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The Simple Life: The Belt Part 2

2022-05-26 00:00:03

Welcome back to the Simple Life, the true story of my first threesome, and the good part. I’ll say it again, this story involves sex with two bisexual girls, and will include bondage, domination and submission. If this is not your kind of thing, don’t read any farther. Otherwise, enjoy!

The Simple Life Chapter 1: The Belt Part 2

Alright, let’s get this started! I think to myself. “That’s a good girl,” I say to Maddie as I throw a leather collar at her. “Now get in there, strip, and put that on. Now.”

The punk hurried to obey my orders. I smiled to myself. To recap, my undefined relationship with an old flame, Rowan, had culminated in a hotel room threesome with her steaming hot friend, Maddie. Rowan was now bound, hand and foot, to the bed, blindfolded and under orders to remain quiet and still, while I had just briefly showed Maddie who’s in charge and got her to submit to me.

Maddie got off her knees and hurried past me, pausing for a moment when she saw Rowan’s bound form. Licking her lips, she hurriedly shucked her clothes to the side, sliding the fur lined leather collar around her neck and sliding to her knees.

I hadn’t commanded the last part. I liked her already. I took the moment to look at her naked form. She had decent tits, though they couldn’t compare to Rowan’s. To my untrained but experienced eye, they looked to be about a B cup. The rest of her body was slim, if not toned, in the way punk girls somehow manage. Her multi-colored hair fell to her shoulders.

She looked up at me with big eyes, shadow and make up serving to emphasize them, and asked in a soft voice, “What’s wrong with Rowan? Um, Master.” She added the last at a glare from me.

“Don’t worry about her. The main course is for later. For now, take care of my clothing.” The girl moved quickly to comply, sliding my shirt up and taking it off, with some help, due to my height. She then slid down, her hands and eyes both taking in my athletic, though not quite slim, figure, as she made her way back to her knees. The buckle of her collar shining, she first undid and slid off my belt, before unbuttoning my pants and sliding down the fly with exaggerated care.

She hesitated at my boxers, already seeing the outline of my hard cock. She bit her lip and looked up at me, waiting for my nod before proceeding to divest me of my underwear. He face hovered inches from my cock, and I noticed one hand start to reach up.

Moving suddenly, I slapped the hand down. “I did not give you permission for that. Not yet. Stand up.” She complied eagerly, her chest heaving as she got excited.

I pressed against her, raising her head and lowering mine to kiss her roughly. Her eyes fluttered shut as her lips parted, welcoming my tongue into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around mine, and I sucked back, withdrawing my tongue, and bringing hers with it. I bit lightly, and she returned the favor, pulling her tongue back and biting my bottom lip.

Rowan must have already told her what I liked… I cast a brief glance at her seemingly comatose form, almost wishing I hadn’t blindfolded her, so she could see this. Oh well. She’ll have to be content with the knowledge that I’m kissing another girl mere feet from her. She has to be able to hear it after all.

By this point, Maddie was pressed against my body like a second layer of skin, grinding against me as I kissed her. I decided to give her what she obviously wanted. I pulled away from her kiss and looked down. “What are you?” I said to her in a low voice, bordering on a growl.

“Your slut.” Came the quick, almost moaning answer.

“That’s right. Now get down and suck your master’s cock like I know you want to.” Maddie quickly obeyed, sinking to her knees again and staring at my cock briefly. Natural size and height had given me a solid 7 or 8 inches, and thick at that. I was also quite potent I guess, or at least hormonal, as I could come 3 times a day without particular effort. I had been saving up for today, which, combined with the situation, made my cock even bigger, and harder.

Maddie quickly went to work with what was obviously the mouth of an experienced cocksucker. She licked the head and shaft, planting several sloppy kisses along its length, before sinking half of it into her mouth. I groaned softly at the feeling of her warm, wet mouth, as her tongue started its own ministrations on whatever it can reach.

She slowly sank farther, taking more and more of my cock into her mouth. I felt as my head hit the back of her mouth, and she paused, continuing to work on my cock with almost milking motions. Then she promptly pushed farther down, taking my long cock down her throat and bringing her mouth to my base in one stroke. I groaned even louder at the feeling of her hot mouth and tight throat.

