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If anyone ever knew

2022-01-13 02:00:04

They have known one another for their entire lives. They have shared secrets and kept secrets from each other. They had fought countless times followed by countless truces and apologies.

They shared a lot, except for each other.

Each has had and are having sex with others. With teenage hormones raging through their bodies it drove a need that required only little justification. They had opportunities with each other over the years but each knew it would ruin things between them.

That alone has been the one factor that managed their temptations, until now.

They never shared much information or details about their individual sexual encounters. Sex was being had but to talk about it amongst themselves had seemed crass, until now.

Things do change when you turn 18, it changes somewhat in the mind most of all. Its a pivotal time, a milestone. Just the esoteric value alone of being 18 is a game changer.

You aren’t a kid anymore you are an adult and are expected to act like one. You can make decisions that have far reaching implications, and you own those decisions.

Not like you one doesn’t have ownership of their decisions the day before.

With some of that protection now gone you either become scared and crouch in the shadows or become bold and assertive.

Many are ready to tackle the world, do things, do things that matter and do what you want, what you have always wanted to do.

They turned 18 on the same day. There was the usual hoopla and speeches given the particular occasion.

He had to register for the draft while she didn’t. She talked about college while he didn’t.

Each of them harbored something within them that they would ultimately share with each other.

Being considered adults now they felt empowered, just by their age alone, that perhaps they could talk of intimate issues .......... and so it was one particular evening.

Being close has they have been as children they felt they can raise the stakes and talk about a subject never broached.

Chris felt inside that he was a man now and wanted to do “man” things.

Kristen had always felt like a woman from the time she was 13, when birth control began. She was never shy nor was she brash or bitchy rather she was somewhere in the middle.

It was about two weeks after their birthday. The big event was over and being 18 had settled in for everyone involved.

They were always at one house or another and on this occasion, as it was on many others, they were alone.

It had always been that way as there was never a concern about such them being together and alone.

The segway was his current girlfriend, Kristen knew the girl,

“Shes a WHORE”, she exclaimed.

Chris rolled his eyes and looked at Kristen,

“Well DUH”, he replied sarcastically.

She looked at him with a mocking frown,

“Of course you know that, you pig”, she said returning the sarcasm.

“Yeah well, Monica and I are done”, he said.

Kristen knew him, probably better than anyone, and his demeanor was clearly visible.

He wasn’t crushed and/or left picking up the pieces of his broken heart. He was in it for the sex, the same as Monica was.

“Ahhh poor baby, you look all torn up about it”, she said mockingly.

He rolled his eyes in dismay,

“All right, all right thats enough”, he replied with shit eating grin.

The kidding and ribbing was over now.

“Just be glad you didn’t knock that bitch up”, said Kristen.

He instantly shook his head,

“Wasn’t gonna happen, with any of them”, he replied.

“At least you have been smart enough to use protection”, she said.

There was silence between them and the look in his eyes and him drawing in his lower lip was telling.

She stood up, stepped to him and with both hands pushed him back in his seat,

“OH MY GOD CHRIS, ARE YOU AN IDIOT”, she hollered.

He had taken her push in a relaxed manner. He continued to lay back in the chair in a limp fashion while she

stood back and ranted.

He looked at her stoically while she continued her little tirade

She finally sat down in a flustered manner and crossed her arms looking at him as if to convey “what do you have to say for yourself young man”.

“So every guy you ever been with wore a condom” ?, he asked.

“WHAT”, she responded with a deer in the headlights look.

Tensing his muscles he pulled himself upright in the chair and looked her right in the eyes,

“You heard me”, he said with a half smile.

Now her look was telling and he couldn’t help but to take advantage of this opportunity. He stood and looked down at her in mock dismay,

“WHY KRISTEN, YOU WHORE, YOU LASCIVIOUS WHORE, HOW COULD YOU TAKE SUCH A CHANCE LIKE THAT” ............ and he continued with his own mocking tirade about the dangers and “what ifs” of such behavior.

She sat there with crossed arms drawing her lips together. It was a desperate attempt to keep from smiling but it was no good. Her cheeks raised despite her attempts and she finally busted out laughing.

This was entirely new ground for them. It was a subject never ever before spoken about between them. Sex in generalities yes but as personal experiences, NO.

After their mutual laughing had diminished they could finally be a bit more serious. They had their back and forth, reasonings, justifications, etc, etc.

“Chris, Its different for me, I’ve been on birth control since I was 13” she explained.

He shrugged his shoulders to indicate “so what”,

“Thats was every girl I’ve been with said too”, he replied.

“Oh, and you trusted in that” ?, she asked.

“Well in fact NO, I didn’t trust in that THANK YOU ! God knows I wanted to”, he replied.

“still want to”, he almost inaudibly whispered.

She looked at him with question in her eyes,

“So basically you played Vatican Roulette” ?, she asked.

