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Gay and divorced or bisexual and married?

2022-09-29 00:52:50

Those of you who have read my stories know that my wife and I have a very active and exciting sex life. We both are free to be with other people, either in front of the other or alone, so it’s very cool!

My wife and I are both bisexual although I lean closer to being gay than anything resembling bisexual. When we’d have sex with another guy, if it wasn’t a time when we picked a guy up while we were out at a bar or someplace it was when I’d meet a guy I was interested in and hooked up with him and then invited him back to have sex with us at another time. I usually checked the guys out first, make sure my wife would like them and all, then if it seemed cool, I would invite them into a threesome with us. If the guys I’d be with didn’t meet our criteria, and it was pretty low, I’d at least get a fuck out of it and have some fun! I just love the feel of a cock pumping in and out of my asshole, I can only imagine how good a pussy feels getting fucked! And the only way I fuck is bareback, gotta feel that skin to skin contact! I crave cum and love pump and dumps, anonymous sex, sex at porn theaters, rest areas, truck stops, they’re all great places to get fucked or potentially meet guys to bring home for a threesome with my wife and I.

Unfortunately my wife wasn’t as much into having many guys fuck us as I was and this past year she said she wanted to take a break from threesomes and things. This was a tough pill for me to swallow, since I had no desire to stop having sex with other guys. I told her of my dilemma to a small extent, I didn’t want to come off like some fag whore or something to her, but I really am! I simply told her I wanted to keep in touch with a guy or two we’d had sex with and she reluctantly agreed that her lack of desire shouldn’t be affecting mine. She put the caveat on it that I had to tell her when I was going to have sex with another guy, or at least afterwards. I was agreeable to that but I had no intention of telling her about every guy I’d be with. I mean, I’m a slut, a whore, a fag, whatever you want to name me I don’t mind, but I can’t go without cock!

Once we had this talk I began to actively look for cock every day. I have long running ads on Craigslist and other sites, mostly gay hook up sites to help quench my insatiable appetite for cock and cum in my ass and mouth.

Two days after our talk I had chatted with a couple of guys from Craigs and about an hour after my wife left for work there was a knock at the door. This guy that was there I met on Craigs and we went upstairs to our bedroom. I didn’t even get his name, wow, what a slut am I?

I crawled on our king sized pedic bed and peeled off my shorts and t-shirt revealing my purple thong panties. My cock was hard as he undressed and got naked and crawled on the bed and pulled my panties down. He rubbed my dick with one hand as he stroked his own cock and then moved up the bed to put his cock in my face. I greedily sucked his cock into my mouth as I played with his nipples and fondled his balls and rubbed that sweet spot behind the balls that leads to the asshole.

He moaned and pumped his hips as I slurped on his pole, getting his cock really wet and hard. I had him lay down on his back and I got in between his legs, sucking his dick, leaning up and laying on top of him rubbing my dick on top of his. He grabbed my hips, reached back and began to slowly rub my rosebud. My moist asshole opened up like a flower as he rubbed my hole a little harder and pushed a little deeper inside of me. I leaned over to the night stand and grabbed the Boy Butter and stuck a finger inside the tub of lube and smeared it on my puckering asshole and pushed a little lube inside. I rubbed his cock to use the remaining lube to coat his throbbing dick and nuzzled the head of his cock up against my asshole and slowly eased down on it. The head slipped in rather easily and as he slowly inched inside me, he reached up and grabbed my hips and said, “Sorry man, but I gotta do this!” He pulled me down hard on his cock and thrust his hips up and slammed deep inside of my asshole. I moaned, it hurt a little at first, it had been a while since I had a cock in me and the instant expansion of my anal sphincter caused a little pain.

