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Mommy's Hypnotic Discipline Chapter 2: Mommy's Hypnotic Delight

2022-08-02 00:00:03

Mommy's Hypnotic Discipline

Chapter Two: Mommy's Hypnotic Delight

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Anna Miller

“Shoot,” I cursed beneath my breath. I hadn't considered my husband would feel guilty for punishing our daughter and fucking the little whore. “Mitch, look at me.”

He stood trembling in our kitchen, the cordless phone clutched in his hand. He was naked, a muscular man with short, sandy-blond hair. He looked horrified, his shoulders hunched, his limp cock glistening with our daughter's virgin pussy cream.


“Mitch, look at me,” I said in an even tone, playing with the amulet I wore around my neck, the red crystal dangling between my breasts, the light from it playing across his face.

“Yes, yes, I...” His words trailed off. He was on the phone with 911, turning himself in for “molesting” our daughter.

Valerie, our nineteen-year-old daughter, wasn't molested. She was punished. I had to convince him. I had to calm him down. I thought I had hypnotized him to understand. He had done it just like I always fantasized. He had taken our daughter in hand, spanked her hard, then fucked her naughty cunt. If he didn't, she would come home one day pregnant, knocked up by some pimple-faced boy. Valerie was so aware of her nubile body. She flaunted it around her father, using it to get herself out of trouble by turning him on.

I was shocked my husband would even feel guilty for taking what she offered.

“Sir, sir, are you still there?” the 911 operator said as he lowered the phone. His blue eyes became unfocused as he stared between my breasts. “Sir, what did you do with your daughter?”

“It's okay,” I told my husband, his eyes locked on the amulet, on the little flaw in it. I spoke calm, clear, gentle. “Relax. You have nothing to feel guilty about. Hang up the phone and let's talk.”

His thumb pressed the “end call” button, cutting off the 911 operator.

“That's good,” I said. “You have nothing to feel guilty about. Disciplining your daughter is a good thing.”

“I... I...” His words came out slow, slurred. “I hurt her. I abused her.”

“No, no, you disciplined her. Remember. How should a slut be disciplined?”

“A slut has to be discipline with her father's cock, or she will fuck every boy she can and wind up pregnant,” he repeated in a monotone.

“That's right. And what is our daughter?”

“Valerie is a slut who must be disciplined,” he repeated.

“And after a slut is disciplined, what is she then?”

“A good girl,” he said.

“And what do good girls need?”

“Good girls need to be encouraged. Good girls need their daddy's cum in their pussies.”

“So why did you call 911?” I asked him, moving closer, my naked breasts swaying. I reveled in this power. My husband was so strong, but he couldn't resist the amulet. I just had to fix him, to make him into the perfect man who punished our little whore of a daughter. “Why did you feel so guilty you wanted to turn yourself in?”

“She's my daughter,” he groaned. “It's not right for a father to have sex with his daughter. It's incest.”

“But what does a good girl need after accepting her spanking?”

“Good girls need to be encouraged,” he repeated again in the same cadence. “Good girls need their daddy's cum in their pussies.”

“If good girls need their daddy's cum in their pussies, it can't be wrong, can it?”

His forehead furrowed.

“If good girls need their daddy's cum in their pussies, it can't be wrong. Right?”

“Well...” His finger twitched. I twisted the amulet, flashing more light across his face. “It's illegal. It's wrong.”

“Society doesn't know what is best for my daughter, my wife knows,” I said. “Repeat.”

“Society doesn't know what is best for my daughter, my wife knows,” he said.

“Again,” I said, shuddering as he repeated it. “Again.” His words came out in a droning flow. “Again.” I manipulated the amulet, watching his glossy eyes following it. My fingers gripped the bottom, rolling the pointed end between my fingers. “Again.”

After he repeated it ten times, I asked, “Is fucking your daughter wrong?”

“Yes,” he said.

“But I say it's not. And who knows what's best for our daughter?”

“Society doesn't know what is best for my daughter, my wife knows,” he repeated, his eyes glossy, drool building at the corners of his lips.

“So if I say it's okay for you to fuck our daughter, that she needs it to be a good girl, then should you feel guilty about it?”

He hesitated.

“Mitch, it's okay to for you to fuck our daughter. She needs it to be a good girl. Should you feel guilty about it?”

“No,” he said slowly. His shoulders shifted. “Society doesn't know what is best for my daughter, my wife knows.”

