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Planetary Resort Part II

2022-08-11 00:00:04

Part II
Jean waited, anxious and trembling, for she did not know what her eccentric boss might be expecting from her in the ‘special room’.
"Do not fear, Miss Rene," said Brick, pleasantly. "I really believe that you and I are going to get along splendidly. Do you have much experience in the escort service?"
"Humans only," Jean admitted. "This is my first time off world and first time with an alien."
"I see," he nodded and grinned. "I do hope that I satisfied you."
"Oh you did," Jean smiled back.
Jean was beginning to feel the effects of all the drugs and shots that Brick had given her. She was feeling stronger and with more stamina. It was like she was having caffeine high and could run a whole marathon at the moment. She was still feeling sexually aroused and would more than willing have a second as well as a third round with Brick.
"What is Matron Mary like?" Jean asked trying to distract her attention from her arousal.
"She's a peculiar sort of woman, Matron Mary is," the alien explained, smoothing his uniform, "and she runs a tight ship as you might say. She once went to Mars as a child, where she visited a distant wealthy cousin and was so impressed by the butler who attended her that she makes me wear this uniform all the time. I feel very strange being dressed but it’s in my contract."
"So you’re her butler?"
"I’m her butler, doctor, lawyer plumber, bouncer—in fact about anything she needs from me."
"Sounds like you are a resourceful man."
"Indeed I am." He declared proudly.
As they climbed the stairway, the silence of the house brought comfort to her drained mind. The house was impeccably cleaned and fragranced with sweet scents in the air, and the ambience had a soothing effect. The walls changed colours as they walked on.
Their footfalls echoed in the corridor as they wandered through the large, spotless rooms on the second floor of Matron Mary's house, Jean had a sense of security and peace which she had never known before.
The door hissed open behind them as it closed again. There were two rooms, of identical size, looking to the north, and Brick chose the one on the right, because of its showers. There were rows of empty lockers at the end, and on a shelf was a great pile of neatly folded towels. She watched Brick fold his arms across his chest and stare thoughtfully around the room.
Suddenly, a dwarfish looking alien with huge saucer-sized black eyes, a tiny mouth and grey skin appeared. Brick spoke to him in an obscure and bizarre language. The grey alien scampered across the room with lightning speed and found a small metallic box, the contents jingling softly as he dragged it toward her.
He opened the box and took out several types of bottles of different colours. He grabbed Jean by the hand and dragged her to the showers. Standing there, with the water sprinkling down on her, she shut her eyes and took pleasure in the steady stream of hot water. The tiny alien sniggered as he scooped up the liquid soap into his hands. He soaped and rigorously rubbed Jean’s curves, protracting awhile on her pert breasts, teasing the nipples until they were swollen and pert. His hands slithered over her flat, thin abdomen before diving through the lips of her nether regions. Jean twitched as his long fingers gracefully opened her thickly wrinkled labia.
The tiny alien sprayed a sweet smelling scent all over her body. He laughed at her nakedness before shuffling her out the room.
She had just had sex with Brick a few minutes ago and it all seemed so surreal. She bit her lower lip and pushed the thoughts away, hurrying to dry her body.
"Miss Rene," Brick drew a long breath. "I’m going to take you to our ‘special room’ and there are a few rules and etiquettes you must follow to the letter."
"Like what?" She tied her hair into a ponytail.
"Like—" he began when suddenly Matron Mary's voice called from downstairs.
"Brick get your ass down here on the double! We have a ‘situation’ which needs your attention!"
He jumped like he’d been stung and literally leapfrogged down the entire flight of stairs in one swoop, where Matron Mary was holding a holographic monitor display and looking as if she were going to have a fit.
"Yes, Ma’am?" He said calmly. "What is it?"
She handed him the holographic monitor display and folded her arms over her large ample chest. "Can these fuckers do that?"
