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The Bestiality Sisters - Part 1: Barbie Fucks a Puppy

2023-01-12 00:25:04


Getting old is never fun, especially when you’re a woman. Men get more distinguished. Women just get old. At least most women do. I am one of the lucky few that fall into the MILF category. When I first heard the term I was outraged. Now I relish being referred to as such. It’s all I have left. A mere four years ago I had it all. A beautiful home; a loving husband; and four lovely children. But then Nikki—our oldest child—went off to college. Lexxi followed the year after. Then it was Candy’s turn. Once Barbie—our youngest—left the nest, it was down to my husband and me. Or so I thought until he left me for a woman half my age. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was about to turn forty. I had lost everything. First my children, then my husband, and now my youth. Could things get any worse?

My beautiful daughters may have been busy with college, they took time out of their busy lives to throw me the biggest birthday party ever. I was so surprised when I came home to find all of my friends and relatives gathered to celebrate my birthday. Everyone I had ever known was there, be it a close friend, a distant relative or a passing acquaintance. For a few blissful hours, I forgot all about the pitiful state of my life. I caught up with old friends, I drank far more than I should have, and I ate copious amounts of birthday cake. It was the best birthday of my entire life. But the fun was only just beginning.

After the final guests had left, my daughters stayed behind to help me clean. I assured them I could handle it, but they refused to leave. In less than an hour, my house was so clean it sparkled. I thanked my daughters for everything, claiming it was the best present they had ever given me. It was at that moment that they admitted to having one final surprise for me. They had been working on it for weeks and were convinced I would love it. There was no doubt in my mind I would. That is, until they made me promise not to freak out and, above all else, not interfere. I was a little nervous, but I still agreed. It was a decision I would soon live to regret.


Barbie Fucks a Puppy

Things happened so fast I’m still reeling. As soon as I promised to play along with whatever it was my daughter had planned, I was blindfolded. Before I could even ask where we were headed, I was led out of the house.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

All I got in return was an enigmatic, “You’ll see,” from one of my daughters. I was too disoriented to figure out which of my children had spoken. For that matter, I had no idea which were the two that held my hands and guided me to our mysterious destination.

I wasn’t led to a car, which meant my surprise was nearby. And since I had been blindfolded and led out of the house, it was safe to assume that wasn’t our destination either. But then where the hell were we going?

We walked in silence for a few minutes before reaching our destination. The echoing of our footsteps told me we had just entered a building. The slight change in odor confirmed my suspicions. We were now inside the stable.

When my now ex-husband and I bought our house, we were young parents in search of a quiet morsel of land to raise our children. We planned on building the home of our dreams, but our budget was limited. In the end, we had to settle for a half broken down relic with a hideous stable in the background. My husband was handy with a hammer, so he fixed up the house. We planned on knocking down the stable, but quickly discovered the building was over a hundred years old and considered a historical monument. As such, we weren’t allowed to tear it down. It had been our own personal eyesore ever since.

“You can remove your blindfold now,” said one of my daughters. Moments later, my hands were released. They trembled with excitement as I reached for my blindfold. One quick tug and I was able to see again. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the new lighting. When they finally did, as shocking sight was revealed.

As I had concluded earlier, we were inside the stable. However, it was nothing like I remembered it. Every inch of the decrepit structure was once cluttered with a wide assortment of ancient farming equipment. There were shovels and rakes, a tractor, and a lawnmower. There was also half a dozen refrigerators, stoves and washing machines. There was even an old car that had clearly not run in decades. The eclectic gathering of ancient artifacts was still present, only they had been rearranged. Piles of junk still lined the walls, but part of the floor was now visible. At the very center of the building now stood a clearing. My daughters and I stood at the conclusion of the path that led to it.

As out of place as the clearing appeared, the two objects that stood within it were even more unexpected. The first was a large bed. Unlike the other items in the building, it was still in working order. In fact, it looked new. Facing it was a couch. It was a plain black thing with enough room to seat four people. Hanging from the high ceiling were half a dozen lamps. Every last one of them was aimed at the bed, though the intensity of their beams lit up the rest of the clearing as well.