I suddenly felt her head back off, and she looked up at me, smiling as she sloppily jacked me off. “Master, can I please drink your hot load? Pleeeease?”

I stared at her and didn’t even hesitate, promptly reaching to the back of her head and pushing her back onto my cock. The nude submissive yelped and opened her mouth as she was forced to take my cock all the way back down. She immediately began sucking, applying all her skills to pleasuring her new masters cock.

As her ministrations continued, I glanced at Rowan, who was now desperately squirming. She must’ve known what was going on mere feet from her, and it was obviously turning her on to no end. I decided that this was as good a use as any for my first load of the night, and began to let myself get caught up in Maddie’s amazing blowjob.

As her tongue curled around my cock, I grunted loudly. “Swallow all of Master’s cum slut!” Maddie moaned around my cock, which just set off my pulsing cock even more as it unleashed jet after jet of cum down her teenage throat. She continued to bob her head on my cock as she swallowed my load, moaning all the while.

I pulled out of her mouth, letting a little cum leak onto her chin. She smiled up at me, drool and cum dripping off her face. “That was delicious, thank you Master!”

I looked over my shoulder at Rowan’s prone and quivering form as I asked Maddie, “Think it’s time for the main course now?” She gave me a sly look and a devilish smile.

“Oh, I definitely think so Master. Am I allowed to play with her too?” Maddie looked over the spread eagled girl, shivering despite the temperature.

“Of course. Why do you think I saved her for now?”

“Oh thank you Master!” Maddie cast me another glance. “I think I could get used to calling you that.”

I smiled. “I hope so. Shall we?”

“Let’s.” Without a second thought, Maddie climbed on the bed next to Rowan and began sliding against her, pressing her bare tits against her against her bound friend’s skin. “Hi there little pet. Master says I get to have fun with you now. I just drank his cum, and now he needs recharge. Wanna taste?”

Rowan whimpered as she nodded. It turned me on so much whenever I saw the normally strong willed punk girl completely dominated, by me or by Maddie. Of course, watching the two young girls, just barely legal, kiss passionately, only added to that, resulting in me hardening in record time. Nevertheless, I decided to watch Maddie’s methods for a little bit before inserting myself. Heh. Literally.

As I watched, Maddie ended the kiss, kissing down Rowan’s jawline and to her neck. Immediately, Rowan started moaning and whining loudly, making it obvious what Maddie was doing to her neck. Rowan started squirming more, pulling at her restraints and rolling her body. Maddie soon started kissing down her neck to collarbone, then her tits, stopping repeatedly along the way to bite, nibble and suck.

I smiled. Maddie’s teasing was amazing, expertly done, and only made even more enticing by Rowan’s inability to move, and to give herself any relief.

With a growl, the bi punk reached Rowan exposed pussy. As she began kissing around it, just close enough to drive her crazy and just far enough to make her want more, she said aloud, “Holy crap Rowan! You’re soaked down here! Did hearing me blow our Master turn you on that much?”

It was true. Rowan was a natural submissive. Being dominated, bound and just left laying there while her Master enjoyed another girl, then being played with, was just too much for the poor girl, who was now writhing desperately with need.

Maddie soon finally planted a long, open mouthed kiss on the bound girl’s slit, resulting in a deep, guttural moan. She peered back up. “Oooo you taste amazing! Have you been working on your taste just for your Master?” Rowan gave another whimpering nod, that Maddie never saw as she dived back in. More moan immediately issued from Rowan’s blindfolded form.

By this point, I was back at full mast, though it had been on minutes. I looked closer at Maddie and realized that even as she was eating her friend out, one of her hands was rubbing her own tight teen cunt. Hmmm… maybe I should help her with that… Is that pushing Rowan’s limits too far though? I looked at Rowan, and realized that she would be happy as long as I was. It was the kind of girl she was. And how I loved it.

Without further thought, I walked to the end of the bed. Maddie was bent over the bed perfectly as she at her friend’s cunt, and Rowan’s moan and whimper only made me harder. As I walked up behind her, I heard Maddie ask, “Hm? What are you doing back there Ma-AHHH!” She cut off for obvious reasons – it must be difficult to keep a coherent thought when 8 inches of cock is shoved into your dripping cunt without warning. “Oh God yes Master! Harder! Harder!”