Brick read the document with great care and Jean noticed a dry frown crossed his face. He stretched his tail in and out thoughtfully. He glanced at a holographic display and shook his head gravely as Jean walked downstairs. She deposited her travel bag inside a locker with her name on it. Both of them were unaware of Jean’s presence.
"Oh my, the Uord are a difficult species to deal with," Brick said thoughtfully.
“Well, I’ll fight them on this one.” Matron Mary snapped angrily. “I’ll fight dirty until things start getting ugly, and then I’ll unload a shit storm so thick they will regret cheating me. Don’t think that I won’t.”
“You can sue for breach of contract.” Brick said thoughtfully and apparently unperturbed by Matron Mary’s fits of rage. “The most you’ll get is payments for any costs you might have had.”
"Does this mean I no longer have a contract with the Uord?" Jean asked distressed. "What about the insurance plan?"
"I’m afraid you lost that too, miss Rene. You know, of course, that you are two days late upon arriving and because of that your with contract them has been rescinded."
"But that wasn’t my fault."
"The ungrateful fucking Uords don’t see it that way," Matron Mary exploded.
"The whole reason I accepted the contract was that the insurance plan covered my son’s medical treatment." Jean’s stomach clenched and panic lumped in her throat. "Is there anything that I can do?"
"Now what am I to do with the Earth girl? I was expecting a high-profit gain with this contract." Matron Mary rubbed her temples. "Ah! This gives me a headache."
Brick let her calm down for a minute. "There are lucrative alternatives for this house and for Miss Rene."
"Speak," demanded Matron Mary.
"It’ll take some negotiating, Ma’am." He took a deep breath and grinned his skeleton smile. "I can think of one potential customer off the top of my head that would pay at least three hundred bars of pure vlok to impregnate her."
"That’s a lot of money."Jean sat back, stunned. "I could almost buy a planet with that."
"Indeed your cut would be considerable, Miss Rene," he assured her. "Some species need a living biological host to breed. A human woman serves as perfect hosts for some species. But there is a catch and risk."
"You mean that I could die," asked Jean.
"No-no! The risks to your life and health are minimal, if nonexistent." Brick relaxed her. "Toettut is extremely strict regarding safety and legal issues. The problem with this particular species is that the graft might not take. Plus the mating process is very intense and long and only stops until you give birth."
Jean sighed and with a low voice, she said, "For three hundred bars of pure vlok I’d fuck every alien in Toettut."
"Why didn’t you mention this to me sooner," Matron Mary crossed her arms angrily.
"Because your return on investment wouldn’t be guaranteed," Brick started fiddling and punching figures on the holographic display. "There are no assurances that we will receive our fee in the end. We only get paid after the offspring hatch and only if they survive birth."
"That doesn’t sound fair," said Jean indignant.
"That is why the high price," Brick shrugged. "It’s hard to find a host willing to accept those terms on Toettut."
There was a greedy look in Matron Mary’s eyes. The glow from the holographic display monitor on Brick’s wrist danced in her pupils like living sparks. All that money would make her virtual queen of Toettut. With all that money, there was no need for her to work and make a living anymore. She could even buy a mansion on one of the moons on Qeekan 5. She might even buy herself a title and marry into the local royal family. She could live lazily all her days and just have a good time—have people make her happy for a change. She licked her lips as she imagined the life of luxury she could live.
The petite woman in front of her was the key to all her material prosperity. That womb of hers was the symbol of that wealth which had become so dear to her. She still had to play it cool.
“This is a huge risk.” A look of false compassion warmed Matron Mary’s face as she eyed Jean squarely. “I can’t order you to do this.” She glanced at Brick and decided to do something that was completely out of character. “However, if you do decide to accept these terms I will pay for your son’s medical treatments from my own pocket, regardless of the conclusion.”
"You would do that," Jean cleared her throat.
"I’ll put it in writing." She promised thinking only of the cash prize.
Matron Mary wasn’t doing this out of charity or compassion for Jean or her son. However, it was a small price to pay for someone who was willing to take such a huge risk. It was like playing the lottery but with better odds.
