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The Story of Sara

2023-01-08 22:44:37

Sara’s story actually fast-forwards into my senior year of college. Sara was a year older than me and went to a school on the total opposite side of the state. From that statement only one true question can arise. How and where did I meet Sara?

It was Saturday night and my boys and I were in our apartment playing video games and pre-game drinking for the night we had planned. I was the second oldest out of my two best friends in college. My best friend was the oldest and our roommate which later on become another best friend of mine was the youngest.

The drive to our favorite club was approximately 40 minutes from our campus. It was around 930pm when we decided to get dressed and head to the club. My girlfriend back home had no idea how much I was clubbing, although she knew I liked to go out with my friends she had no idea how much I was going out. We damn near went clubbing every weekend.

Who knows why we always went to the club, maybe we were trying to make up for the years of boredom before we were 21. Maybe we enjoyed the anticipation of a fun night out with the possibility of getting some strange pussy at the end of the night. Maybe it was just that we had a routine that worked for us and we knew one day that the college days would be over and we’d have to go our separate ways. Whatever it was, all we knew is that we wanted to keep clubbing regardless of failed results. Failed results we’d usually get when hunting women and ultimately going back to campus with nothing.

I had the nicest car out of my best friends, but it was a small two door sports car. Our youngest friend had the car with the most space and it wasn’t a lame ride so we voted to take his car out. Before we left our college town we’d always stop at the local gas station to buy more alcohol and chug it while we road 40 minutes. By the time we were at the club all three of us were drunk and ready to mingle with women and give them stupid lines in hopes of seducing them.

The club scene we went to was an outside setting with two levels of multiple bars.

This is why we came here, we had multiple clubbing options that were all in the same space. All we had to do is park in the garage across the street and walk inside the square block of clubs that were all packed together.

Out of all the options we really favored two clubs. For privacy purposes I’ll call them club red and club blue. These were the only two clubs that played the music we wanted while also giving us a mixed crowd of women from all nationalities. Club Red was my favorite but it cost $20 to get in, Club Blue was basically the same type of club and only cost us $10 to get in. Being that we were broke college students of course we made the decision to head into the $10 club.

Club blue was straight up dope, the professional sports players from the teams in our city would be in the V.I.P. sections popping bottles with groups of women around them. As broke college students we wanted to be them, we wanted the money, the jewelry and the women. It’s difficult to pull women in a club full of professional athletes flashing money.

We pay our $10 cover charge and head inside the club, without even discussing it, we headed straight to the bar. Sometimes I drink beer and sometimes I drink liquor, tonight I felt like drinking liquor and ordered my usual captain and coke mix.

The next step was to circle the club to see our options of women for the night. It was packed, there were plenty of women from all nationalities with big asses, big breast and nice legs. Think of the type of girl you like and then add the features you want her to have. I’m telling you, whoever you just thought of, she was there that night.

After circling the club and finding our spot on the floor, it was time for me to do my usual bathroom visit to take a leak and look at myself in the mirror before going back out into the club and taking shots at women. Like usual, when I get back to the dance floor to find my boys they were standing in the same spot bobbing their heads to the music with no women around them.

I always had to be the first one to make a move and hopefully at a group of women to kick it off for my boys. Naturally I’m an introvert, so I hated breaking the ice with women especially the first group of women for the night. Looking around the dark club there was woman after woman walking by or right next to us swinging their hips dancing to the music and rubbing up against us. They didn’t rub up against us on purpose, club blue was so packed that night you really had no standing room so everybody was hip to hip.

Continuing to glance around the room looking for eye contact, there was this redheaded white girl that was staring at me. I looked away and then glanced in her direction again. Once again her head turned to look at me. We made eye contact and out came those dreaded butterflies in my stomach that I hate. I hated that nervous feeling of knowing it's time to make a move and deciding whether to puss out or not because I feared rejection.

Why does this happen to me? In this situation, why would I be so hesitant to walk over to her and start a conversation? I mean she was the one who was staring at me to begin with so that already told me subconsciously that my shot at her was more than a 50/50. Like usual I puss out and look away nervously, while at the same time becoming angry with myself. Here was a good looking chick throwing attention at me and my dumb ass doesn’t move on it.

