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The Hot Tub - A Short Story

2022-08-09 00:00:04

The Hot Tub - A Short Story
By AnythingForMistress

This is a fantasy I had whilst away on a lad's weekend with some friends. A lad's weekend, a hot tub, and a sexual deviant. Sounds like a promising combination!

It was Saturday night and I was having a great weekend so far. My best friend, Gary, who I hadn't spoken to in years got in touch via facebook to say he was arranging a bit of a lad's adventure weekend and would I like to come along. I didn't really care what was involved in the weekend, only that I hadn't seen him for years. It was me, him, and two of his old University friends - Tim and Joe. I didn't know them, but I figured we were probably all a like minded bunch so along I went.

Last night was everyone arriving in their own time, a few relaxing beers, some barbeque, and then an early night before the activities of today, which we spent canoeing and mountain biking in the valleys. Other than a few bumps and scrapes, and occasional pangs of missing my wife and daughter, it was a great day. Now it was time for a few more relaxing beers and a nice soak in the hot tub to get rid of the aches and pains. We're all around the thirty-five mark and in alright shape, so not over the hill by any stretch of the imagination, but old enough to feel it when you've spent the day physically exerting yourself.

I'd just showered and was about to get dressed when I realised that, unfortunately, the hot tub was off the table for me - no swim shorts. So I put on some fresh clothes and headed out to the deck.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Gary yelled. "Get in the damned tub"

"Sorry lads, can't" I replied apologetically, "No trunks"

"Do you see any women around?" Gary asked, exasperated, "You don't need anything. Just get undressed you freak!"

I stood there for a moment not really sure what to do. I've never really been comfortable being naked around other men in a purely social context.

"We aren't wearing anything either, knob head" piped in Joe. "Just get in"

Well if they were naked, I figured, at least everyone was in the same boat, so I got undressed and in I went.

The next hour or so went by pretty much as you'd expect, with the exception of my eyes lingering on the cock or ass of whoever was jumping out for the next lot of beers a lot longer than is probably polite, but no-one seemed to notice. Inevitably though, as it always does with a group of drinking men, the conversation eventually turned to sex.

"So, which is better, sex or a blowjob?" Tim asked.

Joe jumped in with no hesitation whatsoever. "Blowjob" he said "hands down... or hands up... or hands on your balls preferably!" Everybody laughed out loud.

Then Gary said "Wouldn't know", somewhat forlornly, clearly looking for a little sympathy. You see Gary is a bit of a puzzle. Honestly, he's not a very attractive guy, but he's not exactly what you'd call ugly, he's in physically good shape, and he's one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But despite that, he's never had a girlfriend and has had sex exactly once - and from what I can gather, that wasn't exactly an enjoyable experience.

"Awww, poor guy" Joe replied in a deliberately patronising tone. "Would you like one of us to suck you off?" He asked jokingly, and since I was sitting next to Gary this was quickly followed by "Go on Mick, give the man what he needs"

Now bare in mind that I'd only known the rest of his mates twenty four hours, so I didn't know if they were joking or serious, but they all laughed hysterically so I naturally assumed it was a joke and laughed along.

"I love you long time" I said, at which point Gary looked at me and asked

"Is that an offer?"

"If you want it to be" I replied jokingly, and started an exaggerated lean over towards him in the tub. Now at this point the jets in the tub weren't running, and glancing down I noticed that Gary was sporting an enormous erection. Admittedly I was looking through the water, but there had to be at least nine inches of it, uncut, and pretty thick. But that wasn't even the real shock. The real shock was what happened next.

Gary put his hand on my head and started pushing me down towards the surface of the water!

"Oooh! Oooh! He's going for it!" The other two yelled "SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!" they chanted as if they were in some kind of student drinking contest.

Now, you know my bi-sexual tendancies well enough by now, but believe it or not they are a closely guarded secret. I've never mentioned anything to Gary, and in the eighteen years we've known each other he's never mentioned anything to me. That having been said, right now he was continuing to push on my head and his cock was looking delicious! The other lads were continuing to chant, and I had no idea what to do. Was this a drunken joke? Was it serious? Was I actually about to suck off my best friend? If I went for it, and it was a joke, our friendship was well and truly over. On the other hand, if I went for it and it wasn't a joke he gets the first blowjob of his life, and I get to do one of my favourite things - suck cock. While being watched no less.

I didn't have enough information to decide, so I concluded that the only option was to pull away, call him a sick, twisted, freak, and move on. But, just as I was about to do that, I got the extra piece of information I needed. It was subtle, but it was definitely there. Because I was resisting lowering my head any further, Gary was pushing his cock up towards the surface of the water with his hips. That was no joke! The other guys couldn't see he was doing it, but the movement was definite, and he was pushing the head of his member as close to the surface of the water as he could. That was enough for me. I was going for it.

