Pune (a big city near Mumbai), where homosexuality was rampant in the dormitories and open shower-stalls, and good-looking Gautam had been a hot favourite among the adolescent boys, getting kisses, bottom-pinches and strokes in the common shower stalls, in the dorm beds and behind bushes.
Before their second night together was over, the two gay boys were naked with each other in bed, excitedly embracing and kissing as their steely adolescent erections rubbed against each other. The very next afternoon, Rajeev sucked Gautam’s cock and drank his cum – a first for both boys. They soon went beyond mere smooching, and from then on, the two boys would sneak into each other’s rooms at every opportunity, quietly lock the door from inside and have hot, leisurely sex – at times more than once a day.
On a weekend when the hostel was quite deserted, Rajeev – who had had his first taste of hetero sex in a bathroom with his sister-in-law – suggested to Gautam that they sneak into the hostel bathroom one after the other. Soon they were in together, and enjoyed the first of their thousands of erotic baths together.
Right after they had had taken their second shower together and rinsed the soap off, Gautam said he needed to take a leak, and impulsively, Rajeev asked him to piss in his mouth. Again, to his delight, fascinated Gautam readily complied and Rajeev drank every drop! That was the first time Rajeev drank another person’s urine.
Next day was weekend, and everyone on their floor went away for the weekend. So the boys got unexpected privacy, and in the deserted washroom, Rajeev sprawled naked on the floor, invited Gautam to piss standing up directly into his mouth, and drank every drop. Gautam just loved that moment, and he still remembers it! From then on, urine-drinking became a part of their gay repertoire – with Rajeev doing most of the consuming.
The very next semester, the gay boys moved into adjacent rooms, and managed to remain in adjacent rooms throughout their remaining 6½-year-long hostel sojourn. The one-bed hostel rooms were constructed in pairs and divided by a 7-foot high partition. The boys could climb over it quite easily to get into each other’s rooms, and beds.
Very early, the boys got into the habit of prolonging their lovemaking and delaying their ejaculations as much as they could – even by a couple of hours. Even today, Rajeev and Gautam can go on with heavy foreplay for long hours.
Rajeev and Gautam remained ‘faithful’ to each other throughout their seven years of hostel life – doing their Bachelor’s and Master’s together with enjoying hot sex every day. And just the way I did, they too avoided going home during vacations, joining some or the other vacation activity, and spending hours and hours together in bed, and in the bathroom.
Rajeev says that right from the beginning, Gautam and he were as emotionally close as a