“That's right,” I told him. “Punishing your daughter is right. Fucking your daughter to keep her being a good girl is right. Repeat.”

I wanted to make sure he understood. The serpentine-like reflection of light from the flaw in the amulet danced across his face. It splashed across his features as he said the words again and again. I smiled as he understood. My pussy grew wetter and wetter.

I covered the amulet. “Honey, do you feel better? Do you understand?”

My husband blinked, shaking his head. “Anna?”

“Do you feel bad about disciplining our daughter?” I asked.

“Well, no,” he said. “Society might say it's wrong, but it's what our daughter needs to be a good girl.”

I smiled, leaned forward, and kissed my husband. My pussy grew hotter. I wanted to keep disciplining Valerie. Her tongue felt amazing licking through my pussy. She put her mouth to good use for once, not giving me lip, not arguing with me, but giving me bliss. It was incredible. The way she moaned as her father fucked her. The way she squirmed.

She would still be bad. I put that in her, little things, just so Mitch and I could punish her.

So I could watch my husband spank our daughter, his muscles flexing as he smacked his hand down on her rump, making her ass red. I shuddered in delight. I wiggled my hips back and forth, feeling my husband's cock hardening. He could fuck me, and then our whore-daughter would have something naughty to lick out of my pussy while she “apologized” to—

A loud knock pounded on the door.

I groaned. Right, Mitch called 911.

“Stay here, honey,” I said as I broke away. “I'll take care of this.”

I turned around and passed through the dining room where our daughter sat, panting, looking dazed from her punishment. She glanced at me and stiffened. She wiped at her pussy-stained face, her light-brown hair swaying about her youthful face.

“Help your father with the dishes,” I told her. “I have to answer the door.”

“Yeah, Mom,” she said, no insolence. She wouldn't be bad right away.

She rose and I shuddered at the sight of her red ass. It was a juicy rump, tight and firm and so spankable. I couldn't help staring at her flaming rump as she gathered up the plates, bending over the table. Cum ran down her thighs and—


I sighed and groaned. I left the dining room and crossed through the living room. I wasn't afraid of the cop. I had the amulet. I held it in my hand. I twisted it. Played with it. My confidence swelled. I reached the door, opened it.

“Officer?” I asked as I stared at the woman at my door in the navy-blue uniform, her thick, black belt covered in all her police equipment. She had auburn hair pulled back into a tight bun, her face plain, a woman in her late thirties who didn't bother with makeup. She had traces of her girlish beauty, still an attractive woman but not one who started herself up.

“Ma'am,” the cop said. Her eyes narrowed. “Why are you naked?”

“Oh, it's my home,” I said, twisting the amulet, the light dancing across the cop's face.

“We had an aborted 911 call from here,” the cop said, her hand on her gun. “A man claiming he molested his daughter.”

“Oh?” I asked. “It must have been my daughter and her friend. They are a naughty pair, especially my daughter.”

“Can I come in to talk to her?” the cop asked, her eyes falling on the amulet.

I kept twisting the amulet, turning it in my hand. “We're talking right now, aren't we? Isn't it nice to talk to me?”

“I have to talk to... to the daughter. And to... to whoever called 911.” Her words were getting slurred. Her eyes struggled to stay focused. “It's a... a crime... Need to...”

“Do you like my amulet?” I asked her.

She nodded her head.

I stepped back into my house, twisting it. the cop stumbled after, following it. Her hand slipped off her handgun. Her breasts rose and fell as I twisted the amulet back and forth. I loved it. No one could resist the amulet. The website was correct.

So many people thought it was a hoax, but it wasn't. This was real. This was power. It didn't matter how strong my husband was. It didn't matter how rebellious my daughter was. I shuddered. It didn't even matter how confident the cop was.

“Do you like my amulet?” I asked again.

“Pretty,” said the cop. “Something in there... A snake... Fiery snake...”

“Just keep looking at it,” I said. “Staring at it. It's so pretty. Every time you look at it, you just relax your mind. You're open to what I say. You know it's true. My words are correct. They clear up any confusion. Right?”

“Your words are correct. They clear up any confusion.”

“Repeat,” I told her, twisting the amulet, loving her saying the words. Just like with my husband and daughter. “Repeat.” I shuddered as she said it. This cop was mine. I would fix this problem. She wouldn't cause difficulties for my family.

Not when it was finally perfect.

“Mom?” my daughter asked. “What's going on? Why is there a cop here?”