Each knew the Urban Dictionary definition. It meant bringing yourself to the edge and then pulling out at the last second.

“YES”, he replied without any shame whatsoever.

“So you have never ......uhhhh, you know, uhhhh, well uhhhh, left it in” ?, she asked.

It was weird that the actual words and terminology required had to be negated from their dialog. It didn’t make sense.

“I never did cum in any of them. I DIDN’T TRUST THEM OKAY !”, he exclaimed with exasperation.

There was silence as each stood there looking at each other, him with a fire and want his eyes, her with sadness and on the edge of tears in her eyes.

He looked at her quizzically because of the moistness in her eyes,

“Whats the matter” ?, he asked.

She stood there staring ahead in disbelief and let out a short breath,

“they never trusted me”, she whispered weakly.

It hit him just then why it never lasted with the girls he was with and what the ending issue always was.

They (girls) longed to fully complete the act.

He was looking at the girl who wanted the same thing yet she to had never received it.

Each of them wanted it so bad, they wanted to know what it felt like, to have that moment, that closeness, that level of trust and intimacy, the ultimate release.

Until that moment he felt that he was the only guy in the world that didn’t indulge, that didn’t take that chance, that didn’t throw all caution to the wind and roll the dice for that 10 seconds of pure ecstasy.

Looking at her he knew how she felt, he knew how many of them had felt. It caused him some regret but in a different way.

Many had basically begged him to cum inside of them but he was always frightened.

He didn’t want to ruin his life or theirs despite the protection they exclaimed.

He wanted to let it go inside so bad it almost drove him mad. He would go home afterwards and masturbate and imagine shooting his load in those girls.

The ending was always satisfactory, no pregnancy, in his little jack off fantasies.

Him pulling out always assured no pregnancy well, “almost assured” anyway.

There was always that chance of cum seeping out while they were fucking.

He refused to wear a condom. He tried it one once but to him it was like whats the point. He couldn’t feel much at all rather it was merely the fact that he was getting some pussy, and was moving in and out.

He hated the sensation or lack thereof.

To him if it wasn’t real, wasn’t natural, then he may as well jack off because he could feel that.

Of course imagination played a HUGE part of it but still, if your gonna fuck then two people should FUCK. He just couldn’t bring himself to do the ultimate inside of them.

He was selfish in a way and he knew it. He got his nut but he always tried to make sure the girl got hers. He could and would eat pussy. Like any teenage male he could recover quickly and fuck again and again and cum each time.

They embraced wrapping arms tight around one another. She lay her head on his shoulder,

“I want to know”, she whispered.

“ME TOO”, he replied.

They pulled back enough to look at one another,

“should we” ?, she asked while looking him in the eye.

Each knew that if there was nobody else in the world they could trust one another.

“I TRUST YOU”, he said looking her right in the eyes.


It was affirmed, they were going to perform the ultimate act, with each other, even as forbidden as it was.

They continued to stare at each other, searching one another’s eyes for a hint of reluctance or fear.

Each one was waiting for the other to take the lead. He slightly moved back taking her with him. There was no reluctance and she readily moved with him down the hall towards her bedroom.

They knew they would be alone for a few hours and even if they came home it was not an issue with them being in her bedroom.

When they entered her room he flicked the light switch on. She proceeded in the door right behind him and switched it off then closed the door.

She walked past him and sat on the edge of her bed. He moved and sat next to her. They couldn’t really see one another but it was still an awkward moment.

Neither knew if they should kiss or even say anything. Making the first move she pulled her shirt over her head. Hearing it and sensing the movement, rather than than seeing it, he began to remove his clothes.

He reached out and touched her bare skin. She pulled in a breath of nervous excitement. It was difficult to determine which one was more amorous.

They leaned against each other, the feeling of their skin merging wasn’t as awkward as anticipated.

He didn’t realize she had slipped her bra off once removing her shirt.

Her breasts gently rubbed against his chest.

He leaned more against her while orienting his body up and over her as he continued pushing her back onto the bed. He didn’t have to “push” her down rather she readily complied.

She lay with her legs straight out which was purposeful.

Just when she wondered if he would get the hint she was gratified when she felt his hands grab the slim waistband of her panties.

He began to pull them down and she raised her butt up to help him facilitate the removal.

She reached out and latched on to the front if his waistband and pulled at them. Given her position she could pull them down but her indication was clear.

He removed his own underwear then again kneeled in front of her. Reaching out she found his his swollen cock sticking straight out.

Wrapping her hand around it she judged the size.

Seeing is believing but it was dark but how it filled her hand let her know what she was in for.

As she fondled him him he reached down and ran a finger into her slit.

There was an ever so slight smacking crackle of cream that she excreted which parted her cunt lips.

Running two fingers up and down her slit he made sure the entire area was well lubed.