He held me all the way down on his cock as I sit on top of him, biting my lip. He wiggled his hips which moved his cock around inside of me and made me moan, this time with pleasure! He had put a brown vial of poppers on the pillow and told me to hit it a couple of times. I love poppers too, it’s a vasodilator, expanding blood vessels creating the “rush” feeling. It also lowers your inhibitions, if you have them, and allows you to get freaky, kinky and nasty! I love that! I love smoking pot and doing coke when I get fucked too. My wife and I had a sex/drug party at our condo and it was a blast! I love getting fucked in the ass when I’m high, it’s a total rush I can’t even explain. I’ll do anything when I’m high, people that fuck me like that about me. Just keep me stoned and you can do whatever you want to me! This guy fucking me kept me high enough on poppers that I’d do anything to get his cum inside me.

I lifted off his cock a bit and when I felt his head start to slip outside of my asshole I sank back down on his twitching cock taking him all the way in me. We began a hot fuck session, eventually working over to my favorite position, doggy-style. I love to be on all fours, being grabbed by the hips and having my lover pound his cock in and out of me very hard, deep and fast. I really enjoy it when a guy will slam it in deep, then pull all the way out of me and then slam it back inside of me, it gives me a kind of rush.

I tried to push my sphincter out to expose more of my hole and open up a gaper for him to slosh around in. As his thrusts got deeper and harder I could feel that a load of cum was about to explode from his beautiful cock and erupt deep inside of me. I could feel my own hard cock slapping against my stomach as I was on all fours rocking back and forth to meet every thrust.

Soon his little grunts turned into moans and I knew eruption was moments away. He asked me where I wanted his load and I smiled widely and turned my head, “where do you think I want it??” I asked him. He smiled and shook his head, “ok, then get ready cuz it’s cummin!” I put my face into the pillow and stuck my ass up in the air to receive his load. He spewed quite a bit of his jizz, I could feel at least three or four spurts of cum shoot way up inside me as he bucked and moaned, trying to keep pulling me deeper onto his cock. Finally his orgasm subsided and he lay on top of me with his softening cock still inside my hole. We were both sweaty, hot and panting from a hot fuck session and he rolled off of me and onto his back as I quickly tightened my asshole up to keep his cum inside of me and not leaking on the bed.

I asked him if he needed to leave right away and he said no. We lay on the bed about twenty or thirty minutes, chit chatting a little, making comments about how hot we just fucked, stuff like that.

I reached down and played with his cock and then began to suck it, I could taste my ass and his cum on his cock and slurped it all up and cleaned his shaft and head real good. Once he felt hard enough, I straddled him and worked his cock back inside me and we went for round two.

Now, I told you this little interlude to bring you up to speed. I was fucking cock like this almost every day that week. Since I work from home, my schedule is totally open and allows me to fuck whenever I want.

That weekend my wife and I went out for dinner and drinks and while we were out we met a guy that seemed to like her. I asked her if she wanted to try it with him but she said she didn’t think so. I kept looking at him off and on and she caught wind of it and asked me if I wanted to bring him home. While I absolutely did, I said no. We went home after a couple of drinks and I gave her an obligatory fucking. I eat her pussy until she has had at least one orgasm, I come up and fuck her for a bit, then I pull out and lay on my back and she sucks my cock for a bit – I really don’t care if she sucks me, it’s just a prelude to her fingering my asshole, which is all I really want, but let her suck my cock, she likes to do that. I have her finger my asshole, usually with two or three fingers, give me a good reaming and then I fuck her and cum inside her pussy while she rubs my rosebud making me shoot a huge load up her cunt!

Right after I came in her she asked me if I’d been with a guy this week. I think all women think that right after an orgasm a guy will be honest and always tell the truth no matter what they ask. This is pure bullshit, I know no guys like this! So I said no, but that I had talked to one that I wanted to be with next week. She seemed happy I hadn’t and that it was a future plan, thus allowing her to give her consent – as if I wouldn’t go fuck a guy if she didn’t want me to – and she sheepishly agreed to allow me to meet him next week to fuck me. I smiled and said thanks and we got under the covers and went to sleep.