“Why did you do all this?” I asked. I glanced at my daughters, but none seemed inclined to answer.

“Why don’t you have a seat and find out?” finally offered Barbie, the youngest. She gestured to the couch as she spoke. I eyed the sofa for a moment before finally giving in. They wanted me to play along. Fine by me.

I strode into the circle of light and took a seat at the very center of the couch. Moments later, my three eldest daughters came to join me. To my right sat Nikki and Lexxi. To my left was Candy. Barbie didn’t join us. Instead, she headed back the way we had arrived, quickly vanishing into the shadows.

“Where is she going?” I asked.

“She’s getting ready,” answered Nikki.

“Ready for what?” I knew the odds of actually getting an answer were slim, but it was worth a try. Against all odds, my daughters actually addressed my lack of knowledge.

“I guess now’s as good a time as any to tell her,” offered Lexxi. Her sisters gave their consent by nodding. I expected Lexxi to be the one to reveal the truth about this mysterious surprise, but the voice emerged from my left.

“We know how hard the last few years have been for you,” began Candy. “With us and Dad leaving. And… well, you know, the whole age thing.”

There was an awkward silence before her sister picked up where she left off.

“We wanted to show you how much we care about you and how many people love you,” explained Lexxi. “So we decided to throw you the biggest surprise party in history.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I think you succeeded on that front.”

My three daughters beamed proudly, but their smiles quickly faded. Whatever they were getting ready to tell me was serious. I suddenly felt nervous. What could they possibly tell me that would warrant such behavior?

“But a party wasn’t enough,” continued Nikki. “We wanted to give you the best birthday present ever.” I wanted to point out they already had by throwing me that party, but she continued before I could. “We discussed it for a long time before coming up with the perfect solution.”

I expected her to keep speaking, but she fell silent.

“What is it?” I finally asked when I could no longer bear the silence. Not a single one of my daughters answered. At least not individually.

“A talent show,” they said in unison.

Before I could react, Barbie emerged from the shadows. Her timing was too impeccable for it to be a mere coincidence. How long had she been standing there, waiting for her cue? It didn’t really matter. She had changed into the skimpiest schoolgirl outfit I had ever seen. Her white blouse was tied into a knot. It was barely enough to keep by perky breasts from falling out. Her long, brown locks could have been used to cover up what her blouse didn’t. Instead, they were tied into pigtails that hung from her skull and bounced with her every step. Her plaid skirt was so short I looked more like a belt than a skirt. I had no doubt her panties would be revealed if she bent down. That is, if she even wore panties. Her outfit was completed by white socks and plain black shoes.

I barely had time to study my youngest child’s outfit before my gaze travelled to the animal that followed her around like a lost puppy. But I guess that was normal seeing how it was a puppy. A Dalmatian, to be exact. I guess I should refer to it as “he”, because he was cute enough to adopt. He was in that stage where he was still cute enough to melt a woman’s heart with a single look, yet his size left no doubt that he was nearing adulthood. His ears flopped around as he walked, making him even cuter than he already was. The black spots that riddled his lustrous fur only amplified the effect.

Part of me wondered why the puppy was there. Another part questioned the need for Barbie’s skimpy outfit. A third pondered what this mysterious talent of hers could be. What could she possibly do that involved both a bed and a dog? Come to think of it, I probably didn’t want to know. Unfortunately, I was about to.

I watched in a mixture of dread and anticipation as Barbie neared the bed. Acting like the schoolgirl she was pretending to me, she hopped on. Lying flat on her stomach, she brought her shins up into the air and began slowly swinging her feet back and forth. It was very theatrical. So was the manner in which she retrieved the cell phone she had kept tucked into her blouse. I had no idea how I had missed it given the skimpiness of her top, but it didn’t really matter. Barbie began speaking shortly after dialing, yet I couldn’t make out a single word. I glanced at my other daughters, but none of them seemed interested in what Barbie was saying. They were all staring at the puppy. Assuming he had become the focal point of this little play, I focused on the black and white animal just as he hopped onto the bed.