“Don't worry about it, honey,” I said. Then, feeling deviant, I ordered, “Come apologize to my asshole while she talks.”

Those words, apologize, triggered my daughter. “Yes, Mom.”

I shuddered as I heard her pad across the room as the cop repeated my words. Officer Carson, according to her nametag, was almost slurring her words as she fell deeper under my control. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs as I smiled.

Valerie fell to her knees on the carpet behind me. I felt her hot breath on my rump. I fought a groan as she parted my butt-cheeks. My asshole felt exposed. I tingled. I'd never had a rimjob, but I read about this deviant delight in those naughty stories I found on the internet.

Her tongue licked across my tongue, just grazing the edge of my pussy lips, up into my butt-crack, and across my sphincter. I groaned as the pleasure surged through me. Her wet and nimble tongue danced around my asshole. She caressed me, teased me, made me want to moan.

My fingers gripped the amulet, twisting it as the cop repeated her words.

“Mmm, yes,” I moaned, my daughter's tongue caressing my asshole. She fluttered against me. “So, when I tell you, Officer Carson, that it was a prank, you believe me?”

“Of course,” Officer Carson said.

“Just a prank. You know kids.”

“I do,” Officer Carson said. Something twisted her expression. There was a hint of emotion in her face. My eyes flicked down to her left hand. No wedding ring.

“You have kids?”

“A daughter,” she muttered. “A handful.”

I nodded my head. A single mother. Poor thing. No husband to spank her child. “So if it was just a prank, some dumb kids messing around on the phone, what will you do?”

“File a report,” the cop said. “Issue a warning. Unless I feel it necessary to issue a citation for misusing 911.”

“You don't need to issue a citation. It was just dumb kids. You know they're being disciplined.” I shuddered, my daughter's tongue lapping at my asshole, her hands gripping my thighs as her tongue ran in circles around my naughty sphincter. “What will you do?”

“Issue a warning,” she said. “Write up my report.”

“Good, good,” I moaned. “That's all that happened here. Just radio it in. No crime happened. You spoke to my daughter. She and her friend...” I searched for a guy's name. “Her friend, Dennis Marshal, confessed. You admonished them. So no evidence of molestation. Repeat that.”

As she spoke, I fought my groans. My pussy grew hotter and hotter as my daughter's tongue fluttered around my asshole. She darted around my sphincter. It was wicked. Heat shuddered through me. Her tongue was wet and hot.

She pressed it into my asshole. I groaned. My breasts jiggled. My butt-cheeks squeezed around her face. I wiggled my hips from side to side, pussy juices spilling down my thighs. Her tongue wiggled into my bowels. She swirled it around.

It felt incredible.

“Mmm, rub Mommy's pussy while you apologize,” I murmured while the cop repeated her instructions. “Again, Officer Carson.”

My daughter moaned into my asshole as her hand slid up my thigh. Tingles raced up my body. She found my juicy twat. Her fingers caressed up and down my pussy folds, caressing me as she swirled her tongue around inside my bowels. My hips wiggled. My breasts jiggled.

I groaned in delight. My pleasure built and built faster and faster. It was so hot having my daughter eat me out before this cop. Before this complete stranger. Her monotonous words, repeating my command, swelled my orgasm as fast as my daughter.

I had such power. I could do such wicked things. I could change things. There must be other mothers needing to take command of sons and daughters. I shuddered, my pussy soaking Valerie's fingers. My asshole clenched around her tongue.

Her tongue thrust into my asshole. She fucked it into my bowels depths. Her fingers brushed my clit. My eyes fluttered. Juices spilled out of me. I whimpered. Groaned. My daughter's naughty tongue doing something productive.

I kept twisting the amulet as my body shook. The pressure swelled. My toes curled under me. Her fingers caressed my clit.

“Yes,” I groaned as my orgasm detonated in me.

Rapture surged through me. The amulet shook in my hand, the cop's dull eyes following it as she repeated her commands. Pleasure flooded out of my cunt, soaking my daughter's fingers. My asshole writhed about her tongue, my butt-cheeks squeezed on her face.

Pleasure spilled through me. It burned across my mind. Such wonderful ecstasy. I groaned as I shuddered. My tits heaved. My hair danced around my shoulders as I cried out in such joy. My daughter finally loved me the way she should.

“No molestation happened,” finished the cop as I shuddered to the peak of my orgasm.

“That's right,” I moaned. “Radio it in.”