Jean cleared her throat. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my son. And I really mean whatever it takes."
"Then it’s decided," said Matron Mary. "Take the Earth girl with you to expedite the negotiations."
"What about our guest in the ‘special room’," inquired Brick.
"I’ll send one of the other girls to deal him," she said. "Get going."
"Please follow me, Miss Rene" Brick waved his arm towards the door. "You don’t mind if we walk?"
"Not at all," Jean was just relieved that her son was going to get the treatment he needed.
Brick reached up for a silk top hat from the rack and balanced it on his head. He put on a black coat with tails, which looked a lot like an orchestra conductor, and lit an absurdly long cigar in his mouth.
"I see that you are impressed by my sense of human fashion," Brick splayed a wide toothy smile which looked exactly like a skull. "I believe that this suit is the attire of a proper Earth gentleman."
Jean smiled politely and nodded. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings by telling the alien that nobody wore top hats anymore or those suits.
"Don’t I get to wear anything," Jean asked.
"Goodness no," Brick shook his head. "All humans must remain naked in public or at least wear sparse clothing. It makes it easier for copulation to occur in public greetings."
"Let’s stop wasting time." Matron Mary’s tone sounded brisk but calmer. "You make sure that the Earth girl impresses her client."
The streets were full and bustled noisily. Clamour and shouting arose from people going and coming or grouped about the market tables selling and buying wares. The odour of roasted meat mixed with the smell of burnt wood and smoke filled the air. The streets were always so busy and bustling with life.
Hovercrafts flew overhead in a noisy traffic. It was loud and the landscape was weird. As they neared the city centre, traffic picked up and a tall humanoid creature with four arms whistled the hovercraft to stop so that the pedestrians could walk past. An automatic robot sweeper hushed past them, spraying the sidewalk with perfume and antiseptic.
Humans, as well as aliens, were out conducting their usual business; there were travelling crowds of skilled workers, cops and what appeared to be hookers on the sidewalk.
Construction workers, wearing the yellow thermoplastic hard hats, supervised teams of bizarre looking creatures working hoists set in the rigging. One crew attached ropes to the drums, boxes, sacks, and baskets on the dock; another tugged on the ropes to hoist the loads into the other level; while another crew worked below to store other items. Most of them were naked and none of them seemed to mind or care.
These beings, humans and aliens, worked silently and watched their supervisors with more caution than their work. Their need for closer supervision became evident when one female alien took a break in her task of winding a rope to watch Brick and Jean walk passed them.
“Hey, you stupid fuck,” the supervisor shouted a sharp reprimand and cuffed her on the head.
“Take it up with the union,” she shouted back.
It looked like any other Earth city except that this one had aliens as well as humans.
Jean found herself dazzled by the novelty of it all.
There were tall marble statues of aliens standing in oratory poses and others of humans, all naked of course. The crowd travelled in tight packs and the general shouts and conversation hammered through the streets. They walked down a side street and back into more prosperous districts. The structures here were largely elaborate works of art to live in. Most had a golden facade and luxurious gardens. The windows were large, and the gentle wind blew through the streets around them, giving the whole neighbourhood an air of aristocracy.
Suddenly they heard an audience cheering. The roar of the crowd intensified to a pitch as the audience members whistled and hollered. Some stamped their feet or clapped their hands. A chant started in the crowd: "Toettut belongs to us". It grew in intensity, as others took it up. Soon, the whole public square boomed with the sound of voices.
Jean could tell that the shouts were coming from a large crowd that was close by. They were shouting and applauding. The roars became insistent, even frightening in its passion. Some of them were chanting a name, "Rhonda, Rhonda," over and over.
"What the hell is going on over there," Jean asked, the crowd's chants were getting louder.
"I believe that they having a political debate," said the Brick, his arms folded decorously behind his back. "We still have some time. Come, Miss Rene. Let’s have a look to see who is winning."
Clapping sounded all around, shouts of "Give it to her boy!" And teasing encouragement like "How had you like to get it in the ass," or "Would you like that I take over?"