Barbie kept speaking, seemingly unaware of the puppy’s presence. That is, until the animal jumped on her and started barking joyfully. Barbie nudged him aside and kept talking. But the puppy would not be denied. He began pawing at her and barking. It was obvious he wanted to play. Barbie tried to ignore him for a little longer, but it quickly became clear the problem would not go away. As I watched the animal work, I couldn’t help but be impressed. Having my daughters put together a talent show just for me was still very odd, yet I was impressed by how much work had gone into it. The décor. The costume. The trained puppy. It was all very theatrical.

I started to relax as Barbie told whoever it was she had been conversing with for the past few minutes she would have to call he back. As soon as she hung up, she turned to the puppy. He barked joyfully.

“Please be quiet,” begged my daughter. “I don’t want my mom to hear us.” The puppy didn’t seem to understand. Or maybe he just didn’t care. He kept on barking eagerly. Barbie tried a few different ways to quiet him down, but nothing worked. She eventually gave up. At least temporarily.

“My mom will never allow me to keep him unless I can find a way to calm him down,” she said to no one in particular. She was probably just thinking aloud for the benefit of the audience. She stared into space for a few seconds before her face lit up. “I have an idea,” she exclaimed and jumped off the bed. I had no clue what would happen next, but I was really engrossed in the story. That is, until my daughter began to strip.

She slowly unfastened the knot keeping her blouse shut. I could hardly believe it. Barbie had gone all out in her performance and I had no doubt she was about to remove every last shred of clothing she wore. As impressed as I was by her dedication to her role, was I ready to watch her strip?

“What is she doing?” I asked my other daughters.

Candy ignored me completely, preferring instead to watch her sister remove her blouse. Lexxi momentarily looked away from her sister, shushed me, then kept watching. Nikki was the only one to acknowledge my question.

“Don’t worry,” she assured. “It’s all part of the show.”

That probably should have comforted me. It didn’t. I think it had something to do with the fact that Barbie’s blouse was now on the ground. Or maybe it was the shocking discovery that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I was so shocked at the sight of her bare breasts I could not help but stare at them. I knew it was wrong, yet I couldn’t look away. It was like I was hypnotized by them. I had not seen such perfect breasts since I was her age. Back then, I would spend hours in front of the mirror, staring at my boobs. Those days had long since passed.

My focus remained on her breasts until she proceeded to remove her skirt. As I had initially feared, she wasn’t wearing any panties. One second she was topless, and the next she was completely naked. My gaze instinctively travelled to her pussy. I once again got a sense of déjà vu at the sight of her tight, clean-shaven slit. It looked exactly as mine had before giving birth.

It took a while before I realized how wrong this all was. Barbie may have been my daughter, and I may have seen her naked countless times during her youth, she was now eighteen years old. She was an adult. It took a moment, but I managed to tear my gaze away from her naked body. I glanced at my other daughters, only to find them staring at their sister with eager eyes and curled lips.

I couldn’t believe it. They actually enjoyed looking at their sister’s naked body. It took a moment before I could wrap my mind around it all. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew I couldn’t let it happen. I had to stop it. At least I had to try.

“What the hell is going on?” I demanded in a harsh whisper.

This time it was Lexxi who answered my question. “You promised not to freak out, remember?”

I cringed. As much as I hated to admit it, she was absolutely right. I had indeed promised not to freak out. I had also agreed to not interfere. I was beginning to regret making such a promise. Unfortunately, I believed in keeping my word, even if it meant watching my daughter parade around naked. I guess if that was the extent of her performance, it wouldn’t be so bad. So, although I was still a little freaked out, I decided to play along. For now.