The officer grabbed her lapel mic and spoke to her dispatcher. I clapped my hand over my mouth, muffling my moans and pants as my daughter kept rimming me, kept stroking me. Another climax spilled over me. More rapture poured through me.

When the cop finished, my brain burning from the incestuous bliss, I asked, “You have a daughter?”

“Yes,” the cop answered.

“I bet she's a real handful. Mmm, wouldn't you just love a way to control her? To make sure she was always a good girl?” I shuddered as my daughter's tongue wiggled around inside my asshole. “To discipline her when she's bad?”

“Yes,” the cop answered.

I smiled, wicked ideas bursting through my mind.


Mitch Miller

The next day, my wife walked into the living room and smiled at me, playing with her amulet.

...good girls use their mouths not to talk back but to suck their daddy's cocks...

“I see Valerie's being a good girl,” my wife said as our daughter bobbed her head up and down my dick. Valerie's lips were sealed tight about cock, working up and down my shaft. Our nineteen-year-old daughter sucked with passion.

“Yeah,” I said. “She's being a good girl today.” I held a handful of my daughter's hair as I stared down her back at her rump, still pink from her spanking yesterday.

Valerie moaned about my dick as my wife sat down beside me. Anna had a bright smile on her red lips, her amulet swaying between her naked tits. She leaned back on the couch, watching with smoky eyes.

My dick throbbed and ached. Society thought this was wrong, but my wife knew best. Our daughter had to be a good girl. We couldn't let her be a wild slut. A tramp. I had to be dominant with her. Discipline her. Reward her.

My balls tightened as Valerie sucked with hunger. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft. She sucked with passion. I groaned as I gripped her hair. I clutched her hair, her silky strands sliding through my fingers. She sucked me. Loved me.

It was incredible. I had never thought about my daughter as a sexual creature, now everything she did was enticing. Her young, nubile body was incredible. Those small, perky tits... Her cute, curving rump... Long legs... Flirty smile...

Just sexy. My wife was pretty, but... Valerie was young and tight.

“Mmm, she's just sucking hard on your cock,” purred Anna, her thighs rubbing together. “Just fire your cum into her mouth. Give her that reward.”

“Yeah,” I groaned; my eyes drawn to my wife's round breasts. They were lovely, but not as firm as Valerie's. The red, crystal amulet with the serpentine flaw in it swayed between Anna's tits.

Where had she gotten that?

She kept twisting it as my daughter sucked my cock. Pleasure spilled through my body as I stared at that amulet. It was so fascinating. Especially with my daughter bobbing her head, sucking hard on my dick, making my shaft's sensitive tip throb.

...A good husband uses his mouth to love his wife's pussy...

The words spoke to me as my daughter blew my cock.

...A good husband uses his mouth to love his wife's pussy...

They repeated over and over in my mind while my wife's lips moved. I shuddered, staring at the amulet, my dick throbbing, aching in my daughter's mouth. The words wrapped about my thoughts, cocooning me in this warmth.

...A good husband uses his mouth to love his wife's pussy...

“Oh, yes, yes, eat my pussy,” my wife moaned.

I blinked. I was lying on my back on the couch, my daughter still sucking my cock. My wife's brown-furred muff lowered to my face. I licked my lips, eager to devour her even as I was a little confused as to how I got in this position, but... I loved eating my wife's pussy. A good husband should do that. I wanted to be a good husband.

...A good husband uses his mouth to love his wife's pussy...

Her silky bush, soaked with her tart juices, brushed my lips. I shuddered. My tongue fluttered through her mouth, gathering her juices. She moaned out in delight as our daughter sucked my cock. Pleasure shot through me as my wife's weight settled on me.

Her juices spilled into my mouth, soaking my tongue. I thrust my tongue into her depths. I shuddered as the pleasure built and built in me, my tongue darting through her folds. I feasted on my wife, eating her with hunger.

“Oh, yes, Mitch!” moaned my wife. “Mmm, I can feel how much you love me.”

“So much,” I groaned, wondering what my daughter's pussy tasted like. Valerie was so young and delicious.

My wife wiggled her hips from side to side, smearing her pussy on my mouth, her silky pubic hair caressed me. I groaned, savoring the tart pussy. My tongue fluttered through the folds of her snatch. I sucked on her. Nibbled on her. She squirmed on my face. I sucked on her clit.

My dick throbbed and pulsed in Valerie's sucking mouth. She brought me closer and closer to cumming. My cock ached. Her tongue danced around the tip. The pleasure surged down my shaft to my aching balls. I groaned, gripping my wife's thighs.

