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Dark Sexual Encounters

2022-06-22 00:00:04

Dark Sexual Encounters Part one

I was a 34 yr old married woman named Tess that had an over active imagination, along with a very strong and kinky sex drive. I had mixed feelings about a number of perverse sexual fantasy's ever since I was a young girl! My interest in dark sexual encounters was so overpowering that public morals, perception and my lack of conscious, as to what was acceptable, along with what was about to happen allowed me to easily brush all of these concerns aside.
There were several things that happened to me that perked my interest in kinky sex with black men. I grew up in an all white area of Amsterdam in northern Europe and had little prejudice against anyone, as neither of my parents did as far as I know. I never gave any thought to, or about black men as a young girl and only viewed the few that I had seen where I lived as just men. It was only after several experiences all sexually inspired that started my lust and fantasy of being forced into sex with mostly black men, and that this lust was quickly followed by equally with black women!...

The first thing that happened. Was my cousin Karlijn about six years my junior at the time. She was a typical Norwegian blond blue eyed girl a cute shapely long legged thing, looking for more than love and was she really ripe! She came and lived with us one summer in the late 90s when she was a teenager and I think several of my fathers male friends Fucked her brains out at the time! As my father told me later she had made it quite clear that she was available and had even tried to seduce him!....Later I heard she got hooked up with an older black couple when she was still in her teens, do to where she lived with her irresponsible father. It was in an all black area of Rotterdam. The rumor in the family was that her father had given up custody of her for money, and that she had no other choice but to stay and was forced into some sort of perverted kinky sex with them and other black couples!

The second thing that happened was several years after college, I had met one of my friends I had gone to school with back when we were teens, her name was Wendy she was my age, and reminiscing about some of the things that happened back then the subject descended into some rather hot sexual talk! I asked about her black girlfriend Elfie, a girl I had barely known, and Elfie's brother that Wendy seemed to have had a thing for? His name was Jean Louis. I had suspected that she and Jean Louise were more than just friends as they seemed inseparable at the time?
I was quite surprised, as in this conversation Wendy admitted quite boldly that she had not only dated Elfie's brother but several other older black men, and that she Elfie and Jean Louise as they got older had kept contact and continued to enjoy some great sex together! Then went on to say that everything I had heard about black men when it came to their sexual prowess was true! This and the comment that Elfie had been part of it with her and her brother Jean Louise was quite a startling revelation? And that the sex she had enjoyed with Jean Louis and Elfie had produced some incredible orgasms!

This last comment of Wendy's left me in wonder? She also said that Jean Louise's sister Elfie with her expert black lips had spent some time in between her legs, and had given her a number of equally mind blowing sexual orgasms, was quite good at it, and had given her stimulating sensations she had never experienced with any of her white girl, or boyfriends for that matter! Then with little hesitation went on to say the other thing she liked, was what Jean Louis called painting! Still in shock from her bisexual comments, it was all I could do to ask what that was, she said you do not want to know and,... that it was really nasty? Now even more interested, with my imagination perked up and a bit wet with the thought of some sort of even more perverted kinkier three way sex, I persisted with my question?
Then she said in a low whisper not to tell anyone,.. looking around to make sure no one was listening, and said that she really liked it! But is was what she said happened next that left me speechless? Wendy said it was really kinky and a bit bazaar, as his sister her girlfriend Elfie was also involved it this perverted sex act!

Now I was hesitant and almost unable to ask what went on? Said that Elfie had her hold her hands behind her back, then would take hold of her head or hair and forcefully face fuck her helplessly on her brothers big black dick until he blew his cum load, which was an incredible amount, and what she could not swallow when she was pulled off his cock, Elfie would hold his dick and direct the rest of the ejaculation directly into her face and all over her naked breasts, that would leave her covered with cum! Wendy said she loved it, and this is what Jean Louis called painting a woman!
But her thought was that any woman who willingly liked this kind of perverted nasty sex was some sort of a slutty whore to actually do it! Thus describing her disgusting self with a wry smile,.. as one! Then Wendy asked me point blank if I had ever been in bed with a negro before?