His cock head was fairly close the surface, but it wasn't out of the water, so I took a few deep breaths and then released all of the resistance in my back and shoulders. My face moved rapidly towards his cock. I parted my lips as I broke the surface of the water and took the head of his beautiful rod into my mouth. I sucked hard to create a seal around it and swallowed the small amount of hot tub water that was in my mouth. The water didn't taste at all pleasant, but I didn't care, his dick was more than making up for it.

My ears were still out of the water, and I could hear Tim and Joe shouting "YYEESSS!", while Gary simply gasped

"Holy shit!"

At this point it didn't matter whether things started out as a joke or not. His mates didn't seem at all bothered, he was clearly enjoying having my mouth wrapped around his cock, and as you can imagine I was enjoying that too! So I decided to just do what comes naturally - I cupped his balls in my right hand and pushed my head further below the surface of the water. It's an amazing sensation sucking a cock with your eyes, and now ears, underwater. It's kind of like doing it blindfolded, but with the added turn on of knowing you could drown if you're not careful. I bobbed up and down on his cock for about thirty seconds, not having the faintest idea of what was going on around me, before I had to come up for air.

"FUCK, don't stop!" Gary exclaimed. I glanced quickly at the other two, over on the other side of the tub, and they were clearly enjoying the show.

"I need to breath dude" I said. "Sit up on the edge of the tub and lean back"

Without a moment's hesitation Gary lifted himself up so that he was sitting on the top of the tub, with his legs spread and his calves in the water. His cock stood proudly up from between his legs, and he'd managed to position himself so that his balls were dangling over the edge.

I moved myself between his legs and, always one to be considerate of the spectators watching the show, bent at the waist giving Tim and Joe full view of my ass protruding from the water. I also made sure to move slightly to one side, ensuring them full view of my ministrations on Gary's cock. Putting my hands under his thighs for leverage, I placed my tongue forcefully on Gary's balls, looked up and him, and ran my tongue up the full nine inches of his cock. I could feel the ridge on the underside, the veins, his foreskin moving beneath my tongue. I could feel the tension in his body as I approached the head. When I got to the tip of his cock, without pausing I slid his full length into the back of my throat. He arched his back and looked towards the sky "Oh, FUCK!" he moaned.

Gary clearly wasn't going to last long, but I wanted to make sure he enjoyed it, so I began sliding his cock in and out of my mouth in very long, slow, deliberate strokes. It felt exquisite, and the combination of his moans and the upward thrust of his hips told me I was having the desired effect. "Oh, fuck!" "Oh shit!" "Holy shit!" he kept moaning.

I'd barely been working on his cock a minute when I felt a hand on my ass. And then another. It's strange the things you notice, but I could tell from the positions of the two hands that they weren't the same person. Tim and Joe were both groping my ass. My night was getting better by the second! If I had my way, the worst case was that they were going to take turns using me, and the best case was they were just all going to use me at once. I'd come this far, no point in being shy now!

I needed to show them that I was up for more than just being groped, so while I continued to suck on Gary's cock I reached back to grab the hand on my right butt cheek (I didn't actually know whose hand it was). I took it, moved it to between my cheeks, and pressed the middle finger against my asshole until I popped open to accept it. I moved my hand out of the way, and the unknown finger slid the rest of the way into my ass. I glanced quickly back from Gary's cock to to see Joe with his finger buried inside me and a big grin on his face. A quick look the other way found Tim, so I reached around with my left hand and grabbed for his cock. He too was as hard as rock, although not as big as Gary. I started slowly jacking him off while continuing my cock sucking session.

I had my best friend's cock in my mouth, another cock in my hand, and a finger sliding in and out of my ass. I was in heaven, and just starting to settle into a rhythm when Gary started moaning

"Oh FUCK! Oh FUCKING SHIT! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna fucking cum!"

It was a lot sooner than I'd hoped, but I sucked down harder on his cock, showing him what I wanted

"Oh FUCK! You want it? Huh? You want to eat it? Oh FUCK! I can't believe this. FFUUCCKKK!!!"

I felt his entire body go rigid as his cock head swelled in my mouth. He bucked his hips once, and his dick started twitching violently. A torrent of cum erupted from the end of his cock and I began swallowing frantically


I was going to be the first person to ever swallow his cum, so I wasn't going to waste any. I slid him right to the back of my throat and sucked down hard. Without thinking, my increased arousal caused me to start jacking Tim's cock faster and humping back against Joe's finger. "Mmmpphhh" I moaned around Gary's cock. If I kept this up much longer I was going to cum myself.