“Oh, yes, Valerie,” my wife moaned, squirming on my face. “Pleasure your father. That's what your mouth is for.”

“She's a good girl,” I moaned into my wife's snatch.

“And we have to keep her that way,” my wife moaned, grinding her hot cunt on my mouth, her silky bush caressing me.

“We will,” I moaned then thrust my tongue deep into my wife's pussy. I stirred it around in her. I fluttered it, making her squirm.

Valerie sucked with such hunger. My balls grew tighter and tighter. I groaned into my wife's snatch. My hands gripped her thighs, feeling her sleek muscles rippling as she squirmed. I growled. My toes curled.

My cock erupted.

My cum spurted into my daughter's mouth.

I flooded her with my incestuous spunk. I gave her the reward she needed. My jizz spilled into her mouth. She gulped it down, swallowing my cum as the pleasure slammed through me. My body bucked on the couch as I moaned into my wife's pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes, cum in our good girl's mouth!” my wife moaned, grinding her cunt on my face. “Make me cum, honey, as you flood our daughter with your spunk!”

...A good husband uses his mouth to love his wife's pussy...

I sucked hard on Anna's clit. I loved her bud. I nibbled on it. She squirmed and groaned. Her hips wiggled from side to side. Her juices spilled over my cheeks. I breathed in her tart passion as she gasped.

“Yes, yes, my perfect family!” my wife moaned. “Oh, yes, Mitch! It's wonderful!”

My daughter moaned about my cock, sucking down my spunk as my wife came on my mouth. I drank her juices. I loved her as I spilled my cum into my daughter's mouth. I shuddered as this incestuous rapture burned through me.

My wife gasped atop me as my orgasm peaked. The pleasure died down. My daughter popped her mouth off my cock. She panted as she stroked me. She licked my dick while my wife's moans echoed through the living room.

“Oh, yes, just a perfect family,” my wife moaned. “Mmm, Valerie, you enjoy being a good girl.”

“Yes, Mom,” my daughter said, her voice breathy. “It's yummy. Everything is so different.”

“Mmm, yes, now, go get your homework done. I have guests coming over in an hour, and I'll need you and your father to help with your lesson.”

“Sure, Mom,” Valerie said, obeying, not giving any lip. No fighting between them. Just peace.


Anna Miller

“Hello, Officer Carson,” I said, opening the door an hour after cumming on my husband's mouth. I still buzzed from the excitement.

“Please, call me Trina,” the cop said. “I'm off-duty.”

She looked far more feminine today. She had a light amount of makeup on, highlighting her cheeks, hiding those signs of ages. Her auburn hair fell in full waves around her face. Her green eyes highlighted the freckles along her cheekbones I hadn't even noticed the day before. She wore a sleeveless, light-blue sundress. Standing beside her was a redheaded girl with a sullen look on her face. She looked twenty or twenty-one, a rebellious slut like my own daughter used to be.

“This is Evie,” Trina added. She nudged her daughter.

The girl sighed. “Hey. Why am I here again?”

“To learn to be a better daughter,” I said, lifting up my pendant draped over my breasts. I twisted it. I worked it back and forth. “Come in, come in. I'm going to transform your relationship. Make you into a good girl.”

The girl shook her head. Her eyes were going slightly unfocused. She lifted her phone slowly, wanting to hold it before her, but her gaze couldn't pull away from the pendant. The light danced across both their faces. The mother's eyes were already glazed.

Once someone went under the amulet, it was easy for them to be dominated.

“Evie, you want to be a good girl, right?”

“No,” she muttered. “I just want mom to leave me alone and stop bothering me.”

I cocked my head. “And if you're a good girl, she'll stop bothering you. Repeat that.”

“If I'm a good girl, she'll stop bothering me,” she said, her phone lowering. She absently shoved it into her pants pocket, her breasts rising and falling in the trendy top she wore, the neckline wide, leaving her right shoulder exposed. The hem was a diagonal sweep, reaching her hip on her right side and then sweeping up to expose half her midriff on the other, her bellybutton exposed.

As she repeated the words, I backed up, leading them into the living room. I shuddered, loving the power I had over them. A cop and her daughter. I would mold them. Trina would know how to handle Evie, just like my husband handled Valerie now.

Plus, I would make sure that pesky guilt wouldn't rear its head. I wouldn't make that mistake I made with my husband.

“How do you keep your mother from bothering you?” I asked.

