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The Gender Wars Chapter 1 Protection

2022-10-21 00:42:09

I was born in the late 2020s. I'm told, that's when the Feminists began heating up the debate that started the war.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here. My name is Martin Michaels, First infantry division of the United Male Domination Forces or U.M.D.F, and this is my story.

Chapter 1 Protection

By the time I had graduated the High school, the world had become a terrifying place. Social clubs focusing on Gender superiority had become quite a common thing.

Unfortunately, extremist feminists flicked the switch about a year ago with there attack.

One of the oldest men's clubs in the world had been destroyed in a terrorist attack during an annual meeting, with a death toll of over three hundred men.

It was now an unofficial civil war.

Things were odd at home for me. I had a beautiful Mother, and little sister was barely a year younger than me whom I had always gotten along with well. I couldn't dream of doing anything wrong to either of them, and yet in the past year they both seemed to be a lot quieter around me, and I didn't know why. It's not like I was out there rallying for Male Domination. It had seemed to me as if whenever I entered a room, they had just been talking about something, and yet they both seemed oblivious whenever I asked about it.

My father had died young of an aneurism. Luckily he had left a surprise nest egg behind, which had been enough for both my sister and me to have a free ride through private school and college. I had gone to saint Andrews boy's school, while my sister Kelly had gone to saint Kathryns girls school.

The silence at home had become so eery and awkward since I had gotten home after graduating that I went to bed early, feeling like I was being passive-aggressively forced out of the general living space.

I found myself lying in bed and scrolling through social media when messages began pinging me one after another from multiple reliable sources.

The gist was this.

The Shit Has Hit The Fan! if you have any overly attractive Female that you always wanted to fuck. Go out and Rape them with absolutely no mercy and then detain them under a citizens arrest until further Male Domination orders were given.

My brain instantly began spinning out of control, were we really being given the ok for Rape?

A plethora of girls flashed into my head over the next thirty seconds, all in various states of undress or engaged in multiple sex acts.

Huh, it was nice to fantasise.

But then, my temples began thumping hard in my ears as I realised that I had two Ripe Women downstairs, ready and waiting.

My Mother, Diane, was an incredibly beautiful woman. Think of the dignity of Meryl Streep combined with the figure of Scarlet Johanson.

And my sister Kelly. Why had I never seen those hips before now? My little sister was drop-dead gorgeous with her tight flat stomach, Dcup tits and angel face with crystal blue eye's. I must have been blind all these years.

I quieted that thought down instantly. There was no way I was going to rape my Mother or Sister, they were family, and that would be wrong, plain and simple.

Things were still bad, though, and I had to act fast. How could I protect them? I guess the best option would be to detain them and claim them as my own. We would have to act outside, but at least things could be somewhat normal at home.

I pocketed my phone and made to leave my room when My Mothers frightened cry of "Martin!" came from downstairs. "Can you come down here for a minute, there's something your sister and I need to talk to you about."

I stepped into the loungeroom to a most unnatural sight. Both my Mother and Sister Kelly were in the middle of the room bent down, face to the floor in a posture of total submission.

"Please," came Kelly's frightened voice "don't hurt us."

the thumping in my temples suddenly blossomed again as sadistic images of violence and submission flashed through my brain.

No. these two women were my family, and that was that.

"Stand up, don't be stupid," I said as moved to lift them both to there feet, "what could possibly make you think that I would hurt you?"

Kelly looked sideways at my Mother, "he doesn't know?"

"Get him" Mom responded.

Immediately my world was turned upside down as my beautiful Mother and Sister attacked mercilessly. They threw punches, kicks and gouged with fingernails.

I was too shocked at first to do anything but curl up in a ball and try to protect my 'delicates'. But when the onslaught didn't stop, I realised I had to fight back, and there was nothing for it.

I gut-punched Kelly first. I only know it was Kelly because of how hard her belly was, the next second a resounding kick hit me in the ribs where I had unblocked to punch. Bringing my right foot under me I lunged upwards, headbutting my Mother in the chin on the way up, managing to knock her back as well.

They both retreated back to the other side of the room.

"Stop, wait, listen" I protested, but to no avail as they quickly attacked again, luckily, I was ready this time.

Kelly lunged forward with a right hook which I promptly grabbed, pulled and twisted, flipping her over my shoulder and into the bookshelf. This made My Mother stop and pause to reassess the situation.

"Please, I can protect you" I pleaded, I don't want to hurt my family."

something switched in my Mothers eye's, "You, Don't?" she said amazed that I felt that way, "but the call has gone out, according to the newsfeed female civilians, in this country, have just lost all rights?"

"Please, don't be afraid of me," I repeated, "your my family, and that's that, I could never do anything to harm you."

"I don't believe him" grunted Kelly, climbing to her feet, "did you see the way he flipped me just then, he's a ManDom. how could he not be after thirteen years of an all-male boarding school education, they could have been filling his head with all kinds of shit, and we wouldn't even know it."