I did not know what to say, and wanting to sound a bit more worldly than I was, had blurted out, first that no I had not slept with a black male? But due to the fact that my husband and our current sex life was pretty dull, and that he was not very well endowed or creative as a lover much less one that had kinky interests! And that this had forced me to resort to thoughts of dark sexual fantasies, some I had, and others I found on the internet in order to get off when I masturbated or during most of our uninspiring sex play!
Then without thinking had said out loud, mostly to myself, because I was so horny and unsatisfied “That I wished I could have found a black lover like Jean Louis and to be forced by black girlfriend like Elfie who helped in three way, ” This thought had me so wet and turned on I was besides myself! I had never been with another woman before and had not realized until now that I was more than just a bit bisexual? I had always looked at other women with the same appeal as men and thought that I was normal assuming other women did the same!

But the thought of a woman forcefully doing something so nasty and perverted to another woman certainly was not normal along with my sexed up thoughts and the fact that she was black, had easily pushed my thoughts over the edge of what could actually happen?
To my surprise Wendy said that I should come and spend the weekend with her in Rotterdam and that I could watch her and Jean Louis enjoying some kinky perverted sex play much like she had described?
I tried to tell Wendy I was not really interested or up for it. And that I thought the painting thing was rather gross. But before I could say no or protest she had given me an address and said to meet her there Friday night, OMG! I thought, could I really go? My husband Alex even with my hesitant apprehension actually helped make the decision, by saying he would be gone for most of the weekend sailing with his old school mates and would I mind if he did? Now horny as hell with the thought of watching some really nasty sinful sex between a black male like Jean Louis, and a white woman like Wendy was one of my most dark and perverted sexual fantasy's? One that was more than appealing to my unsatisfied sexual lust!

You cannot believe the feelings I had they were so over powering, ones that had left my loins moist and on the very edge of orgasm just from the pornographic thought, much less actually watching such a perverted thing! So it was all I could do to wait for the weekend to come and quite easy to say to my husband, have fun with your mates dear as this would allow me the freedom to go, and would not have to worry about or make any excuses for being gone most all of the weekend!
I usually wore jeans most of the time and skirts during the summer, but do to how horny I was, had let this influence how I dressed, and decided to wear as little as possible as it would allow me to easily play with myself as I watched the perverse sexual play I was to watch! I chose a short purple skirt and a thin white blouse purposely that had several buttons missing? I did not wear a bra as being a small breasted woman, I could get away without one, and only wore a suspender belt black knit stocking and heels! This was the only thing I had under my short skirt as I drove the distance in my Mini Cooper towards Rotterdam that night! I was excited, and really sexed up, feeling like some sort of young cheap whore in the red light district of De Wallen turning her first trick !
The directions were good for the area as it was just off the main highway I had parked and as I tried to get up, not realizing that my bare well shaven cunt lips do to my more than moist arousal were stuck tight to the seat! It took several moments of me squirming around to finally pull myself free of the seat as my wet stimulated pubic folds and the soft leather like material of the seat conspired sinfully to hold me tightly to it? Finally I pulled myself loose with a very unladylike smacking pop! Then with mild stinging sensations of arousal ones I had never felt before in my crotch had made my way up the darken path and steps to the address and apartment, she had given me!

I was so turned on along with my imagination that several black men, had they been hiding and waiting in the shadows could have easily drug me off into the darkness and raped me all night long! I had fantasized about all sorts of kinky sex play, along with some of the most unimaginable ways a black man and white women like Wendy could have sex together!
I had knocked on the door not sure what to expect only that Wendy would answer and greet me. When I entered the clean but run down apartment I was shocked, my friend Wendy was completely naked and on her knees with two black males who were also totally naked setting on an old worn “L” shape couch in the front room. If reason had prevailed I would have left right then! But reason to a horny oversexed curious woman like me was not at all what I was thinking? At first I was not sure what to do and started to think that what I had walked into was a big mistake?
They both seemed quite at ease as my friend Wendy with more than a bit of concern in her voice said hesitantly, Tess, introducing me from her naked kneeling position this is my boyfriend Jean Louis, who vaguely remembered me from school, then to his friend Purvis. Who was older mid to late 50s with a bald head mustache and two gold teeth, he seemed to be quite sinister looking, but with a name like Purvis what would one expect?

