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Turn Out The Lights

2022-09-30 01:09:36

Her name was Nada, and she was out for epic revenge. Revenge that would make people talk about what was about to happen in the same way they talked about local ghost stories. The warm summer night's air thrummed with nocturnal winged insects as she stood in the shadows, just where the streetlights quit shining. Shadows are deepest next to the light, Nada thought as she crouched. Nada twisted her hair idly as she watched, close enough to the target's home that a two-second sprint would carry her across the ribbon of asphalt and inside the house's fenced area. The plantation-style house was well maintained, its stonework and clean, simple lines reminiscent of cleaner days behind its wrought-iron fence.

She recalled her entry and exit strategies as she watched the people inside, following their banal ritual of eating dinner together. A family that ate dinner together, a rarity in this day and age. Nada watched as they smiled and talked – they had no idea that her target had earned this death, the smiling face that hid so much behind false shining innocence.

There was no innocence left in Nada. That monster smiling with dinner had stolen it, left it flayed and mauled in a moment of careless, unfeeling destruction. It was only fair that she should take this monster's life – one death for her living death.

Nada felt the perpetual anger that seethed in her from erupting, from snatching the AK-47 she procured yesterday and marching in to slaughter everyone. No, no. That would not work. She did not spend the last two years with her savior, learning how to infiltrate and exfiltrate just to do an execution like a thug with a street sweeper. Taking deep breaths, Nada reined her anger in, kept her rage in check. Nada compartmentalized in her head through the two years she spent recuperating and learning how to exact revenge. It sustained her, a deep red sea of fire inside her. It had sustained her though the brutal reconstruction of her body – her face and body had been shattered during the assault. Long, painful surgery was necessary. From the battered, broken remains Nada was rebuilt, beautiful and unrecognizable - completely changed from her original dimensions, pinned and screwed together from shards of bone and blood.

Nada imagined that she could feel the cool metal inside her living flesh – she was more artificial than natural now – from the implanted teeth in her mouth to her Teflon knees. She stretched out, taking her time limbering up the hours she'd spent watching her target. Each one was painful to recover from, but she stored the pain in her memory, to inflict it on the one person who made her go through it – her target.

The target smiled and laughed, impressed with the conversation that the other family members were giving. The target had been smart, able to break Nada and leave her for dead, the same deceiving grin that now deceived family.

Memories of crunching bone, lancing pain, and a voice floated through her head. “You're still alive? That's impressive.” she heard the target say. A blanket was thrown over Nada's battered body, violated and abused. Then a crushing blow to the head with a heavy object, the dull iron ring of something massive and flat. More came down, and she endured, her hatred of her enemies keeping a thin thread of life pulsing as they tried to beat it out of her.

Shaking her head, she ruthlessly stuffed that thought back down into her brain's compartment. She could not afford to let that get to her now – she had an assignment, to remove this target. She kept flashing to her target, the single memory that drove her so ruthlessly. She shifted about, careful to keep the cover of her shrubs from giving the movement away.

They uncovered her, their panting breaths echoing as she lay stunned and broken, the heavy iron skillet they had beaten her with dangled from one hand. “She's still alive.” She could still see, watch as the target motioned to another person. A switchblade snicked out, seven inches of chrome shining in the night. The target smiled, then turned and lunged, burying the silver blade to the hilt in Nada's heart, lancing it and drawing the darkness over her.

Nada shook her head, trying to clear her head of the memories. She would avenge each ounce of pain she suffered, Nada promised herself. With her rage in check, she drew her tactical duffel out from under the shrub she's stuffed it into. Finding this stand of bushes, Nada had hidden here for two days – she'd spent the first one staking out the movements and patterns of this area, safe within her blind. The small hollow was out of the way, no kids or animals had been here. Nada ate her rations quietly and made her toilet in a small ditch deeper in the park as she spent the rest of the time observing her target, watching and feeling the rhythms of the target. She'd get the target tonight, bring slow, cold retribution down.

The two parents and their son ate dinner, then the parents retired to their upstairs suite while the son flipped through channels on the large flat-screen TV. After a while, the son looked around, and walked outside nonchalantly.