“By being a good girl,” Evie said.

“Right,” I said. “Now what do you define as bothering?”

“When she tells me what to do,” the girl said. “When she thinks she can control me.”

“But she can control you. She's your mother.”

“I'm not her property.” A small flare of emotion flicked across her face.

“No, you're her daughter. And daughters are controlled by their mothers.” I twisted the amulet. “Repeat that.”

“Daughters are controlled by their mothers,” she said in a monotone, her pupils wide. I loved it, my pussy growing hotter and hotter.

“It's good that she bothers you,” I said. “She loves you and knows what's best.”

“She... does?” the girl asked.

“Of course. She raised you. She gave birth to you. She knows what's best. Daughters are controlled by their mothers.”

“Daughters are controlled by their mothers,” she said, drool building in the corners of her mouth.

It also ran down her mother's chin.

“Right.” So what happens when you're not a good girl?”

“She bothers me,” she said. “Because she knows what's best for me.”

“She spanks you.” I grinned at her. “When you're a bad girl, you have to spanked, right?”

“No,” she said, her brow furrowed. “Spanking isn't right.”

“Neither is being a bad girl. So you have to be spanked. Your mother has to discipline you. She has to spank you. A bad girl wants to be spanked. Repeat that.”

“A bad girl wants to be spanked,” she said, her words coming out in a flat monotone.

I nodded my head and turned to her mother. “When your daughter is a bad girl, it makes you wet. You don't feel guilty. It's natural. When your daughter is a bad girl, it makes you wet. You don't feel guilty. It's natural.”

The cop blinked.

“Repeat that,” I told her, playing with the amulet.

Mother and daughter repeated their commands. I waited, letting the words sink into their subconscious minds and change them. I shuddered, playing with them, molding them. This was so wicked, guiding them to the truths I learned on the internet. That naughty website had so many stories of daughters being spanked and punished. The way they deserved, but society thought it was wrong. I had to overcome everyone's conditioning.

“When your daughter is bad, you're horny to spank her,” I said to Trina. “You feel no guilt. It's right to be horny when spanking your daughter. Repeat that.” Her words spilled from her lips as I turned to the daughter. “Being spanked makes you wet. It gives you pleasure. It hurts, but it makes you burn. It is right to grow horny when your mother spanks you. Repeat.”

Her words trembled out of her, merging with her mothers. I smiled as I watched them, their faces blank, their eyes glazed over. I held the amulet before me, moving it right and left, their eyes following it, bemused by it. My smile grinned.

“Trina, when your daughter is bad, what do you do?”

“Spank her,” she said. “I have to. It makes me wet. I don't feel guilty at all about it.”

I smiled. “Evie, when you're bad, what does your mother have to do?”

“Spank me.” She shuddered and color appeared in her cheeks. “I'm bad all the time. I need to be spanked. It makes me wet.”

“Follow,” I said, walking backward, the pair stumbling after me, a line of drool running down the daughter's chin.

I led them into the kitchen where my husband and our daughter waited.

“...isn't that neat, Daddy,” my daughter was saying.

“Yeah,” my husband said. He looked up to see me. He was naked, our daughter bound to the table, ready to be my example. He gave me a bright smile. “You should tell your mother.”

“What's neat?” I asked.

“That the hippocampus controls your sense of fear. If it's larger, you have more sensitivity to it. It's also closely related to the amygdala. Both are used to process the context of a situation and how you should react to it.” She smiled at me. “Daddy's helping me study for my biology test on Monday while we waited.”

“Wonderful,” I said, such a thrill running through me. I turned to my two hypnotized subjects. “Now this is my husband and my daughter. She's been a bad girl and needs to be spanked.

“I do,” moaned my daughter. “I did something wicked on the internet. Now my daddy needs to spank me. It makes me wet.”

“Watch, Evie, this is how you have to act for your mother. You have to be wet for her to discipline you. Begging for it.”

“I have to be wet for Mom to discipline me,” the redheaded girl said, her nipples pressing hard at her blouse. “Begging for it.”

I nodded my head. “Mitch.”

His hand cracked down on our daughter's rump. Pleasure washed out of my aching cunt as my daughter bucked, her arms, bound across the table, stretching. Her hips wiggled back and forth. Her ass burned bright red, her butt-cheek rippling from the force. A line of pussy juices ran down her thigh.

“See, Trina, this is how you discipline your daughter,” I purred.


“You have to be strong.”