Maddie’s soaked pussy felt amazing. It wasn’t as tight as Rowan’s, due to her slutty history, but she made up for it with how hot and wet it was after everything. I started pounding her with long, slow strokes, grinding against her on each in stroke and nearly removing my head on each out stroke. As her cheers and demands grew louder, I promptly reached up and pushed her head down, into Rowan’s pussy, where she resumed her previous actions, resulting in a fresh batch of moans from her friend, even hotter now that she suspected what I was doing.

We went on like that for a few minutes, my cock splitting Maddie opened, Maddie’s moaning mouth devouring Rowan’s tight cunt, and Rowan writhing and sweating, wishing desperately that she had even one free hand. I suddenly started pounding Maddie even harder, using short, fast strokes. The punk immediately began moaning and groaning too much to continue her efforts, resulting in a few disappointed whimpers from Rowan.

However, as I felt my next load building up in my swinging balls, I pulled out of Maddie and promptly moved to the other side of the bed, ready to give Rowan attention for the first time tonight. I straddled her chest, placed my cock at her open lips, and began thrusting.

I’ve always loved throat fucking a girl, especially when I’m near cumming. In addition to the feelings of domination it gave me, it was so hot watching Rowan try to swallow as much as she could without choking, an effort that became much more difficult as Maddie resumed eating her out. Finally, as my cock began to pulse, I let out a series of low grunts, even as Rowan moaned, nearly screaming, at the top of her lungs.

I realized that, even as her throat was bobbing, trying to swallow my thick cum, Maddie had brought her to her own orgasm. Finally, cum and spit began dripping around my cock onto her chin and chest, and I pulled out of her mouth and got off of her. Immediately, Maddie swarmed up Rowan’s body and began licking and kissing her, trying to swallow as much of the slimy cocktail as she could before she began to passionately kiss Rowan, trying to lick what cum she could from her friends mouth, as Rowan tried to lick her juices off her friends mouth.

My cock, having no intentions of just going back down at that image, was already fully hard, and I knew just what to do with it. I got back on the bed and resumed my fucking of Maddie, the only person here to not have had an orgasm. The girl immediately began moaning into Rowan’s mouth as the continued making out, before pulling out and whispering into Rowan’s ear, “Oh God he’s fucking me so hard… our Master’s big cock is splitting me open, hitting so deep in me… OH SHIT it feels so good, he’s going to hard, and so deep!” She raised her voice, obviously directing her next words at me, “Go harder! Deeper! Faster! Oh God Master, please, fuck my tight cunt even harder!”

I began spanking her, alternating between thrusts as she cried out – it my fucking had pushed her up, and Rowan has found her boobs – and her nipples! The double assault was too much, especially as one of my hands reached around and tightened around her through even as the other began strumming her engorged clit. She let out a scream after only a few minutes of the assault and collapsed onto Rowan. I pulled out and disentangled myself from her, relieved to be out of the awkward position I had gone into to make her cum.

Of course. Now I still had a hard cock and nothing to do with it. Time for the next cunt I guess! I walked to Maddie and whispered in her ear “Time to move now pet.”

She looked at me from behind lidded eyes, bathing in her afterglow, “Wha-“ was all she had time to say as I unceremoniously pushed her off of Rowan’s sweating figure. I straddled her, my cock just high enough that she couldn’t feel it, as I called to Rowan, “What do you need Master to do to you, my first pet?”

She cried back, “Oh please fuck me! I need Master to fuck me! I need his big hard cock to pound his slut’s tight pussy, I need you so bad Master!”

Let it never be said I left a girl hanging. I dropped my hips enough that my cockhead slid along her slit, my long staff still covered in her friends pussy juices and her own saliva. Slowly, I slid the head down to her entrance, hesitating. She immediately began to squirm, pushing her hips up and trying to impale herself on my meatstick. I slowly slid a little farther, so just my head was in her, making her moan even louder and squirm even harder.