Digging into his pocket, he came up with an Altoids tin and a lighter. Opening the tin, he extracted a homemade cigarette. Lighting up quickly, he reached back into the doorway and flicked the light out. He sat on a bench beside the door and smoked, the cherry lighting up as he inhaled deeply. The acrid, unique smell of his smoking material reached to Nada. The son blew out clouds and coughed quietly.

This was her chance. Nada exited the shrubs and took a roundabout route to the street her target was on. She dusted off the dust from her short shorts and pink tank top. Flip flops completed this picture, and Nada shook her hair out as she walked, letting the thick brunette hair fall to mid-back. She smiled, warming her face from its usual emotionless state.

She walked past the target's house, and stopped. The son was busy trying to conceal the joint, but the still air and the pungent stench didn't hide much. Without shifting her eyes, she caught the door moving ever so slightly - it was unlocked and open.

“Hey, if you're toking, can I have some, too?” Nada asked.

The son looked at this vision of beauty with awe. The short shorts and tank top left Nada's body displayed well. The shorts barely covered her ass, and hints of cleft showed up when she moved. The tank showed her luscious breasts, large and smooth and braless. Nada looked at the the son with a hint of sex in her eyes, and it was enough to get invited up to the porch.

Extracting his Altoids, he took out another joint. Lighting it up, they passed it back and forth. The weed didn't intoxicate Nada, but it was doing a good job on the son.

The weed loosened up the son's tongue.
“Hey, I'm Jared.”
“I'm Roxy.”
“Are you new here?” asked Jared. “I thought I knew all the pretty girls, but I haven't seen you before.”
“Yeah, my uncle Max lives two streets over. I'm staying there.”
“Max, huh?”
“Yeah.” Nada looked at the joint. “Can I get some more?”

Jared passed it over, and they smoked. Jared was impressed. Normally no one was out this late, so he'd decided to toke up out on the porch. This girl was smoking hot, and she liked the weed, too.

Nada watched as Jared's eyes hooded and be began to talk about unrelated things. He was higher than a kite and enjoying as Nada began making out with him, nipping his neck and feeling him up all over. Jared's hands went right to her tits, feeling the warm flesh as he lifted her shirt and sucked on the hard nipples. Nada moaned lightly as she gripped his cock through his trendy basketball shorts, hardening despite the powerful pot Jared smoked. Straddling him, Nada kissed him passionately, as if inflamed by the weed.

After a few tense moments of making out, Nada slid down Jared's chest, dropping to her knees. She made a production out of pulling down Jared's shorts and dragging his cock out. It was average in length, but had some heft to it. Nada licked it, then sucked it like a pro, making him fist her hair in pleasure as she pleasured him. While his cock wasn't long enough to deep-throat, Nada sucked him like it was the best cock on earth, bathing it in saliva and using only her mouth as she bobbed up and down. Jared moaned with pleasure, his hips moving up and down as Nada suckled on his tool. After she made him dance, Nada took his blood-engorged dick out and, pulling her tank top off, put it between her tits. Nada used her spit to get his hot little cock sliding it in and out of her warm valley while Jared lolled in pleasure.

Jared moaned as the pot and the oral sex mixed into one great big sensation of being nothing but penis in this hot woman's mouth. He was so horny, and his balls were tingling with the need to come. She made him feel like a king as she returned his cock to her warm, inviting mouth as she slid her soft lips along his length, his wad began to churn at the base of his cock, he moaned something about coming.

Nada could already taste the orgasm building in Jared's loins. She thrust her face into his crotch harder, making the orgasm inevitable as Jared arched back, his cock firing and his brain exploding as she kept his mouth on him, collecting his semen as it pulsed out of him in great, powerful spurts. As the pleasure washed through him, Nada poked his leg with a syringe with an ultrafine needle. He didn't even feel it sink in as he thrust his cock in Nada's mouth and she kept his load in her mouth. The quick acting sedative and the powerful orgasm left Jared on the edge of consciousness. With a sigh, the drug took him to darkness, leaving him with his shorts around his ankles. Nada put Jared's hand around his wilted dick, and spit the cum onto his hand, penis, and bench. She spit once into the bushes to rid the last taste of Jared's spunk out of her mouth, then sneaked into the door. Closer now, to her target. She paused by the door and assessed the dark house. There was only the dim light of LED nightlights. as the target and spouse had already gone to to bed.