I had told her it would probably be next Wednesday or Thursday when I’d have this guy over to fuck, she seemed pretty cool with it on Monday morning as she got ready for work. What I hadn’t told her was that I was going to try and get fucked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and perhaps Friday if possible. Over the weekend I had stayed up late at night until after she went to bed to set up some hook ups – or hooks as I like to call them. Monday afternoon I had set it up for an older guy I know to come by after lunch to fuck me. I can’t believe how easy it is to find guys to fuck than it is to find girls to fuck! I’ve had late teenage boys who want to try being gay, having gay sex because it’s the in thing to do now, to twenty somethings, middle aged men my age and older guys, in their fifties and sixties who like gay sex, it’s fucking great!

My older guy came by, and while he is older, older shape/physique and a few sags here and there, he’s got a great cock and loves to pump ass! I rode his cock on top of him until he said he wanted to fuck my ass doggy-style. I eagerly obliged him, hoping onto all fours and taking him deep inside my asshole until he blew his load of gooey cum inside of me.

Then that was it for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I didn’t wrangle up any cock for Tuesday, but Wednesday I found a couple – gay guys – that wanted to come over to fuck me. I hadn’t been with a gay couple in a while, sometimes a third guy can come between a committed gay couple and as much of a slut and whore that I am, I don’t like doing that.

They came by our condo about two o’clock and after a bit of small talk and a few hits of weed that they brought with them and they ran a few lines of coke and we all snorted some, we were upstairs and naked on the bed sucking each others cocks. We worked into 69’s with each other and fingered each other’s holes, fuck it was so damn hot! The foreplay lasted a good forty-five minutes or so before I took the first cock in my fag hole.

I climbed up on the cock that was the smaller of the two, I wanted the bigger one in me last, and slipped his cock inside my quivering boy cunt. He asked me if I wanted him to use a condom to which I quickly dismissed with a shake of my head as his shaft sunk deeper inside of me; he asked me if I was sure I didn’t want him to use a condom again and I told them both I never used condoms, they both smiled. The other guy with the bigger cock slid up to my face as I lay on my back getting pumped hard and I began to suck his cock. They kissed a little while I was getting fucked and pinched each other’s nipples. The guy whose cock I was sucking told his partner, “Yeah baby, breed his hole!” This turned me on big time, I love nasty talk and being degraded while I’m being fucked! I smiled as this nice bareback cock slid in and out of me, waiting and wanting his cum deep inside of me.

My lover pulled out of me and told me to get onto all fours. As I flipped over he smacked my ass which made me smile and moan. He asked me if I liked that which I love and told him so. He smacked each ass cheek more and more, creating red handprints on my ass cheeks. He slammed his cock inside me and I buried my face in the pillows aiming my ass up high. The other guy with the big cock grabbed me by the back of the hair and pulled me up saying, “no, no, you get that head up here and suck this cock bitch!” I eagerly responded opening my mouth up to take his large cock in my mouth. He pumped his cock in and out of my mouth, my drool keeping his shaft well lubed. He would squeeze my throat as I was being fucked and that made the rush of being high even more intense! After a few minutes I heard the guy fucking me say he was close, his partner again told him to breed my hole. I caved in, “yes, oh yeah, breed my hole baby!” I said as he tightened his grip on my hips and thrust in harder and harder. I wanted his cum in me so goddamned bad! He shot his load deep inside me, moaning and twitching as his cock erupted load after load of cum in my asshole.

Once he was finished he pulled out of my stretched out asshole, told me not to move and he and his partner switched places. I took a cock in my mouth and slurped on it tasting cum and ass on it as the big cock pushed inside me. His cock head was much larger and I definitely felt it pry my wrinkled asshole open and push inside me. I moaned as I sucked the other cock clean and felt the head of this magnificent cock disappear inside my pink hole. Then as another inch of his cock eased inside me I felt the grip on my hips tighten and I knew what was coming. He pulled his cock out so that just the very tip of his cock was in me and then he sank his entire shaft deep inside me. I gasped, this cock hurt a bit to take at first. I had to stop sucking the other cock for a minute as I got used to the thickness of this fine cock.