By the time my focus was returned to the performance, quite a lot had changed. Barbie now lay on the bed, with her legs spread wide, and the puppy standing between them. His muzzle hovered inches from her pussy as he sniffed it eagerly. As shocking as this was, it was nothing compared to the realization that soon hit me. He was about to lick her pussy!

My first instinct was to protect my daughter, yet there was no way I could get to her in time. Even if I leapt forward and tackled the puppy away from her, he would still have time to get a few licks in. I was forced to sit there and watch as the animal started licking my daughter’s pussy. My first thought was that Barbie would freak out and push the dog away. She didn’t. Instead, she did the most unexpected thing and started moaning.

I couldn’t believe it. The puppy was licking my daughter’s pussy and she was… enjoying it. It took a while for my mind to grasp the true meaning of what I was seeing. This was no theatrical malfunction. It was all part of the act. The puppy was supposed to lick her slit, and Barbie was supposed to enjoy it. Another, far more shocking realization suddenly hit me. This was a talent show, which could only mean one thing. My daughter’s talent, the one she had seemed too eager to show me, was her ability to have sex with animals.

I remained frozen in a state of shock for a while. By the time I finally emerged from it, I no longer cared about breaking my promise. I had to stop the show at any cost.

“Stop!” I demanded. I expected my daughter to obey me, but she just lay there and kept moaning as the puppy continued licking her pussy. I turned to her sisters, hoping one of them would come to their senses. I wasn’t that lucky.

“We have to stop this,” I begged.

My daughters didn’t seem convinced. Quite the opposite.

“You promised not to interfere,” reminded Candy.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Their sister was having sex with an animal, and they were trying to convince me to let it happen. There was no way in hell I would let that happen. I had to convince them of the wrongfulness of their sister’s actions.

“I don’t care about a stupid promise,” I spat out angrily. “Your sister’s having sex with an animal. It’s not normal. It’s… It’s wrong.”

“What’s so wrong about it?” asked Lexxi.

“Yeah,” agreed Nikki. “It’s not like it’s hurting anyone. Quite the opposite.”

I was about to protest when Candy said something so unexpected I was once again frozen in shock.

“We’ve all done it,” she said, nodding to her sisters. “It’s no big deal.”

Couldn’t breathe. First I saw my daughter naked, then I found out her special talent was having sex with animals, and now I was being told her sisters also practiced bestiality. It was too much for me to take in. My brain went into information overload. By the time I recovered and my gaze returned to the bed and the interspecies couple on it, it was too late.

Barbie was now moaning fiercely. She writhed around as the puppy furiously propelled his tongue in and out of her slit. Her engorged labia glistened with dog saliva and pre-cum. There was no doubt in my mind that she was on the verge of climax. For the briefest of moments I considered running to her and putting an end to this perverse display once and for all, but I knew I couldn’t reach her in time. Barbie would climax no matter what I did. All I could do now was was sit there and watch.

Barbie moaned louder and louder until the sound of her voice was all I could hear. Then she climaxed. Her head was thrust back, and her back arched. Her hands clenched the covers and kept her from toppling off the bed. Her legs began to shake as squirt after squirt gushed out of her. I expected the puppy to cower in fear, but he kept on licking, lapping up the cum as it gushed from my child’s slit. My daughters were right. The puppy was enjoying this just as much as Barbie. It seemed like I was the only one who saw the wrongness in such actions.

Barbie kept squirting. I had never seen anyone maintain an orgasm for that long. Then again I had never seen anyone have sex with an animal before. For all I knew, this was normal. By the time the final squirt oozed out of my daughter’s slit, I had given up. What I had just witnessed was too much for my brain to handle. The only way I could avoid going completely insane was to stop thinking about the incredible perversity of my child’s actions and simply enjoy the show. Or at least tolerate it. I would wait until later to figure out how I felt about bestiality.

I watched in a zombie-like state as Barbie struggled to recover from what had clearly been one of the most intense orgasms of her young life. By the time her panting had stopped and she was able to sit up again, the puppy was ready. I’m not sure what they had planned next, but the erect member I found between the animal’s hind legs was a dead giveaway that it would be sexual in nature. Apparently drinking my daughter’s cum had turned him on quite a bit. As repulsed as I was by it all, I couldn’t help but take a moment to study the puppy’s cock.