Turn off the lights, then to turn off the lights, Nada thought as she stood quietly, letting the house breathe around her, listening to the rhythm of the house settle into the quiet susurration of sleep.

Nada waited for the gentle and not-so-gentle snores to settle into regularity, then crossed the hardwood on flat feet. The wood was high quality and thick, and did not creak under her feet much as she progressed down the hallway from the entrance. She passed the high-end television and kept sliding across the living area. The house was dark so Nada cast no shadow across the shades or blinds. Creeping quietly up the stairs, she pulled a small knife from the back of her short shorts. Nada's night vision expanded as she crept, clearing each room and making her way closer to her target. She hoped her knife was only insurance, that it would remain clean. Her revenge would be left short if things devolved into simply slitting her target's throat.

Nada felt the wild hatred rising as she prepared to face her almost-killer, to fulfill the contract she was given along with personal revenge. She had been given the scenario to be staged – a man, body bearing the traces of sex found dead in his bed, the wife unconscious with no memory. It was perfect, and Nada was more than equipped to complete the scenario – it was payback for the horror she'd suffered, the pain she endured , and the hate she bore for the target. The fact that this would also pay was besides the point.

Nada slipped into the bedroom and with another ultrafine needle, gently dosed the wife. The wife was redheaded, petite, and in shape. After a few moments, Nada lifted the woman up out of bed. She weighted maybe 135, and Nada easily manhandled her to the side of the hallway. While she was out, Nada belted her in the face, a hard strike once, then again, and picked up her arms, gripping them as hard as she could. The resulting bruises would look like domestic violence with her and her husband.

Ah, the husband. Nada was ready, the violence and warm-up sex with Jared leaving her hot and ready. She'd prepared a syringe just for the husband, a smaller dose than what Jared and the wife got. Nada had plans for this man. Nada smirked to herself as she remembered an old saying, Your soul better belong to Jesus, because your ass belongs to me. The needle went in quickly, and after a few moments he was ready. Although she was lithe and slender, Nada's muscles were strong and capable of moving the man about. Nada stripped him down set up the scenario. After she was done, she looked at the man's limp cock. She knew it would grow to a satisfying length, and she was ready for her vicious revenge. She tried to remember if she had felt this one as she was violated, but there was no memory. It didn't matter - her savior never told her if it was the man or the wife that orchestrated the near-death Nada suffered. After a moment, Nada decided she didn't care. Someone was going to pay, and either way, both would suffer for their crimes against Nada.

The man moaned and turned slightly, the light dose of sedative already wearing off. Nada had already secured his wrists with handcuffs to the iron headboard, and as the man began to slip the drugged darkness, Nada shucked quickly out of her tank top, baring her luscious breasts. She began kissing him, letting the passionate necking begin to draw him out of the drugged stupor.

“Mmm.” Nada moaned as she kissed, nibbled the sensitive flesh of his neck. The man muttered and his cock began to stir, the blood moving as the sensations brought the man to a twilight state of awareness. In his drugged state, it was easy to mistake Nada's body for his wife. “Oh, yeah honey.” He began thrusting vaguely with his hips, his hands starting to move but restrained by the handcuffs. “I'm so bad.” His penis had engorged, fully erect as Nada's skin moved on his. She sucked his nipples, biting just hard enough to make him inhale sharply, then licking the pain into pleasure. Her denim-clad hips bumped into his hips as they dry-humped. Nada's arousal was starting to make her wish she'd stripped down to bare skin, but nothing would short her the pleasure of what she was going to do to him.

The man made little nonsense moans of pleasure as Nada worked him with her hands and mouth. Biting her way down, she found his thick rod ready to go. It was thick in her mouth, the head velvet as she took him in her mouth. Nada loved to suck cock, to feel the power in having a man's identity between her lips and jaws. God, it was turning her on so much to hear this man moaning in a blur of horniness and high. Nada could feel her own arousal in her shorts. This was gonna be so good when she finally fucked him. She was gonna fuck him so good and cum so hard. Her arousal was so intense it was making it hard to concentrate as she imagined the ending that was coming. Nada finally slid down the man's shaft, letting her lips glide down the veined length of him, until the head of his cock was against the back of her throat. She hummed, letting the vibes work through the hot flesh in her mouth. He was lost in the last dregs of the sedative and the pleasure of Nada's body.