What I didn’t know, and couldn’t have since I had turned my phone off and we didn’t have a phone in the bedroom, was that my wife had called at two thirty to say she was leaving work early, she works at a hospital and they had some in service day and let out a little early. As I was getting this big cock slammed inside of me my wife walked in the front door and put her purse and keys in the kitchen. She said hello but I couldn’t hear her. She got a bottle of water out of the fridge and came up the stairs.

Now the bedroom door was open so as she came upstairs she could hear us and as she hit the landing she could see right into our bedroom without even coming to the door. As I braced my arms on the headboard with my face down, the big cock guy was pumping my ass hard and deep. The other guy looked over and saw my wife and said, “I think she’s for you dude!” and tapped my shoulder. I said, “Huh?” and turned and saw my wife standing there staring at the three of us. I was at a total loss. I was caught, but kind of didn’t care, I was high and getting pounded so goddamned good I didn’t care. I managed to say, “Hi hon,” and that was about it. She took a sip of her water, half smirked and shook her head and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

The guy fucking me asked if he should stop and I shook my head, might as well finish now if I’m gonna get busted! So he kept pumping me harder and harder, but he didn’t cum. I sucked the other guys dick a little more, I didn’t want to come off to my wife like I was shocked or surprised, that I didn’t mind her seeing me get fucked by two guys. She was in the bathroom for about three or four minutes, flushed the toilet and came out. She washed her hands and said, “I can’t believe you’re still fucking with me just coming home from work!” I asked her if she wanted to join us but before she could contemplate an answer one of the guys said, “Nah man, we’re gay!” She turned and walked out of the bedroom and downstairs, but not storming out, kind of quietly slipping out, I know she looked back at us before she disappeared downstairs.

Finally, as much as I was thoroughly enjoying getting my asshole plowed, the guy tensed up and shot a huge load of cum deep inside my sloppy asshole. We finished up, I sucked his cock clean too and we got dressed and went downstairs. I quickly let them out the front door and went to the living room where my wife was watching television. I sat down on the couch, she was in the recliner and said, “so I guess you had a fun day today, huh?” I was trying to think of what to say, I mean I had told her I was going to meet a guy this week, so she shouldn’t be surprised and I told her that. She told me that she didn’t think it would be with two guys and that they’d be gay. I lied and told her I didn’t know both of them were coming over or that they were gay until they got here and we chatted a bit. She shook her head and looked away from me. She knew they had to be at least bisexual, after all it was three guys having sex I mean.

We ordered a pizza for dinner and didn’t talk about anything for quite a while. The whole time I was pinching my asshole shut, I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since I took both loads of cum in my ass. I was wearing a skimpy pair of my shorty shorts and a t-shirt with no panties on and I could feel a wet spot form in my ass crack.

As we ate dinner watching television my wife noticed half a joint in the ashtray. She asked if we smoked it earlier and I said yes. After we cleaned up and put the dishes in the dishwasher we sat back in our respective seats she asked me if I wanted to fire up the joint. I said sure and lit it for her. She toked on it a couple of times and handed it to me and I puffed on it a bit and we passed it back and forth until it was gone. We were both pretty stoned and she said she wanted to go upstairs and fuck. I was surprised but happy she seemed to not be too pissed off at me.

We got naked and lay on the bed where just hours before she had walked in on me getting fucked by two guys. It still smelled a little like sex as I rolled over and kissed her as I fingered her cunt. It got wet really quick and I kept on fingering her. She whispered for me to go down on her but I wanted to tease her pussy a bit longer. I kept rubbing her clit until she had an orgasm, her whole body tightened up as wave after wave of her orgasm rippled over her body.