It was true, saint Andrews had been an excellent school, but there had always been a shadow of male superiority in the curriculum, and By the end of the thirteenth year, post-bombing, most of my classmates were pro-Male Domination. But I had held out, not believing the lies that they told us about women wanting nothing more than to control all the men subliminally. Well, there was nothing subliminal about the current situation; this was a hardcore standoff.

"Wait, Kelly, we don't know that" stated my Mother. "Martin has always been respectful and loving towards us, and he's right. we are a family, and family sticks together."

kelly had circled the outside of the room to stand beside my Mother again. She had a split lip with blood trickling down her chin which she promptly wiped away. "I still don't trust him," she said, her crystal eye's staring daggers at me. "We have absolutely no rights now, and he's still a man, this could all be just an act that he learnt at school."

I clearly wasn't getting through to them, and I couldn't believe that Kelly felt this way. Kelly and I had always gotten on well growing up. To be fair, we had only seen each other in brief intervals on school breaks and summer holidays; there was the last year to account for though.

Kelly ran at me again, despite my Mothers protests.

Fuck it.

I threw a right hook that connected with Kelly's jaw. It was as if her head had stayed in place while the rest of her body kept moving forward, restrained by only her neck and spinal cord.

She crumpled, unconscious.

"She was right," spat my Mother was staring daggers at me now, as well.

"What was I supposed to do, let her attack me again?" I was a little hysterical at this point.

"No but you could have done less damage, she's unconscious now, totally defenceless and there are men out there everywhere."

My Mother was advancing on me quickly as she said this. I knew she was right, and that just made me more pissed off at myself, I couldn't afford to make mistakes at this juncture. Yet, before I knew it, she was attacking me again.

I know I said this before, but I really meant it this time.

Fuck It.

I ducked low to avoid her attacking swing and gut-punched my Mother as hard as I could, then I laid into her with about six more strikes in quick succession.

I stepped back as my Mother bent over double, began vomiting up blood.

"I told you, I didn't want to hurt you, but you wouldn't listen Mom, and now look what's happened" I was utterly hysterical by this point.

That's when the thumping of my temples returned as I realised that with Kelly unconscious on the floor, my Mother was at my complete and utter mercy.

Fuck It... Fuck It, Fuck It, Fuck It, Fuck It.

"You asked for this, you know," I began as I pushed my Mother to the floor restraining her and began to remove her clothes. "The second you attacked me, decided your fate. I was fully prepared to carry on like a healthy family, at home at least. I even had a plan to Protect you both outside, but you just went ahead and attacked me with no warning, I mean, What The Fuck!"

I had her down to her bra and panties by now, "What's this, Mom? a Gstring, I didn't know you were such a Slut."

All I got in response was a little more coughing and a trickle of blood out of the corner of her mouth.

This was it. Was I really going to rape my Mother in the middle of the lounge room floor? Then, an idea occurred to me.

"Hey, mom, I have a proposition for you. If you promise to have sex with me, willingly, at least twice a day, I promise not to touch Kelly at all, do we have a deal?"

She stared at me hard with hate in those eye's for at least a minute before finally realising the predicament she was in.

"Ok" she whispered, "and only out of love for my daughter, nothing more."

"Good, good," I cooed softly sliding down my Mothers panties to reveal her beautiful cunt and toned shapely thighs.

My Member was stiff as a board by now, so I spread my Mothers legs and lay my knob in the Gateway to her vagina.

"Are you ready Mom? Ready to have your Son's eight-inch cock slowly penetrate your cunt?"

"Just get it over with," she whispered, I could see tears beginning to well up in her eye's

This wasn't what I wanted at all, Why couldn't the bitch just cooperate, I had said 'willingly.'

"Don't you like that mom? Well, fuck you because what you say doesn't matter any more."

And with that, I began viciously pounding my Mothers cunt as fast and as hard as physically possible.

"Ahhhh, Martin stop, it hurt, it HURTS!!!"

"Fuck you Mom! What you say no longer matters." and with that, I punched her so hard in the stomach, she began shaking uncontrollably in a seizure of half pain half pleasure. God that felt good. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she was drooling by now.

I continued to plough my Mother's cunt aggressively for another five minutes before flipping her over and pumping her doggy style for another ten.

As I smacked my Mother's Ass hard, leaving big, red handprints, she began to come back to consciousness.

"Uhh... uhh... uhh... uh... uh... uh... uh. uh. uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, Ahhh... Ahhh...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

She collapsed after that, her whole body going limp, so I stood up and dusted myself off, afraid that if I went any further, she wouldn't be able to serve me again tomorrow.

For a second, I eyed my sister Kelly lying unconscious on the floor. But no, I loved my sister, despite the recent clash, and a promise was a promise. Besides that, we were a family and family sticks together.