His precum had already begun to leak out, so she sucked him like an expert, making pleasure tremble along his body. His muscles trembled as Nada pleasured him, taking him to the edge, then easing him down and restarting him back, edging him closer and closer to release.

“God baby, give me some.” the man moaned. His mind was a storm of drug-fed dreams and the need for sex. “You're killing me.”

Nada took a packet of lube out of her pocket, then slid her shorts down her sexy, slender legs, revealing no underwear under the thin scrap of denim. She kicked them away and got back on the bed. “You ready?” she whispered. The man nodded, a thread of rational thought sneaking into the black whirlpool of drugs and sex.

Nada swiped a little lube on herself, then sank seven inches of her own hard cock into the man's ass.

The man screamed a strangled electric cry as Nada pushed her hard cock deep inside. The man's feet jiggled helplessly as her lubed penis stretched him wide. Nada grabbed his cock and jacked it with her lubed hand as the the chromium shock of being penetrated began to make him wilt.

“What the fuck! Stop!” he cried. Nada just pulled back and jammed her cock back in, taking whatever words the man was uttering and changing into a raw cry. Fear poisoned the velvet darkness of the man's sex-soaked brain, turning it into jagged edges and razors. Nada took her built-up horniness, her need to totally dominate this man who was skewered on her stiff rod, and began to fuck the man senseless.

The man tried to kick her out from between his legs, but Nada fended his legs off as she knelt between his legs, fucking him harder as she used her training to keep her tight inside his guard. He couldn't get her out, and the repeated thrusting was making it hard to coordinate his legs. The man's legs drummed helplessly on the bed as he tried to figure out how to dislodge his rapist. Each time she thrust, pain turned everything into a burst of silver stars behind his eyes. It hurt so bad, her hard meat shoving deep inside him. He bucked and sunfished, but Nada rode him like a master cocksmith. Everything he tried, Nada countered, leaving her planted in his body as her hand jacked him mercilessly. His cries had dwindled into ragged breathing as, exhausted, his ass loosened up under the onslaught of hard dick. He began moaning in refusal that sounded a lot like pleasure, his body betraying the joy of having a hard cock in his sensitive ass. His mind refused to accept the feeling his body was experiencing, leaving the man lost as his mind blanked out.

Nada could feel her pleasure building as the man quit fighting, twitching and spasming as his body responded automatically to the reaming he was taking. It was pleasure upon pleasure to pull just shy of coming out, then ramming home. The man's cock was semi-erect and hardening as Nada fisted it and jacked it. She could feel her own pleasure building in the base of her cock as, lost in her own storm of sex and power, she unconsciously babbled at him.

“How does that feel? You liked it when you did it to me, you prick!” Tears were falling as Nada kept raping him, feeling the flood of memories coming forth. “You raped me and your friends raped me and called me a little whore!” She rammed herself to the base of her cock with each fresh memory. “remember how you beat me til my teeth came out?” Nada hissed as she moved her hips, viciously rotating her hips to make him moan as her cock turned at an angle inside him. “Then you tried to poison me with cleaner!” Nada thrust again, making him moan in pain as his cock twitched in her hand. “You left me to die after you tried to beat me to death with an iron skillet!” She squeezed cruelly with her hand as she jacked the man off, as if she could wring the orgasm from his flesh.

She could feel the orgasm ready, the point of no return about to be passed. Nada kept thrusting, railing herself home as the man began turning his head “No!” as his own orgasm built up and was about to trigger. She felt the hot come seething and rising as she thrashed about, her calculatedly cruel fucking reduced to just brutal, dominant assfucking – Nada felt her body arch, nipples hard and tight and tits shaking as she bucked and erupted her past pain and utter control over this monster into the depths of the man's bowels as he shot his own load into the air, tears of shame and pain and pleasure running down his face.

Nada held the man's hips close as the last twitches of her cock lessened. She extracted herself as quickly as she entered, enjoying the last gasp of pleasure as her sated cock came out. A thin drool of pearl fluid and red swirls dribbled out of the man's abused orifice. The sheets below and Nada's thighs were speckled with sprays of red, as if a fine spray had decorated her legs.

