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The Awakening of Caroline

2022-09-21 00:02:25

This is a true story. My first. So please be kind with any comments. But the names have been changed to protect the guilty. All parties are of adult age, engaging in consensual sex, (while maybe reluctantly at first). My story is more Erotica than explicit porn. But it does have its’ moments. I hope you enjoy it, and use the gray matter between your ears, to fill in the “dirty” parts. This story is my intellectual property.


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It happened a few years ago when our lives changed forever. My girlfriend, Caroline, a vision I would look at, and enjoy for hours, was sexually awakened. My girlfriend was a flawlessly skinned; 5’ 4”, 115 lbs., sky-blue eyed, honey blond haired Scandinavian knockout, with boobs the booby fairly amply graced her with.

At the time, we were freshman in College. On that day, Caroline was celebrating her 18th birthday. I was 19. She was raised in a very conservative religious family, and quite naïve at the time. Her major was Performing Arts. Mine was goofing off and chasing her tail.

On that Friday night, the Faculty was having a party at the Dean’s house. As Caroline was an accomplished piano player, her professor, Christopher Striker asked her if she would play the piano and be what he called “the entertainment” for the night. He had also invited me, Casey, to come along and help with serving food. We agreed, as we both could use the $500 offered for the night.

We arrived at the party. Caroline was shown to the piano, sat on the bench, and began playing. As she looked out over the grand piano at the guests, she noticed that 3 of her professors were in attendance. Of course, Professor Striker, about 35 years old her piano teacher, Professor Parker, (Toby), about 25 her biology Professor, and Professor Johnson, (Hugh), her Old Testament Bible Studies instructor, an older man probably in his mid-50’s was there. (Side bar. Professor Johnson had a nickname on campus of “Huge”)

As the evening progressed, I would slip Caroline an adult beverage now and them, and everyone was getting pretty liquored up. This is where my story really begins.

After playing a long set, and having had a few drinks, Caroline needed a convenience break. Professor Striker told her the bathroom was at the top of the stairs. Second door on the right. She used the facilities, checked her make-up, reapplying lipstick, and exited when she ran smack into Professor Striker. He told her what a great job she was doing, and all their private lessons were really paying off. Not knowing he was looking down her blouse, and up her skirt at every opportunity. Being young and shy, she was flattered, and her face turned bright red. Caroline replied she hoped that the entertainment was all he had hoped for.

With this, his eyes took on a deep lascivious hue, and he had a smirk on his face. At this point, Professor Striker said he wanted to show her something. They walked to a door at the end of the hallway. Professor Striker opened it and Caroline was shocked at what she saw. Just a bed, photo quality lighting, and lots and lots of cameras. Caroline asked what the room was used for? Professor Striker told her that he auditioned young ladies for roles in movies that a local company produced. She thought this quite intriguing. Caroline asked him if he thought she was pretty enough to be in one of his movies? Professor Striker replied that she was very pretty, and had a beautiful figure as well. But, an “on camera” audition would be required first. Caroline then asked, “can I audition?” He said yes, but warned her that some of the roles required, as he put it, “a bit of nudity.” Hearing this, Caroline wasn’t so sure she wanted to continue. But Professor Striker assured her, that maybe she could just sit on the edge of bed, relax a little, while he asked her some questions while recording it. He asked her about her family, future plans, and how she felt about me. Then he got personal and asked her about her sexual experience. Now I had been going with Caroline since the last year of junior high school, and we had “gone all the way”. But Caroline told Professor Striker she only masturbated, and had given me blowjobs.

Professor Striker then asked her if she would be comfortable trying something else for the camera. That maybe she could unbutton her blouse, take it off slowly, and set it on the bed? Feeling trust with her Professor, and seeing no harm, Caroline did as asked. He was very impressed with what he saw. She had worn my favorite sexy push-up bra that night thinking she and I would have some action later. It was then that Professor Striker said he would give her an A on the next test, if she would show her naked breasts for the camera. Reluctantly, she weighed the offer, then reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, slowly removing it, briefly keeping her hands covering herself, and shyly placed it on the bed. Her exquisite double D breasts were soon feeling the cool air of the room. Beautiful cream-colored skin, dark pink areola around large nipples, that were standing erect at attention. She told me later, she heard a slow deep breath being inhaled from the Professor.

Next, he asked if she would take off her skirt as the camera needed to see her entire figure. Caroline was very reluctant, but having gone this far, stood up and slowly, removed her red leather skirt. Not remembering that she had worn a tiny red thong pair of panties that night, along with a white garter belt and black seamed stockings, Professor Striker was very impressed! Caroline then realized two things. One, the crotch of her panties was totally soaked, and two, sometime during her undressing, Professor Striker had pulled a very large un-cut, slightly curved cock of about 8 inches, out of his pants. Caroline noticed it had skin all the way to the tip, and bulging veins along its’ length. He was stroking it too! Pulling the skin back with each stroke revealing a bright red head of considerable size. (Caroline commented to me later that it looked almost angry being so red.)