He withdrew his fingers from her and she let go of his cock. He rubbed his wet fingers over the head of his cock.

Leaning over her and placing one hand on the bed above her shoulder he used the other hand to guide his tool to her waiting twat.

She readily parted her legs even more to accept him.

He moved forward and oriented his hips into position which enabled him to contact her outer labia with the very tip of his cock head.

Wiggling his dick he inserted his tip into her slit and pushed to firmly implant his head well into her slot.

He know moved his other and placing it above her other shoulder to keep his weight off of her.

She placed the palms if her hands on his sides, wrapping her fingers over the curve to his back.

He pushed forward penetrating her while easing his torso down onto her.

She grunted as he thrust his manhood further inside of her.

He breathed out a gratifying moan as she constricted her ring of vaginal muscles to squeeze his dick.

He leaned more onto her while she moved her hands to his upper back pulling him closer to her.

He heaved forward, burying himself completely inside of her. She pulled her legs back and open further, inviting him to touch her deepest nether region.

Such began the slow deep penetrating, methodical and mutually passionate making of love.

The intention was known from the start, he was going to cum inside of her and she wanted to receive it.

They had trust, they had history, they had a particular love and intimacy that many didn’t possess or even knew existed.

They had a lot together, just not passion, not this type of physical contact, not this level of loving trust, not with anyone let alone each other.

This act was meant to cement their bond, to be each others “first” and to give them a thrilling secret that only they know.

They knew it in their hearts and this secret “naughtiness” at best and “forbidden” activity at worst only drove their passions.

This is simply the way it was and maybe even the way it should be.

She had already let go of any inhibition from the start as his dick continued to drive in and out of her, she only wanted what he wanted.

Feeling the soft yet firm gripping of her inner folds he wanted nothing but to fill her with seed.

While he made passionate love to her she couldn’t stop the flow of fluids drenching his pistonning cock.

As he pumped in and out of her he was coached on by the next wave of jizz that gushed from deep inside of her.

Her excitement was his and his was hers. Building to his release he only wanted to hold off. He so enjoyed the feel of her more than he has with any girl but his his dick was betraying him.

At the same time he also wanted to release inside of her. It would be his very first time and it made for quite an internal battle. He wasn’t stupid, he knew which one would win.

She lay back pulling him closer to her while he thrusted deep into her. She never wanted it to end yet she wanted the ultimate, she wanted him to cum inside of her.

To know that she was wanted, needed and desired badly enough that he would release his essence inside of her. This is what drove her passion.

Holding off as long as he could he pumped in and out with long deep yet passionate strokes. With pressure building he breathed heavily.

Their heads were beside each others, each ones lips were at the others ear.

She knew the sound and for encouragement she moved her mouth closer to his ear.

She let out halting breathes across his ear. This caused him to pick up his pace making him bump against her pubic bone on his downstrokes.

She tightened the embrace she had on his back. He had his forearms on the bed beside her and moved his elbows in tighter towards her.

He was at the point of no return now, he slipped into what seemed like full out assault mode. Instincts completely took over now, something that had never happened to him before.

With the full intent of staying inside he pounded her into her and panted faster and faster until ........

He let out a long long relieving breath.

This was the moment each wanted. She felt his cock pulsing inside of her and he pumped his cream deep into her.

She released the tension in her vaginal muscles and enjoyed the feeling of being trusted, of providing relief, of being inseminated.

Once semen was ejected from his cock the relief radiated throughout his entire body.

He constricted his cock muscles never wanting the flow to stop. He knew for absolute certain he never ever ejaculated such an amount prior to this.

Remaining inside of her he tried to keep his weight off of her but all his other muscles went weak. His body shook from the intensity of his release. Not wanting to withdraw he remained inside while struggling fo hold up his body.

Once he regained a modicum of composure he finally and reluctantly pulled out.

There was an overwhelming desire that he never had before. He wanted to kiss her and kiss her deeply.

Slightly picking up his head from beside hers their mouths drifted together and they kissed.

It was a kiss like neither had ever felt, it was as passionate and as mutual as what they had just finished doing.

When their initial kiss broke they wrapped arms tight around each other and went in for the longest most passionate deep kissing either had ever experienced.

Finally rolling onto their sides and facing one another they kissed again and again.

They stopped kissing and held each other like they never wanted to let go.

There were almost no words to say rather they simply enjoyed the moment.

After some time of quiet and holding he finally spoke up,

“Will this be our first and last time” ?, he asked.

“Hell no, not if i have anything to say about it”, she replied enthusiastically.

“GOOD”, he replied.

They lay together for a few more minute.

“We better be careful, mom and dad would shit their pants”, she said laughing.

“Yeah, guess its lucky they are divorced and we live in separate houses.

“We have a little more time before mom comes home”, she said.

The End.