By this point, Maddie had recovered, and was watching us. I didn’t escape my notice just how her arm seemed to be moving below the bed. I shook my head. This girl was insatiable! I looked down at Rowan’s sweating, red face, trying so hard to fuck herself on my cock. With a grin, a sank down in one stroke, sliding my entire cock into her tight cunt. We both moaned loudly, and I promptly started pounding her full of my big cock.

She responded with moan after moan, screaming, as I bent over to kiss her passionately, tasting the weird mix my cum and both of the girls juices. I pounded her through one orgasm after another, getting three small ones out of her. I heard Maddie next to use marvel, “I didn’t know you were multi-orgasmic Rowan! That’s so hot!” I leaned down likes I was blowing into Rowan’s ear and whispered, “I’m going to untie you soon. Be ready to get your revenge on her.” Rowan moaned in anticipation, going through another orgasm at the thought. I was lucky this had taken me two loads to get too, or I would’ve filled her up already!

I pulled out and off of her, drawing a displeased mewl from my bound slut, and looked at Maddie. “Kiss her. Now.” Maddie jumped at the command, removing her hand from her slick slit, and hopping on Rowan, basically mounting her as she kissing her roughly.

I only allowed myself a few moments to look before I quietly slid to the end of the bed and undid Rowan’s ankle bounds without a sound. Her legs flexed at the freedom, but didn’t fully move quite yet. Rowan was a smart girl, she’d know when to make her move.

I walked back to the front of the bed, and reached down to remove the blindfold from Rowans face. Maddie backed away as Rowan flinched, blinking in the low light. In the mean time, I leaned over and kissed Maddie roughly, letting that be the first thing she saw as her eyes adjusted. Abruptly I released Maddie and gave a similar kiss to Rowan, taking a moment to whisper “Get ready” to her as I resumed my attentions on Maddie. As I kissed her, I watched and, as her eyes slid closed, I made my move, a twitch of my hand undoing the knot that held Rowan’s arms in place.

I backed away from Maddie suddenly, and she had only a second to wonder why before Rowan’s arms wrapped around her, and the two quickly switched positions. Before long, Rowan was on all fours on top of Maddie, the latter’s arms pinned above her head by the former. “You think you’re the Master’s favorite? I’m gonna show you what time with Master is really like!” She released the girl and hopped away from her and next to me, kissing me heavily.

Maddie looked at us confusedly. “But… but… I thought…” I smiled at how much she sounded like Rowan, when I had bound her at the beginning of the night. I smiled and walked over to the confused girl, getting right in fornt of her face – before my hand flew up and slapped her across her face. It was cupped, and I knew it sounded a lot worse that it was, but Maddie flew down onto the bed anyways. I turned her around, so her stomach was facing up and her head was hanging over the side of the bed, and abruptly gave her a similar throat fucking to the one I had given Rowan earlier, going even rougher, if that was possible. Soon, she was gagging on my dick, her face turning red, and sometimes even purple, as I forced her to deep throat me and fucked her tight throat like a pussy.

I smiled as I felt a tongue on my balls. I knew Rowan would find a place to fit in. I groaned, trying to decide whether I wanted to come in her throat or where else I wanted to. I made up my mind and pulled out and gave my cock a few quick jerks as my third load of the night flew from my engorged cock head, splattering all over Maddie’s chest, neck and face. A few wayward jets even made it to her stomach. Rowan hopped towards her even as I started backing away, and started devouring my cum in a decidedly rough fashion. Instead of just licking, she seemed be biting throughout Maddie’s body to pick up my cum, resulting in squeals of pleasure and pain from her friend.

I sat back on the bed and watched the two. Now I needed a break. I could even go for a nap. I looked at the two girls, who had devolved into making out, although Rowan seemed to still have the upper hand over her friend.

I laid back and called to the two nymphos, “I think I’ll lay down for a little bit. Would you two like to join me?” Before the words had fully left my mouth, the two had lunged at me, wrestling briefly for positions, before I ended up with one on each side.

I put a hand around each of the girls, old flame and new spark, and kissed each in turn. The proceeded to lean over me and kiss each other, giving me a great view. I smiled broadly. “Enough pets. Lay down for now.” The two stopped and obeyed, curling up against me, and I fell into a deep sleep, knowing what heaven felt like.