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Public Restroom Encounter

2022-08-12 00:00:03

This story is entirely fictional. All characters in this fictional work are over the age of 18. This work is intended to be consumed by adults, 18 or 21 years of age, depending on your location. Please ensure that you are not living in a community that forbids reading material with sexual content. This work is NOT intended to cause any harm to existing human beings, either due to being featured in this work or by consuming it. The appearing characters should be treated with respect, whenever they exist beyond fiction. The work may or may not include safer sex, for your own good please have safer sex. The work may or may not include acts considered violent and/or abusive, please do not attempt to recreate them. This work may or may not include elements of domination and/or force, either physically or psychically (mental), please do not attempt to include this into your private sex sessions, unless given permission by your partner(s). Make sure your partner(s) consented to your actions.

Title: Public Restroom Encounter
Author: Jan Arctic
Email: [removed]
Type of release: Initial release
Date of story: 2013-10-26
Re-posting permitted?: Yes, without changes, including the disclaimer and this header.
Date of re-post: 2013-11-16
Mentioning the source?: Yes, please link to the original story if you are allowed to.
Source: http://www.literotica.com/s/public-restroom-encounter
Notification of re-post: Not required, but welcomed.
Feedback: Yes.

Content warning: none
Tags: anal, celeb, celebrity, consensual, FM
Known persons/celebrities: Katy Perry(?)

This story was written to appeal to someone else with a profile, which pretended to belong to Katy Perry or that the person was Katy Perry and pretended not to be her. The profile had some restrictions on what (sexual) actions could be performed with/on the female character. The setting of this story is taken from that profile.

Public Restroom Encounter

It was very early in the morning as I stumbled into the public restroom near the park. All I wanted was to take a piss, which I could have done outside, since I knew how filthy this place usually was. Luckily I chose not to pee outside, since I discovered a female bend over grabbing her ankles. There could have been only one reason why she had been there and was in this position; she wanted to have sex with some stranger.

I approached her and smacked her ass, which was covered by some tiny black skirt. "What do we have here?!" I asked loudly and smacked that ass again. "Just let me take a piss and I'll give your holes some good pounding!" I told the girl and moved towards the urinals to do what I was here for before getting back to the girl. She hadn't said a word so far.

I squatted behind her and lifted her skirt just to see that she had no panties on. Sure, she looked for quick sex. I noticed some black tape over her pussy, which told me that she wanted to avoid vaginal intercourse, because it said so and was there for that very reason. I got up and grabbed a fistful of her hair to pull her head towards me. "So you just want it up your ass?! How about you sucking my cock to make it easier go in your ass?" I asked her. She turned her head and told me that I should go on without having my cock sucked, she just wanted anal sex.

In the moment where she turned her head and began talking to me, I noticed that she looked like Katy Perry and that her voice sounded like Katy's, too, so I asked her if she was Katy Perry, after I told her that I would only fuck her ass if that's the only thing she was looking for. She denied being Katy Perry, but admitted that she looked like her and I wasn't the first to tell. She told me that it was OK for her if I'd pretend her to be Katy Perry.

"OK, Katy, bend down again so I can play with your ass!" I told her and let go of her hair. She bend down to grab her ankles again. I didn't really care if she was Katy Perry or not, she was hot and would let me fuck her ass, at least. Though I couldn't get rid of the impression it was Katy Perry. On the other hand, why would she have been in this filthy restroom?!

I took my cock and placed it between her ass-cheeks, squeezing her ass together and rubbing my cock up and down between her ass-cheeks. Then I bend down and spread her ass-cheeks to spit on her asshole. "You've got a nice ass and an absolute awesome looking asshole!" I got up and lined my cock up with her asshole. Her ass was so soft and had turned a little red from my previous slapping. I just pushed forward and immediately noticed how tight her asshole was. I could tell that she had anal sex before or at least many toys had been in her ass, but she was awesomely tight.

I pushed forward, not giving a damn about her response to me entering her ass. She gasped as I pushed myself deeper into her. She told me I should go on, not holding myself back, she would be able to take it. I shoved my cock all the way up her ass, so I was now balls-deep in her ass. I rocked my hips back and forth, just a little bit out and back in before pulling out to the tip to shove it all the way in at some high pace. 'Katy' moaned loudly as I was fucking her ass.

After some time of plowing her ass I pulled out and put it right back in, pushing forward with such a force that 'Katy' fell on her knees. I kept going forward so I wouldn't slip out of her. 'Katy' was on her hands and knees, while getting fucked doggy-style by me. I grabbed a fistful of her hair again, just to yank her head back and to have something to grab onto while hammering in 'Katy's' asshole. She seemed happy to be treated somewhat rough. I really didn't want to hold myself back and started fucking 'Katy Perry' into the floor. "You are an amazing slut, I don't really care about your music all that much, but your videos and pictures are nice to get off to!"

It was fun to pretend her to be Katy Perry, but I thought we could take it a bit further and I made her pretend she would be Katy Perry. "Pretend to be Katy! Tell my what a fucking anal slut you are!" I commanded. She seemed lucky to have a cock in her ass and getting fucked like she wanted and complied. "I'm Katy Perry and I'm a filthy fucking anal slut! I'm Katy Perry and my ass is all yours. I'm an anal whore and my name is Katy Perry!" she shouted out. I tried to go even faster and she hissed "I'm Katy Perry!, I'm Katy Perry!" over and over again, until her body spasmed and her anal muscles were squeezing my cock. I almost couldn't believe it; 'Katy Perry' had and orgasm from anal penetration. Her ass got even tighter during her orgasmic shaking and squeezing and I could feel my orgasm was near.

I wondered if I should pull out and come all over her ass or if I could dare to facial her. I guessed that if she was so into anal sex she wouldn't mind if I would shoot my load up her ass. As soon as I felt that I was about to orgasm I shoved my cock all the way up her ass. I shot my hot spunk deep inside her ass, spurt after spurt of my sperm was pumped into her ass. After some seconds of resting I pulled out of her. She turned around and said "I'm Katy Perry and I got spunked!" while smiling like an evil playful girl. I smiled back and was unsure if she was still pretending or being serious. I took some toilet paper and wiped my cock clean as I was not sure if she would suck it, because she wouldn't suck it before and now it even was in her ass. "I'm Katy Perry and you just fucked my ass and pumped me full of cum!" she said and shoved two fingers in her ass before pulling them out and sucking on them. "Tasty!" she said afterwards. "I'm Katy Perry and I'm always in the mood for anal. I'm the filthy fucking anal loving slut Katy Perry!" she almost shouted at me. "Sure you are." I replied unknowingly if I was playing along or if I had to be serious.

I was done so I put my cock back in my pants and left. Hell, who cares if it was Katy Perry, I just fucked an amazing slut in her ass. We both had fun. No one would believe me that I fucked Katy Perry, especially in this filthy place. Some would believe that I fucked a girl in here, while most think I just lied to tell a good story. Damn, for my own sanity.... I fucked Katy Perry!... I fucked Katy Perry's asshole!

I should visit this restroom frequently, maybe other restrooms, too. Maybe I find her again, just to stick my cock where it was just a couple of minutes ago.