By this time my drink was empty and it doesn’t look good to be standing in the club holding an empty drink. You might as well not have a drink in your hand at all. The crew I rolled with didn’t allow you to not have a drink in your hand. If you weren’t drinking and you were part of this group, you were automatically labeled soft somehow. I headed to the bar for another drink, a captain and coke of course.

Walking back to the dance floor I found my boys again and this time they were finally in a different spot on the floor. We talk a little shit about each others outfits to loosen up and make us laugh and have a good time. After being made fun of for my shoes I look at them, laugh and look up and there is that same redheaded chick looking at me.

Now i'm thinking someone is fucking with me trying to set me up for a joke or this chick really likes what she sees. I mean I thought I was good looking, I was somewhat of a short stocky muscular guy that was well dressed with a fresh haircut. But cmon’, even on my best dressed nights I’d never gotten eye contact like this, it was ridiculous.

I count to 3 and tell myself fuck it and I started walking her way. She was definitely a bad bitch, most of the women in the club had on slutty dresses with heels but not her. She was wearing basic dark jeans with clean white shoes and a regular black womens v neck. She was still sexy though, she wasn’t even trying and she was fitting right in with the women who had high heels on with leg and cleavage showing.

The closer I got the more beautiful she became, she had dark red hair with cute freckles on her face. The moment of truth is now upon me, I’m right up on her and I lean in to whisper in her ear.

I speak, “what's up with all that eye contact, you like what you see?”. Giggling she replies,

“You could say that, you are good looking and muscular, are you an athlete?”. I told the truth,

“yes I play college ball at a small university a little under an hour from here.”

She asks me for a little bit more detail on the sport I played and which position I was at. Then I questioned her a little bit. I say,

“ Where are you from?, I’ve never seen you here before.” She replies, “I just moved back here from school. I graduated last semester.” We exchanged names and a handshake.

I usually don’t this because its a sucker move but I noticed she didn’t have a drink in her hand so I offered to buy her one. I speak, “what you drinking?”, she replies, “oh nothing, I actually just finished a drink, I’ll get another”. I step in “Let me buy you a drink cmon.” I proceed to grab her by the hand and she looks at her friend and smiles before allowing me to guide her to the bar.

The bartender points at me and I lean over to ask her a drink preference. I speak, “what do you want to drink”, she replies, “captain and coke”. I smile at the coincidence of her drink choice. I speak to the bartender, “Let me get 2 captain and cokes”. She looks at me and speaks, “you didn’t have to drink what I’m drinking,” I reply, “oh I’m not, captain and coke is my go to drink.”

She nods with approval as the bartender pushes are drinks to me. Being a broke college student I didn’t have much money left in my pocket but I wanted to play it cool as if I did. I pull a $20 bill out of my pocket and speak to the bartender, “no change.” I look at her as she looks out to the dance floor and begins dancing in place swinging her hips to the music. I grab her elbow and let go then start walking and she follows me over to my boys.

I speak, “guys, this is my new friend sara, sara these are my boys Markus and Caleb.” She smiles and says hello as my boys look at me with proud approval in their eyes. Sara and I danced to a couple of songs before I decided to play it cool tell her my boys and I are leaving. We exchange numbers and we walk our separate ways.

Caleb looks at me confused and speaks, “why you do that? Where we going?”, I reply, “let's head out of this club and go downstairs to get pizza.” Drunk and hungry they oblige, we leave the club and head downstairs to the pizza spot. Minutes later my phone vibrates, its sara asking me if I went home for the night.

I texted back, “No we are downstairs getting pizza and then we will probably hit the outside bar for a couple more drinks.” She quickly texts back, “can I join you?”. I show the messages to my boys and they look at me as if I’d be crazy not to let a woman who looks like she does to join us. I text back, “yea cmon down we’ll be here standing in line”.

She enters the pizza spot and I waive my hand as she heads over. She stands next to me in line and wraps her arms around my arm and places her head on my shoulder. I play it cool and continue to talk shit to my boys about random stuff. We all share laughter and continue to have a good time.