I continued my oral assault on Gary's cock until his entire body went limp. Well, his entire body other than his cock, which was as hard as if he hadn't just shot a lifetime supply of spunk into my stomach. I'm actually quite a lot bigger than Gary, so I stood up, pulled him into the pool, and turned around. I bent forward, reached around for his still fully erect cock, and guided it straight to my wanton asshole. I think he was running on autopilot at this point, but Gary grabbed my hips and pushed forward.

"Push" I said. "Force it in! Give it to me!!"

He didn't need to be told twice and pushed my hole open with his magnificent cock. I'd have been more than happy for Joe to use a few more fingers on my ass earlier, but I was glad he didn't. I love the feeling of being forced open. He slid all of the way into me in one long, continuous stroke. Now it was my turn to moan

"Uuugghhh. Holy fuck! Fuck me! FUCK ME GARY! FUCK ME!!!"

As if he needed any more persuasion. His grip tightened on my hips and he started slamming the full length of his cock in and out of me as fast as he could. I needed more

"FUCK! Harder! Gary! Please!! FUCK ME HARDER!! HARDER!!"

I reached through my legs and started teasing his balls. That did the trick! He found another gear and my head start to spin at the incredible sensations emanating from my ass. All of the air was forced from my lungs every time that amazing cock bottomed out inside me, and I barely had chance to breath back in before he'd bottom out again.

"Take it!" he said "Fuck, yes!"

It was at that point I looked forward to see Tim and Joe both watching the show and jacking themselves off. As much as I enjoy watching men jack off over me, I didn't like the idea of two nice hard cocks going to waste, so I bend further forward and reached out. I pulled Joe towards me, sucked him into my mouth, and using my free hand, placed his hand on my head and started using it to push me all of the way down onto his erection. I wanted him fucking my throat, and I made sure he knew it. He brought his second hand up, placed both hands behind my head, and didn't waste any time. No easing into it. He just started hammering his prick into my throat for all he was worth. I could hardly breath. I fucking loved it! I felt Gary increase his pace on my ass, so he was obviously enjoying the sight unfolding before him.

I felt like a complete and utter whore, and anyone who knows me sexually will tell you that's my favourite feeling. At that moment I had one cock pummelling my ass, and another working my throat almost as hard. Both of them were moaning in pleasure, and there was still a cock left. I only had my hand available, so I reached out for Tim's cock and started violently jerking him off. I had a momentary pang of guilt that so far the only action he'd had was a hand job, but hopefully I'd make that up to him later.

"Mmm" I said around Joe's cock. "Fuck!" although I'm pretty sure that since I was practically choking on it all that came out was "Mmmpphhck" or something. I desperately wanted to start stroking my own cock - I was so hard it was literally hurting. I pulled my head away from Joe, let go of Tim, and threw myself back onto Gary's chest. Moments later I had my right hand wrapped around my cock and was beating it frantically in time with Gary's continuing thrusts.

"Oh FUCK! YES!" I cried out "I love you cock! FUCK!!! Don't stop! More!! FUCK!!!" I was lost in a daze. Joe and Tim had gone back to beating their cocks.

"Cum over me" I pleaded to them "Please! Cum on my face! Cover me in spunk!" I sounded like exactly what I was at this point "Oh FUCK! I'm a worthless fucking whore! FUCK! Cum on me. Please!!!"

Tim and Joe both clambered onto the seats in the hot tub, conveniently placing their cocks right in front of my face, and kept beating themselves off.

"Fuck, YES!" I yelled. "Wank for me! Do it!" Gary was picking up his pace in my ass, he was getting close, and so was I. "FUCK!!!"

Joe shot his load first "I'm gonna cum! Oh shit!" As the first hot sticky rope of Joe's cum hit my face, Tim started shooting his load as well.

"Oh, YES! Have some more cum, slut! You fucking love it, don't you?" he said

"Yes, Oh fuck YES! I love your cum! I need it! FUCK!!!" The two of them cumming over my face sent me hammering over the edge of an incredible orgasm. It felt like it came from out of nowhere. "FFUUCKKK!! Aaarrgghhh!" My entire body tensed as I started shooting my load over my stomach and into the tub, my ass clamped hard around Gary's cock.

"FUCK, YES!" he screamed out, switching to short hard stabs he started depositing his second load of the evening inside me. He kept thrusting, and the other three of us kept stroking, until our orgasms had all subsided. My face, neck, chest, and stomach were all plastered in spunk. I had a load of cum in my stomach, and another load in my ass. What an evening.

Tim and Joe got down and I slid myself off Gary's still erect cock.

"So, which is better, sex or a blowjob?" I asked Gary.

"Both. One after the other!"