With a grunt, Nada went to her shorts, and pulled out a blue Nitrite glove. She slipped it on and then took a cleaning wipe from her other pocket and ran it over the outer surface. After that, she swabbed the blood and sex off herself. With her prophylaxis in place, she opened a small nightstand and extracted a .45 caliber revolver. She watched the man with one eye as she moved back to the front of the bed. He had curled up now that Nada had finished raping him, crying quietly. She put the wet wipe in her pocket and stood at the front of the bed, silent as the night.

Nada waited silently. After a few minutes, the man could not tell if Nada had left. He quit snuffling and rolled onto his back again. He tested his cuffs, but there was no give.

“Is anyone there?” he asked, his voice a ghost of its usual confident self.

“No.” said Nada as she squeezed off a shot into the man's chest. The bullet slammed through rib and heart, the shock of the heavy caliber sending the man's abused nervous system into shutdown. He trembled once, then sank into death. Blood spattered the sheets, the walls, and the stench of gunpowder and death permeated the air. The bullet rammed a deep red hole in the man's chest. Nada knew what the back looked like – the size of a pie and with ivory shards embedded in it.

Nada quickly shot five more times, emptying shells into the man's face and groin, leaving battered meat behind. The scenario was complete – the contract was done. Nada heaved a sigh of relief as she she contemplated her revenge. She contemplated wasting the wife and Jared, still unconscious from the drug's power, but decided that it wasn't part of the deal. Everyone got a piece of Nada's revenge. It was sweet on her tongue as she contemplated the wreckage she'd caused.

She left the hot brass in the gun and opened the wife's hand. Pressing the gun into the woman's palm, Nada wrapped her fingers around trigger, guard, and grip. Fingerprints in place, Nada picked up her flip-flops and ran on silent feet through the house. She went out the back yard and over the 10-foot privacy fence like a ghost as lights came on and people stepped out at the sound of high-powered gunshots. It wasn't long before lights came on and people came out, the sound of a wailing police cruiser waxing in the distance.

With that, Nada circled around, to the park in front of the target's house. She collected her gear and in the shadows, escaped. She pulled on baggy cargo pants as she walked, artfully saggy like a fashionista teen would, as she paused in the park, and kept walking. Stuffing her hair into a trendy trucker's hat, she looked like a college student out and about. She waited for another stand of shadows to set a small timer in the duffel. She walked away quickly. Ten seconds later, a charge turned the duffel into a pile of burnt scraps. By then, Nada was clear of the community and working her way down to the extraction point, a small bus stop with express service to the downtown area at all times of the day and night.

A prepaid cell came out, and a single number was dialed. “It's done. Extraction complete.” She nodded at the voice, then followed the instructions. She went to the bus stop and crossed her arms and legs, left over right. She slid her sunglasses like as if she was too cool to be without, and waited. She didn't wait long, as a black van pulled into the bus stop area. Nada fingered her knife in its sheath as the door opened. She knew the face that opened the van's side door for her. It was her savior, the man who helped her survive and recover from her almost deadly assault. She got in and sat in the bench seating of the van along the side panels. Two other men were there, one with an AR-15 and one just sitting. Nada turned her head and opened her mouth to begin her debrief.

Her surprise was even more complete when a needle came out of nowhere and sent her into oblivion, her savior watching with disinterest as she passed out.

The van pulled up in front of a dilapidated hangar at a small regional airport, and the driver and Nada's savior bundled her out and onto a waiting gurney. With that, Nada's savior went to a man standing to one side as Nada was strapped down, and a VR visor and earphones were strapped onto her head.

“Assignment confirmed via police band. Nada did well.”
“She is being reeducated now.”
“Is the next target selected?”
“He's already been included in the VR software.”
Nada's savior looked at Nada, where she twitched and moved under the powerful images and audio track that was supplanting the previous memory implant with a new target for her. Nada would soon rape and murder again, in the name of revenge for an implanted rape and beating that never occurred. He experienced a shiver as Nada's brainwashing continued. The executive jet was being loaded now, the clamshell back opened as Nada was inserted into the capsule that would continue her implanting program. She would be decanted and stabilized on touchdown, then she would stalk and eliminate her subject again.

Nada was the perfect weapon. She would strike and return home every time, and her loss was ensured to be nondamaging to the company. No one would believe a transgendered girl who had delusions of persecution. Ever. Nada was no one, nothing.