“You have to spank her hard.”


“It makes you so juicy.”


“Listen to my daughter's moans.”


“Oh, Daddy, keep spanking me,” gasped my daughter. Valerie's body bucked. Her juices spilled down her thighs. Her hips wiggled from side to side.


“You understand, Trina. You have to discipline your daughter like this without feeling guilty. It's your duty to discipline her, and your reward to grow horny while doing it.”




“Yes,” Trina moaned. Her nipples were as hard as her daughter's. Her hips wiggled from side to side. Her sundress squirmed around them. They spilled around her thighs.


“And when you're done spanking her, you have to give her a reward, too. Right, Mitch?”

“Good girls need to be encouraged,” my husband said, lining up his cock, our daughter's ass glowing bright red now. “Good girls need their daddy's cum in their pussies.”

He slammed into our daughter's cunt.

Evie gasped and swayed. She grabbed her mom's hand, her eyes glassy.

Trina moaned in what sounded like envious delight.

“Trina, you have to buy a strap-on to fuck your daughter after spanking her,” I said. “Repeat that.” I turned to the daughter. “Evie, after being spanked, you have to thank your mother. You have to please her. With your body. Eat her pussy. Take her dildo. Rim her ass. Whenever she tells you, you will pleasure her because being a good daughter makes you feel amazing. Repeat.”

She did as my husband fucked our daughter.

He thrust hard into Valerie. My pussy burned, juices dripping down my thighs as my husband's cock plowed in and out of the little girl we created. He plunged into her cunt as she squirmed on the table, her breasts rubbing into the cool surface. His dick pumped hard and fast into her, driving over and over into her womb.

“Evie, to practice eating pussy, you want to eat mine. You like eating my pussy. You will fall down to your knees and devour me,” I moaned, twisting my amulet. My other hand hiked my skirt, revealing my naked pussy, my brown bush soaked in my juices.

The girl was so under the trance she didn't object. She fell to her knees before me, her mother repeating her commands over and over. The girl grabbed my hips. There was something robotic about the way she pressed her face against my pussy. The way her tongue fluttered through my folds. Her eyes stared up at the amulet I dangled over her head.

Her nimble tongue licked me. I groaned in delight, shuddering as Evie devoured me. My husband groaned beside us, plowing into our daughter's cunt hard. He drove his dick into her pussy, his balls smacking into her flesh.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” my daughter howled. “Oh, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! I was such a bad girl! You earned my pussy!”

“Listen, Evie,” I purred. “Listen to my daughter. You will sound like that for your mother. You will thank her for spanking you, and you will beg her to fuck you. You're her little lesbian slut now.”

“Lesbian slut,” the girl murmured into my pussy, her words muffled. Her tongue brushed my clit, sending a spark of delight through my cunt.

“You are your mother's good, pussy-licking girl,” I moaned.

“...good, pussy-licking...” Her tongue caressed my aching labia. The oral pleasure was incredible. I shuddered against her, my hips wiggling from side to side, my juices spilling over her mouth. This was incredible. I groaned, my eyes fluttering. I licked my lips, my heart racing in my chest as I savored this.

My husband fucked our daughter faster, harder. He plowed into her pussy's depths. He fucked her nineteen-year-old cunt hard. He grunted, groaned, savoring her twat. He fucked her because I ordered him to. They were both perfect now.

My perfect, loving family.

“Fuck our daughter harder, honey!” I moaned. “Make her explode on your dick. Reward her for being a good girl!”

“Yes, honey,” Mitch groaned. He leaned over the table, bracing his hands on either side of our bound daughter. He slammed into her hard, spanking her cherry-red ass with his crotch. The broad muscles of his back rippled. His meaty ass flexed.

God, he was a handsome man. Now he was perfect. Now he understood and listened to me. No more nagging to get him to do something about our daughter. No more complaining about helping out around the house.

Why should I clean it? Do the dishes? I had a husband and daughter for that.

“Ooh, yes, yes, just like that,” I purred, my pussy grinding on Evie's hot lips.

I glanced over at Trina, the cop's hands rubbing at her pussy through her dress, masturbating while she stared blankly ahead, words tumbling out of her mouth. She trembled, her breasts jiggling in her top.

Evie's tongue darted into my pussy. She swirled around inside of me. She caressed me. Stimulated me. Bliss shot out through me. This wonderful passion that burned through me. I groaned, my heart pounding fast, hard. This was such a wicked treat to witness. To unleash.