Then I went down on her eating her wet pussy, lapping up her cum and feeling my hard cock pressing into the comforter. I reached back and rubbed my asshole, it was moist with cum and I worked my fingers into my hole getting them wet with my gay lovers cum. Unbeknownst to me, my wife saw me doing this and she asked me if the cum tasted good. I looked up at her thinking she was talking about her cum, I told her yes it did and she said she wanted to taste it too. I went to go up to her with my wet, cum soaked mouth and she shook her head and told me she wanted to taste the cum on my fingers. We were pretty stoned and I think that’s what made her get a little freaky. I brought my fingers to her mouth and she sucked them all clean. That turned me on big time! I went back to eating her pussy and soon I felt she was building up to another orgasm. I put my fingers in my ass again, got them lubed up and pulled them out. I positioned them under my chin as I lapped at her clit and slid my three gay cum coated fingers inside her gushing cunt. She moaned loudly as I licked her clit faster and finger her pussy harder. I pulled my fingers out and put them back in my ass again getting them wet. Then I shoved them back inside her and jerked her cunt and lapped her pussy until she came again.

Instead of going up and fucking her for a few minutes like we normally did, I rolled right over onto my back, stroking my cock. She went down on me, got in between my legs sucking my cock and jerking the shaft. She rubbed by balls and then licked them and licked down to my wet asshole. “Is this where you like it baby?” she asked me. I moaned and said, “Uh-huh,” and nodded. She tongued my rosebud, flicking it all around my hole, opening it up and allowing gay cum to ooze from my hole. She lapped it up a little and then stuck her fingers inside my asshole. I let a loud moan out as she slipped a third finger inside me. My legs shook a little as I moaned, “more,” and she asked me if I wanted more. “Uh-huh,” I managed to get out as she slipped a fourth finger inside me. It felt great having her fingering my asshole getting her fingers coated in my gay lover’s cum.

But that wasn’t enough. I had just had the living shit pounded out of me by two hot gay cocks and got filled with their cum, my wife was letting me do her like nothing was wrong; that turned me on even more and I wanted even more, and I told her. She said, “Tell me what you want baby, tell me what you want,” and I motioned to our sex toy bin and said, “Fuck me!” She smiled and reached down and pulled her strap on dildo out and I helped her put it on.

She lubed the big black dildo up with cum from my asshole and I lay on my back and spread my legs open for her. With both hands I reached down and spread my cheeks open and she slipped the black dildo inside me. I moaned as I let go of my cheeks and held my legs up and back, lifting my ass up a little. She pushed on the back of my legs putting my knees up to my chest and began pumping the dildo in and out of my asshole.

I moaned and arched my back as she rammed her strap on deep inside of me. It was almost as big as the guy who fucked me earlier and I was a little sore so it hurt a little. I moaned and winced a little as she went deep inside me. “What’s the matter? Does that hurt?” I simply nodded my head and she said, “I guess you really got fucked good then didn’t you?” and I said yes but I wanted more. She got in even closer and pushed that big black dildo as far inside of me as she could. I arched my back, this time it started to feel good. It hurt a little, my asshole was throbbing, but I wasn’t going to ask her to stop. I love getting fucked in the ass, where it’s by a real cock or a dildo, I’ll fuck anything or anyone!

She started getting a little aggressive, pumping me very hard, leaning in over me and putting all her weight on her hips and pumped me almost as hard as my gay lovers did earlier.

“You like getting fucked in the ass? Huh baby?” she asked. “Oh yeah, you know I love it baby!” See, for me, the whole ask a guy something after he cums thinking he won’t lie is a load of shit, but what works on me is to ask me anything while I’m getting fucked in the asshole and I will answer anything honestly.

She lay on top of me fucking me, rubbing her belly on my cock as she pumped me. This got me hard as a rock and I wrapped my legs around her and locked my ankles and pulled her deeper inside of me. “You fuck cock better than I do!” she said pulling out of my ass. She told me to roll over onto all fours which I did and she fingered my ass as she nuzzled the dildo up to my hole. She rested the head of the dildo up against my rosebud and grabbed my hips. She leaned over pushing the head inside of me and as soon as it popped in she buried the shaft in me. I buried my ass in the pillow pushing back to meet her thrusts. My asshole slurped and sloshed and farted as she pumped me wildly.