To Jean’s horror, she saw that on the ground was a naked human woman while a giant alien laid himself on top of her pounding himself into her. The creature was massive, shaped more like a bull than a man, but with human-like arms the size of tree trunks and legs like columns. He was hairless, red-skinned and had a perpetual scowl on his face.
The red alien with bulky wide chest and a long snout with horns on the end shouted "Don’t let the bitch win. Pound it into her! Make her cum sooner!"
He pushed his long member into her and laid his chest on the human woman’s small body. No one could have seen this tiny woman if looking from above. This red alien was that big. All one could see was a red muscular enormous body as his red buttocks moving in and out while small white legs appeared at times as they trembled in the air.
Brick gazed down at Jean with a smile when he noticed his shocked reaction.
"There's no need to be alarmed," Brick assured her. "You're perfectly safe with me. As for this human lady… Well, she has consented to this and even insisted on it. She is in no harm or pain. Quite the contrary."
"I'll have to take your word for it," Jean answered a little blushed.
Brick nodded with a pleased acknowledgement and said nothing.
The woman on the ground moaned loudly and from beneath her hands grabbed two handfuls of the alien’s ass-cheek, and she arched her back. Complying with his human partner’s lustful demand, the alien extended his forked tongue, licking all around the lips. The human woman gasped as her vagina was stretched by his red pulsating vein hardened cock, her eyes opened wide when his head lowered in a descending kiss and sucking on her mouth with his forked tongue in her throat. Again, his bull-sized body began trembling and he started to rigorously pump as his red arms gripped her tight.
From the look of strain on his face, the alien was going to set free his sperm into her. The woman could not move from his grip and willingly surrendered to his lust as her legs rose and started shaking in the air. Her legs wrapped around his red smooth buttocks opening herself up. She was wholly eagerly giving herself to being pounded and fucked again under this perspiring red alien. Her arms firmly gripped his red wide waist as she angled her head to the side under his chest and stared at the crowd.
A large crowd of cheering and jeering citizens surrounded the rutting couple. Some were making side bets to see how long they could last. Even Brick made a wager on the alien.
"My money is on the human," shouted one of the onlookers.
"Bad bet" leered one.
"Don’t be a fool," roared another. "He’s a Red Tryrird! He’ll make it!"
"Shut the fuck up! He’s going to pop," shouted a female dwarfish alien with horns and spikes on her back. She had two huge naked breasts. "Go on Ronda! You’re going to do it, baby! Whoopee!"
There must have been hundreds standing around them shouting encouragement, cheering them on.
It wasn’t long before the Red Tryrird reached his maximum limit. His body strained and trembled while he roared loudly, discharging a huge load of sperm into Rhonda’s stretched vaginal cavity. His four eyes grew wide and rolled back into his head.
With an abrupt jerk, the human woman felt his cock swell and harden even more as the red alien’s seed erupted filling her with ounces of extraterrestrial cum. Her mouth was open again as drool poured from her mouth. The exhausted red alien breathed with difficulty. She was full of alien spunk and the remaining sperm poured from between her legs as the satisfied alien pulled his cum dripping red cock from between her thighs. He slowly rolled over and lay beside her.
But she was far from finished with the creature.
Triumphantly, she screamed and climbed on top of his body. The remaining traces of his alien control abandoned him as soon as he’d felt the sweet tight grip of her cunt around his cock.
“I win.” The shout was more of a gasp than a triumphant cry but it had its effect. “I
She lifted her head and stared at Jean curiously as if she were something stranger than the alien she was mounting between her thighs. Rhonda didn’t look away for a moment, but then returned to pumping the Red Tryrird vigorously with her cunt.
Almost as if she couldn’t believe it. Rhonda threw back her head and laughed and laughed. She clomped her feet on the ground and giggled until she fell back. Finally, she sat up straight.
She gloated arrogantly when she saw the black flickers of humiliation in his eyes. The Red Tryrird was clearly irritated. She should have lost, but yet was stronger than he’d imagined.