The girl's tongue brushed my clit. Swirled around it. She sucked on it. pleasure sparked through me. I bit my lips, whimpering. My breasts jiggled beneath my blouse, my nipples hard and aching. In need.

“Trina,” I moaned. “To thank me for making your daughter into a good girl, unbutton my blouse and suck on my nipples. Please me.”

“Yes, thank you,” Trina moaned, her words robotic. She pulled her hands from her skirt, her dress still bunched between her thighs. I smelled sweet pussy, a different scent from my daughter's cunt or my own. Juices glistened on the cop's fingers.

She was wet. I loved it.

Her fingers fumbled at my buttons, working them down as her daughter nursed at my clit. I shuddered as the mother opened my blouse, exposing my round breasts. They were still perfect, just as lovely as my daughter's. My husband loved them.

Trina cupped my breasts. She leaned in and nuzzled between them. She rubbed her face back and forth between my tits. I shuddered as she kissed and sucked and nibbled on my inner slopes. Her tongue was hot and wet.

“Oh, yes, yes, thank me,” I moaned, her tongue running up to my nipple. She swirled around it. “Oh, yes, Mitch, isn't she grateful?”

“Uh-huh,” he groaned, his strokes hard. “I'm going to cum in our daughter.”

“Do it!” I moaned, staring at him, watching his cock emerging from our daughter's cunt soaked in her juices. Then he slammed back into her, his crotch smacking her rump.

“Yes, yes, cum in my pussy, daddy!” she moaned. “Good girls need their daddy's cum in them! I don't want a nasty boy to do it. I need my daddy to control my lusts!”

“Yes!” I moaned, my body shuddering, my pussy clenching as Evie's tongue darted into my depths.

The slut swirled her tongue around inside of me while her mother's sucking at my nipple brought me closer and closer to my own orgasm. My husband slammed into her daughter as my toes curled against the hardwood floor.

He grunted. Growled. His face twisted with pleasure. My daughter squealed. I knew that incestuous cum was spurting into her depths. He flooded her with his cum. He fired so much into her, filling her to the brim. He grunted, groaned.

Her tight cunny milked him. My own clenched on Evie's tongue. I groaned, Trina suckling hard on my nipple. The dual pleasures shot through me, meeting in my core as I watched my husband spurt all that jizz into our daughter's fertile depths.

I wouldn't let some nasty boy breed her. A perfect family wouldn't be ruined that way


“Yes, yes, yes,” I howled as I came. “Flood our daughter! Give her all that rewarding cum!”

“Daddy's filling me, Mom!” my daughter howled. “He's firing so much cum in me!”

“She's so hot! So tight! I love fucking our daughter, Anna!”

My husband's words made me shudder. No more guilt. I fixed him. My pussy convulsed so hard, writhing around Evie's tongue. I flooded the girl's mouth with my tart juices. The scent filled the air. I shuddered, my nipple throbbing in Trina's mouth.

I had such power. Such control. It was intoxicating. This heat surged through me. This wondrous passion that had me trembling. I whimpered and groaned, my stomach clenching, writhing. It was incredible. A naughty delight to enjoy.

My juices flooded her mouth. She drank them down.

“Oh, Trina, yes, yes, it's time for you to spank your daughter. I covered the amulet as I stumbled back. “She's been bad.”

“What?” Trina gasped, blinking her eyes. Then she stared down at her daughter. “Is that pussy cream on your face, young lady?”

“It is, Mom,” moaned the girl. “I've been so bad. I've done such naughty things.”

I smiled as Evie bent down beside my daughter on the table. Her mother unfastened the girl's jeans and ripped a whorish thong out of the girl's butt-crack, exposing a shaved pussy dripping with juices. I shook my head. Evie was even more of a tramp than my daughter. In a year or two, my Valerie would have been just like that.

But I saved her. I made our family perfect.

I bet there were other women who needed this. My neighbors all had children that exasperated them. Like Wendy, that other slut who'd helped my daughter make a mess in my kitchen the other day. She lived up the street. I bet her mother, Rita, would need some help. Wendy had an older sister that was always getting into trouble, too. And then there was my friend Holly. Her daughter was brought home in a cop car the other night. She was eighteen which meant she was still too young to be drinking at a party.

I could help them all. Their husbands could be shaped up, too. I would make them into perfect families.


“Mom, yes!” Evie gasped as she received her first taste of discipline. The little whore squirmed.

I had this hypnotism down.

To be continued...