She looks up at me taking a peek at my fresh haircut and speaks, “I like your hair, it looks all wavy is that natural?”. I keep it honest, “naw it's a little bit of hair grease and water combined with a lot of brushing.” She reaches up and touches my hair being careful not to mess up my waves. She wraps an arm around my neck and stands in front of me looking into my eyes.

She smiles and I proceed to go in for a kiss. All I was trying to do was give her a quick peck on the lips but she wanted more. We kissed on the lips and I pulled my head back, she grabs the back of my beck and pulls my lips closer to hers. Slowly, we begin french kissing as my boys stand next to me holding in their laughter. We eventually get our pizza, sit down to eat and leave for another round of drinks. The night was still young, it was only midnight. As we sat next to the outside bar sipping our drinks sara is right next to me, holding my arm as if I’m her man and we’ve been sleeping with each other awhile.

She leans in to whisper in my ear, “listen, my apartment is a couple of minutes from here, do you want to come over?” Feeling like the rolls have been reversed and I’m the one being hunted I reply nervously, “uh yeah sure.” She replies, “about an hour?”, I speak, “okay thats cool”. She leaves to find her friend she came to the club with. I proceed to let my boys know the change of events. I speak, “look, I’m going to ride with sara to her place in about an hr. Are you guys going to try to come over and hangout with her friend or are you just chilling here?”

Markus speaks, “naw bro we’re down, we’ll play the wingmen.” The plan is set and my phone vibrates, its a text from sara. It reads, “sooo we left but here is my address okay? I’ll be waiting, smiley face emoji.” 50 minutes go by and I talk to my boys about heading out. They advise me to show up an hour late to her place to play it cool. I oblige and let another 50 minutes go by before we walk to the parking garage to get the car.

We pull up to sara’s apartment complex and I look at my phone for reference of which unit she lives in. We park the car next to her unit and I sneak a quick text in to let her know I’m here. We walk up to the door and before I can knock the door swings open and its sara cheesing, she speaks, “Hey you, cmon in.” I was impressed, we walked into her apartment and it was way cleaner than we had left ours.

There are two girls sitting on the couch, one was the same girl from the club and the other was in short shorts and a women’s workout tank top. My boys look at each other and smile when they realize there are 3 men and 3 women.

Hours go by as we sit and talk on the couch and the girls begin to get comfortable with our presence. Sara and I didn’t need any acclimation, the minute that door shut behind us Sara and I were laughing and flirting all night. Looking at the time it was 430am and my boys were looking at me for the next move. Sara is on the couch curled up next to me kissing my lips and letting me touch her in places I shouldn’t be able to after meeting her just hours ago.

I look at my boys faces and then I whisper in Sara’s ear, “can we stay the night? We live like an hour and 30 minutes from here.” She speaks, “Yeah that’s fine”. Just then she looks up at her friends and speaks, “hey we are going to bed”, she stands up and grabs my hand to lead me to her bedroom. Nobody said anything, I mean what were they going to say? We are all grown and nobodies parents were around to try and stop us.

We got to her bedroom and the next morning I woke up around noon to sara pulling my pants down and grabbing my morning wood. Instantly my hangover was gone, when she gave me the best blow job of my life and let me film it on my phone. I wasn’t surprised, I mean for her to have met me last night and let me come over and sleep in her bed she was the type of girl to behave like this.

After she blew me she went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She speaks, “you want some breakfast?”, I reply, “hell yeah”. After using her mouth wash and a face towel, I walk to the edge of the bed to put my jeans back on but I decide to remain shirtless. I walk out of her bedroom and I smell eggs, bacon, sausage, rice, and pancakes. Her roommates were almost done with breakfast they had prepared for my boys and I. Where were my boys at though? As I sit on the couch the apartment is quiet. Then all of a sudden I hear loud laughing coming out of one of the other bedrooms.