She smiled and laughed, “Yeah, you really take cock in your ass pretty good baby!” and smacked my ass cheek. I moan and asked for more. She pulled out and smeared gay cum on her fingers as I pushed out a little. She reached under and rubbed the cum from earlier on my cock and jerked it as she aimed the head of the dildo for my hole and plowed back in. It felt so fucking good to have her fucking my asshole and jerking me off at the same time.

I bit my lip as she kept trying to pound me harder and harder. “That’s it you little bitch! Take that black cock!” I moaned and pushed back against her using the headboard, I loved the nasty talk and I love Black cock!

She kept on with the degrading talk, just like I love it, calling me names as she pumped my asshole. “Mmm, yeah, you love cock in that little gay hole of yours don’t you?!” she asked. I didn’t say anything at first, I was in fag heaven as she grabbed my hips tighter and pulled me down onto the dildo making me arch my back. “You love cock in your gay hole don’t you!” she asked again. I nodded yes, but she said, “I can’t hear you!” and smacked my ass. “Yes, I love cock in my asshole!” I replied. “Do you like real cock or my dildo better?” she asked. I didn’t hesitate, “I love real cock in me the best, but this feels good too!” as she pumped me and returned to jerking me off. I could feel an orgasm building as she fucked me.

I didn’t know where she was going but I was sure as hell enjoying the ride! Right as I was about to cum she asked, “You like being gay baby? You like cock better than pussy?” I couldn’t stop and didn’t care anymore so I said, “Yes, I want cock in me,” but she smacked my ass and said, “That’s not what I asked you!” and smacked my ass again. I got the picture and added, “Yes, I love cock more than pussy! I only want cock, not pussy!” and I began to shoot a load of cum onto the comforter. She kept on pounding my asshole until I collapsed on the bed on my pile of cum I just sprayed all over. She unbuckled the strap on with it still inside of me and rolled off me. I puckered my asshole to keep the dildo inside me as she lay on her back, both of us were sweating and I needed a shower. I asked her if she was going to shower and she said I could first so I got up, dildo still in my asshole and it plopped to the ground as I walked to the bathroom. I picked it up and went and showered. She came into the bathroom when I was done and drying off and she got in the shower. After she was done, I was in bed watching television and she got in beside me. We didn’t say anything at first and I felt an uneasiness between us.

Finally she said, “You know, we’ve enjoyed a lot of kinky sex and shit, but I think it’s more that you like sex with men more and want to do it so you include me in it. I mean, I think it was fun and all, but it seems that’s what you want more.” I didn’t know what to say, was she calling me out or something? She continued, “it’s obvious that you’re gay and want men more than women, so I think that’s what you should do.” I didn’t know exactly what she meant so I asked, “What do you mean?” and she replied, “I mean, you are gay, not bisexual and you want to only be with men. And I don’t want a husband who is gay, so I think you should go and be gay and we should get a divorce!” I was shocked at first but as we talked a bit more about it, I knew I was really gay and not bisexual, I mean, you don’t get off being fucked by cocks like I do and only be bisexual, so she was right and had a point.

Ultimately we agreed to divorce but also agreed to remain close. She admitted that she thought there would indeed be another time she wanted a threesome and wanted it to be with me too. So six months later we were divorced, it got a little ugly with her parents, I was hoping she wouldn’t say anything about being gay but she did and that whole side of the family, friends and all that disappeared for me. That part hurt but I knew it was for the best.

A few months after we divorced she asked me over for dinner and we had a pleasant time just chatting and she actually asked me about guys I’d been with and told me of a couple she had been with and it was like we were friends. Eventually we did fuck again, once just us, she got horny and admitted that she liked fucking me in the ass with her strap on, so I obliged her, to my own pleasure!

We’ve had one threesome since then, but it wasn’t like it was when we were married. It was sad to split up, there is always going to be a part of me that will love her forever, but I’m gay and have to own up to that too. Being friends is better than nothing at all.

Being divorced freed my time up and I was back to getting fucked in the ass in no time. I spent the first Christmas away from her up at a lake house of a guy I met online fucking each other in the ass all day and Christmas night, and it was a blast!

More to follow…!