“I win,” she repeated.
“You must have cheated,” glared another alien angrily from the audience.
Rhonda grinned insolently as she pulled out most of his 10 inched red cock from within her. His juices mixed with his cum dripped from between her legs. Defiantly, Rhonda grabbed hold of her red lover's horns and bucked wildly, humping her pussy into Red Tryrird's face, coating it with him with her juices.
"Aww...c’mon Rhonda! By the gods..." Cried out a bystander. "Have some mercy on the poor bastard!"
The Red Tryrird lay back immobile. His body looked as though he were made of jelly, momentarily spent. The human woman left tiny shiny traces of her slippery love juice coated on the alien’s face. The alien wobbled unevenly and knelt humbled before the woman in front of the spectators.
The human woman stood up and held her head and shoulders proudly, daring any to challenge her. Her eyes were a surprising deep bright blue. As blue as Earth’s sky, Jean thought. The look in those blue eyes was more than defiance. Was there audacity in it?
"You did it, Rhonda baby," the alien dwarf hugged her lovingly, keeping her voice low.
"Was there any doubt," answered the woman, firmly and calmly. She turned to the kneeling alien and lifted up his chin. "I expect you and your species to vote my way on the ballots. Understand?"
Slowly, almost indiscernible, he nodded his head in abject shame.
"That's all I needed to know." The naked woman moved away with an arrogant confident air, encouraged by noisy supporters who cheered her. "I’m running for mayor!"
The crowd responded to Rhonda's announcement with a roar of assent. The loud whooping sounds filled the air as the crowd cheered Rhonda. Suddenly two giant aliens with four eyes and greyish skin held her on their shoulders. They were nine feet tall, but with Rhonda, on their shoulders, they seemed as tall as buildings. They marched around in circles while she downed a full mug of beer. She didn't seem to care when golden liquid spilt out the sides of her mouth and ran down her naked chest and wiped the foam from her lips. One by one the Red Tryrirds moved forward to make individual pledges of loyalty to Rhonda.
Jean could hear the joyous shouts of encouragement and saw alcoholic beverages being passed around.
There were other human girls celebrating. The tiny female dwarfish alien with horns and spikes on her back also had a mug and made sour faces as she sipped at it. She tugged at one of the aliens who was holding Rhonda and he picked her up. She crawled to sit upon his head and kissed Rhonda lovingly on her cheek.
Rhonda then turned to Jean and tapped the alien who was carrying her on the shoulder. He bowed down right in front of Jean.
Suddenly, there was silence in the public square as all eyes were fixed upon Rhonda. She sat neither moving nor speaking, her face still set like that of a marble statue, and almost as unreadable. Jean gazed at her with the rest of the spectators as they waited.
"Are you the Earth girl?" Rhonda asked offering her hand and Jean shook it.
"I guess I am," said Jean awkwardly.
A small smile curled at the corners of her mouth. "I know that Toettut is nothing like Earth and is overwhelming for first timers."
"I’m getting used to it," Jean returned the smile. "Although it is a cultural shock."
"Yeah," Rhonda nodded. "But back here we like to call it by fun fucking!"
The silence succeeded with laughter.
"We've got to talk sometime," Rhonda said. "If you’re ever interested I might have a position for you in my cabinet."
"Er—thanks…" She nodded her head and smiled helplessly.
Rhonda’s lips parted and she gave Jean’s breasts a firm but gentle squeeze.
She nodded and blew her a kiss. He tapped the alien and left.
"Stand aside," the tall aliens called out loudly. "Let our candidate pass."
The crowd followed them like a flock of geese as they crossed the square in a group.
"Impressive," Brick commented as his eyes swept over the woman's graceful, slender torso, pausing on the tips of her breasts, the line of her collarbone, the flatness of her stomach. "I might vote for her myself."
"Is this normal," Jean asked.
"Yes," he grinned. "Come along Miss Rene. We still have your business to attend to."

to be continued