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the night i had my first black man

2022-08-05 00:00:04

So I had never ever been with a black man, i wasnt racist just didnt think it was for me......
Yet mind you I used to wonder all the time what the hype was about, not the hype of how big they are but just about how good of sex it was....

Must I say I am glad that I got over my kid shit and chose to actually have my 1st interracial experience.

It all started by me and my guy friend hanging out, he didnt know ive loved him for god knows how long. We were talking for about an hour while laying in his bed,....I had my head on his chest like I always did when we hung out nothing out of the ordinary. I dont exactly know why but I was so turned on by his lips and his scent I kept looking straight up at his eyes. i chose to turn on the tv to try to divert my sexual craving for him and to my surprize he had on the sexiest interracial porn ive ever seen....he was embarrassed and yet surprized at the fact i didnt want to let him turn it off... and i guess he must of kept staring at me from there on because when I noticed how hard he was getting I licked my lips and bit them really hard shit i thought theyd bleed yet he stayed still.

I turned and looked at him then began to rub his dick on top of his pants....he quickly took and grabbed my face and started kissing me so god damn agressivly and rough like ive never had before and biting my lips and sucking my tongue I LOVED EVERY MOMENT. i begged to have him. i wanted him in every way and ever hole in me. he start to tug my shirt up roughly and ripped my bra while trying to un clip it in the front. i didnt care he started to bite and suck my tits so fucking good....

i pushed him away and pulled his pants down and started sucking his big dick so good. not to brag but i knew he was loving it....he would take and press my head so hard into his skin while i had his cock in my mouth that i started crying i couldnt breath but i didnt want it to end i wanted him to love every second i wanted him to fall in love with every single thing i did to him.

I guess he had enough and banged the remote so hard it turned the tv off. he pulled me up and i cant even recall how he took the rest of my clothes off all i knew was i was finally gunna feel him in me.

and i couldnt have wanted it to hapen any faster!!!

he was so into me he didnt even put a condom on he just rammed his wet black cock in my pussy and i screamed. i swear u could have thought i was being murdered i screamed so hard but i love it. i wasnt a virgin but he hit the spot so rough and fucking greatly i started to have anautomatic orgasm i even bled a tiny little bit he was kind of scared but at seening me twitch and moan and shake uncontrolably he kept fucking me and fucking me until he just busted all the cum in his body into mine and i was in heaven!!!!!

he told me dont breath, i didnt get it but in a matter of seconds he turned me around sqirted some baby oil that was in his night table next to the bed in my ass and rammed his dick ALL in my ass every inch. I swear i thought his balls were in too of how bad it burned my skin and hurt!

but i loved him so much i didnt bother to care i wanted him to be satisfied and i took it like a trooper. he layed on me while pumping his dick in me. i thought i was saying it in my head but apparently it came out verbably i said it hurts sso bad i had never had anal before and he just said well ull have to wait till im done ur mine and i want to claim u.... can i?

his voice so motherfucking seductive and the aroma of our sex had me in extacy i said fuck me baby i need u i want u i....i...i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i began to scream and scream and he held me around my waist and throat and fucked me as hard as he could i knew it began to hurt his back but he wantd every inch to penetrate my asshole walls eventually maybe after 45mins he exploded in my ass and i came with him.

we were both so exhausted he couldnt even pull out so he automatically fell asleep ontop of me and as my head layed pressed between his and his pillow i did too....

when i woke up he was still slightly on me and on the bed he told me how much he had felt for me for years and how he'd wanted to tear me apart since he first acidentally saw me naked on webcam and he told me he loved every curve and all my thickness. it was official i was his woman!

now him and i have this little game that we have to have sex every place we go.....

and any position we read about or see we just have to try it...
its like a craving we have to fuck each other til my pussy swells and his dick just cant ever fuck anymore i dont know why we just cant ever get enough of each other and i wouldnt want that to change,

just last wednesday we were at a party with his friends and we were all drunk his friend started saying how he can imagine our sex life and a whole bunch of other stuff and all i can remember was the table cloth and me riding my man like no tomorrow infront of all his friends. i was sort of shy but my man told me he wanted to prove to them how great we were and he wanted to show me off so i wanted him to feel like a king!! and a king he is!