Caroline was in shock, but his next question shocked her even more. Professor Striker asked, that since she was giving me blowjobs, would she give him one too, of course for the camera. And, he would give her an A as a final grade for his course. Seeing his cock, much bigger than mine, and the offer of an A, was too good to pass up and she nodded yes. He then slowly crossed the space between then, his manhood wagging back and forth, allowing himself to now be on camera too.

It was at this point that I needed to get more food from the kitchen for the guests. No one was in the kitchen. Trying to find the cook, I started to open doors off the kitchen. In the back, I opened a door and could not believe my eyes!!! The entire room was filled with Close Circuit television monitors. As I began to focus in on what was on the screens, my jaw fell to the floor. There on the screens, from every possible angle, was Caroline and Professor Striker. He unclasped his pants, pulled them down, removing them, leaving on his boxers with his hard cock sticking straight out of the fly. I saw Caroline grab hold of the biggest cock I had ever seen with her hand and began to stroke it up and down, up and down. Her hand looked the size of a child’s encased around his prodigious cock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This was my innocent girlfriend with lust in her eyes. Then, she opened her bright ruby red lipsticked lips and slid the bulbous head of his cock into her mouth. I then realized there was sound, and I could hear Professor Striker’s groans. Caroline kept working on his cock, slowly relaxing her jaw muscles and taking inch after inch into her greedy mouth. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper. I heard Professor Striker tell her to mouth fuck his big dick and stick it deep into her throat, that he was going to cum soon, and was going to shoot it down her velvet throat, sending his delicious cum to her belly.

As I watched, Professor Striker grabbed her by the back of her head, pulling her hair, choking her briefly, as he began to quiver. I knew he was cumming, sending a copious amount of man milk down her throat. Not a drop escaped from her mouth. As she worshiped his cock lovingly cleaning every last sperm off his manhood, I could see that he was still rock hard. He told Caroline that he needed to return the favor. Just for the cameras. Professor Striker asked her to stand up. He snaked his fingers into her panties and pulled them just past her hips, so I could now see her perfectly coiffed mound of V shaped blond hair, pointing to her teenage pussy. He pulled her panties all the way down, and off. Pushing her roughly back onto to bed, spreading her legs with knees pressed to her ears, he then planted his face between them, engulfing her sacred womanhood, where he was rewarded with a series of loud moans and groans as he worked on her teenage pussy, lapping up her sweet juices as they freely flowed.

I could see he was working on her clit as she was writhing back and forth on the bed pushing his head hard into her pussy saying “yes, yes, more, more, make me cum, please”. Then it happened; my Caroline had a mind-blowing orgasm, sending a never before seen, squirt of liquid from her pussy, with the camera catching her eyes rolled back into her head. While panting, trying to breathe and recover, Professor Striker moved into position with that angry red head of his more than ample cock lining it up with her sacred hole.

Before she could react, he plunged all 8 inches deep into her tight, no longer innocent teen pussy, and began to hump her fast and hard. Like a missile slamming into a volcano cone ready to erupt. Her pussy lips stretching around his shaft not letting go. Slapping sounds could be heard from their union. Caroline was getting the pounding of her life. I saw her hips shift to give him a better angle. She instantly started to moan louder, and started calling the Professor by his first name. I’ve never heard her talk like that but she kept telling Christopher she was his whore, and to keep fucking her, deeper, faster and harder. (By this point, I had my painfully hard cock in my hands beating it furiously. As sexual excitement coursed through my veins.)

This went on for seemingly forever as time stopped for me. I heard Professor Striker tell her he was going to cum again. She told him to do it in her nasty, now slutty wet cunt. He did, they did, I did, sending her over the edge, multiple times, as she roller coastered from one climax into the next, over and over and over again while speaking an uncoherent foreign tongue, until she had to come down from where ever she was for a breath, as Professor Striker squeezed rope after rope of baby making honey from his massive cock into her unprotected teenage pussy. Caroline never know she could feel this way, and know then, she was now hooked on fucking.

They lay there recovering, panting, when to this day, seared into my brain, I remember what I heard him say. Professor Striker told her not to move, as a prodigious amount of cum spilled from her well stretched pussy onto her ass and bed, that Professor Parker needed to come in and “audition” her as well. Of course, just for the camera. Professor Striker then got up, still spouting a raging hard-on, pulled up his pants uncomfortably over his cum soaked boxers, and left the room.

Caroline thought, maybe he could help with my other grades too….

To be continued!!!