It was slightly smaller than the average human and equally thinner. But what it lacked in size, it made up for in appearance. The shaft began with a bulbous base, then thinned out for a while before ending in a point. The final detail I noticed was its red tint.

My first thought when I saw the cock was that my daughter planned on sucking it. She didn’t, but that was only because she did something far worse. Now that her strength had returned, she grabbed one of the pillows and placed it beneath her lower back. The puppy hurried over to her as soon as she was propped into the air. Leaping up, he placed his front paws on her stomach. He then hopped forward until the tip of his member was pressed to the mouth of her pussy. There was no doubt left in my mind as to what would happen next. Whether I liked it or not, I was about to watch my daughter get fucked by an eager puppy.

I considered trying to stop her, but knew it would do no good. I then thought about making a run for it, but feared my other daughters would stop me. Not to mention the promise I had made not to interfere, or freak out. I was trapped. The only thing I could do was sit and watch.

The puppy didn’t waste any time. Moments after mounting my beautiful daughter, he started thrusting. He may technically have been a puppy, he handled himself like a pro. He used his hind legs to keep steady while his body twisted forward each time he penetrated my child’s pussy. Barbie started to moan. Her cries were soft at first, but intensified with each new thrust. In no time at all, they were all I could hear. They kept my attention focused on the perverse display unfolding before me. I barely even noticed my other daughters staring at Barbie with unwavering passion. None of them spoke, but I could sense their excitement. They may have been planning this for some time, this was clearly the first time they saw their sister perform. As much as I hated to admit it, Barbie was quite a skilled performer.

Puppy eventually began howling. His cries mixed with my daughter’s, blending to create some sort of mutant beast groan that made my skin crawl. Or perhaps that was simply a result of seeing my daughter get pounded by a puppy. It didn’t really matter because there was nothing I could do about it either way. I just sat there and watched, praying my child’s orgasm would soon come so this entire ordeal could finally end.

The interspecies couple kept moaning and howling for some time. I was beginning to fear they would never climax when the tone of their cries finally changed. They grew more strained, less controlled. Moments later, their bodies began to shake and shiver. Not long after that, Barbie’s head was thrust back and her back rose up a few inches. The next thing I knew, she was squirting.

The puppy continued fucking her as wave after wave of cum gushed out of her. It splashed down onto her legs, making them glisten in the light. I wasn’t unfamiliar with squirting orgasms, yet I never would have thought I would see my own daughter spewing her how nectar all over the place as her studly canine lover savagely pounded her. But that was exactly what was happening.

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point during my daughter’s orgasm, I realized the puppy was also coming. I cannot be certain how I knew, but I did. Perhaps it was the way his body trembled each time he forced himself into my daughter. Perhaps it was the intensity with which he howled. Or perhaps it was simply the fact that far too much cum squirted out of Barbie’s slit to belong only to her.

The couple’s orgasm lasted far longer than I ever could have thought. It felt like hours before the orgasmilk finally stopped flowing and the moans died down. Moments after the puppy had dismounted Barbie’s frame, my other daughters began to applaud. The show was over. Feeling more relieved than I ever had thought possible, I clapped along with them. I wasn’t actually applauding my child’s appalling performance, but rather the fact that it was over. At least I hoped it was. But then something my daughters said came back to me and I started to worry again. They had claimed this was a talent show, which implied Barbie’s performance was only the beginning. What if all three of my other daughters chose to put on a similar show? I had survived seeing one of my children have sex with an animal, but could I live through three more such performances? Unfortunately, it was beginning to seem like I had no choice.

“This isn’t over is it?” I asked. I was desperate for one of my daughters to contradict me. All I got in return were knowing smiles. After a moment, one of them spoke. What she said crushed what little hope I had left.

“This is only the beginning.”

To be continued...