I stand up and walk to the bedroom and it's my boys laughing and talking shit drinking orange juice. Caleb speaks “I trust your nice and morning went well?”, I reply, “hell yeah, what about yours?”. Caleb goes on to explain the sex he had with sara’s roommate who was also at the club. Markus explains how we didn’t get very far with the last roommate and had to sleep on the living room couch.

As we laughed at Markus and made fun of him one of the girls walks in and speaks, “hey guys come eat.” This was a dream come true, I had met a girl in the club and went back to her house the same night, gotten a blow job the next morning and a delicious breakfast.

But the story doesn’t end hear, months go by and Sara has visited my apartment on campus multiple times. We had sex in my bed, on the couch, on her kitchen table, on my kitchen table, in my car and in her car. I could tell she was starting to catch feelings and I couldn’t blame her because it was my fault.

Sara had wooed me from my usual was and screwing and kicking women to the curve. Ever since that morning breakfast and blow job. I’ve seen her every week since. I haven’t been chasing any other women, I haven’t been home in months, I didn’t play as many video games as I usually did. On top of all that I had school and the sport I was playing, Sara was draining me both sexually and mentally.

It was time to snap out of it and kick Sara to the curve. It was a friday night, I had driven from campus to her apartment to hangout. I ate food from her fridge and we went to her bedroom where she began trying to kiss me, I stopped her. I speak, “we need to talk”. She replies, “okay whats up?”, I reply, “I have to stop seeing you sara, my grades are slipping, my coach is on my head about my performance and I can tell you’re catching feelings.” She speaks, “Feelings?, what's wrong with catching feelings?”

I reply, “There is nothing wrong with catching feelings but I’m not looking for a girlfriend, I just want to go to school, play ball and chill.” She speaks, “I see, so you just wanted to screw me for a couple of months and expect me not to catch feelings?” I reply, “ I didn’t expect anything I was kind of just living and time has flown by.” She replies, “dude fuck you, I thought you were a good guy”… she continues but now tearing up, “what's wrong with me?, why doesn’t anybody want to be with me.”

Sobbing she continues, “I’ve gone out of my way to spend time with you, I cook for you, I’ve bought you clothes, I give you money and my body but you do this.” I look down ashamed and then look back at her and speak, “I’m sorry, don’t text or call me anymore just try to move on.” I stand up to walk out of her apartment and she begins crying.

I get outside and start my car and just as I reserve out, I see Sara running towards my car. I went ahead and stopped to let her catch up. She walks next to the passenger window and I roll it down. She speak, “okay just let me in so we can talk more.” Tired and frustrated, I unlock the door and she sits in.

I speak, “Sara I didn’t mean to mislead you I thought we were jump having fun.” She doesn’t say anything, then I speak again, “Can you say something cuz I’m not sure what else to say.” She looks at me with watery eyes and motions her hand towards my shorts pulling them down and exposing my penis. We look at each other for a split second and she proceeds to turn on her knees in the passenger seat and begins to suck on my dick. Like an asshole I don’t stop her, I let her finish and when we comes up we are silent. Then I speak, “Sarah I gotta”, she replies, “no just stay here with me tonight and we both will feel better in the morning.” I reply, “I feel fine now, I just want to go.”

She gets out of my car and I pull off with her standing in the rear view mirror looking as if I was leaving for Iraq. I haven’t spoken to Sara since but I’ve seen her watching me. My windows have been busted twice, I’ve received anonymous suicide letters, threatening notes and my tires have been flattened multiple times. That was 5 years ago, and still to this day Sara stalks me. Leaving me notes, watching me while I’m on dates with other women, and no matter where I move I get signs of her stalking me.

I’ve had two girlfriends since my encounter with Sara and they were both scared off. Their car windows were busted, their tires were slashed, They would be get emails at their workplaces from random sources and I know it’s Sara. Sara knows where my mother lives, she sent me flowers when my father passed away, she has shown her face at my younger siblings sporting events, and I even spot her in traffic sometimes while running errands.

I told this story to help other guys out there who break hearts. It will catch up with you one day, maybe not in the form of a stalker, maybe worse. Maybe a heartbroken woman actually physically harms someone you care about. I’m not telling you how to live your life, do you, but I am saying be careful how you treat people.