His looks had again left me thinking about all of sorts of perverse sexual possibilities! Then Purvis said, sensing my hesitation and obvious concern, in a pleasant and disarming voice, offered me his hand and said I am here just like you to watch (Which Was a Lie!) and do not worry about me we can watch together? The sight of this naked big black nasty looking man was one thing, but his casual and most pleasant tone along with him beckoning me over to sit on the couch had easily drawn me helplessly like a bee to perverted sexual honey!

I was slow to react but as I got closer I could see first Jean Louis and his big hard cock sticking straight up! Followed by Purvis and his equally appealing hard black meat! I was not prepared for such a site, I had heard other women especially older ones talk about sex with black men in hush tones and to the size of their manhood! This of course was one thing, but to actually see not only one but two gigantic hard black cocks and both sticking up had stunned me, and left me barely able to move!
Almost in a daze and with short cautious steps I found myself setting on the couch next to Purvis? Wendy now with her hands dutifully behind her back had submissively raised up straightening her knees as Jean Louis had grabbed her head and forcefully pulled her to him placing her lips on the big black cock head and said kiss it! Her head was turned towards me and the look on her face was that of resigned concern as if she was sorry for what was about to happen? At the time I did not realize that the concern I had seen in her eyes was for me!

Jean Louis wasted little time as he forced her down farther and farther on this beautiful piece of black cock meat! I was awestruck and could not believe that a woman could actually do this deep throat thing to such a long thick male organ! OMG! I watched in horror and fascination as her nose actually touched his kinky pubic hair and pelvic bone! then did it again and again!
In my incredible state of arousal I had no idea that my hand had worked its way down under the short skirt and had easily found my wet slit and throbbing clit, I was subconsciously trying to relieve the burning desire between my legs as I watched! I could hear Wendy first gagging, as she was forcefully held tight and finally released, then her head bobbed up and easily rocked back and forth with glucking sounds of sucking slurping nasty sex! My focus was directly on Wendy as I watched her face head and lips used like a helpless piece of wet cunt meat! Or some sort of penis comforter for a black male cock!

Setting next to a naked black man was heady enough but to watch such forceful sinful sex had brought me to incredible heights of sexed up euphoria one I have never imagined! Purvis took full advantage of me by taking my free hand and placed around the base of his shaft my finger tips did not come close to touching , but I could feel the thing throbbing with each beat of his heart! We both looked on in wonder and I made no effort to remove it, as Wendy did her thing on Jean Louis who was now standing up and face fucking her even harder with his incredible piece of hard black meat!

Her white tits were jiggling up and down in wild abandon and her ass cheeks would spread out and slap back together and would produce an equally wet smacking sound of female flesh! Purvis still with my hand subconsciously around his cock had reached over and was aggressively manipulating Wendy's clit that was swollen to twice its normal size apparently this had been done to her a lot and I thought to myself what it would feel like to have my clitoris swollen and played with the very same way? Jean Louis now with his hand firmly wrapped into her hair continued to face fuck her and I could see from my very close vantage point his black dick pull back then thrust forward, his firm black balls would first hit her chin then swing up and hit her time and again under it with a tender vulgar soft flesh like noise?

I had no idea what was going to happen next as I set there? Jean Louis still standing and holding Wendy's head helplessly on his cock backed up slowly knee walking her helplessly towards the bedroom! I was amazed as I watched this most perverse sight that she was able to do this with her hands still clinched tightly behind her back? This of course was a true gift as a cocking whore to do something so nasty using no hands?

Purvis, with me still holding his cock with one hand had stood up,.. my other hand was almost hurting myself as I was still forcefully masturbating! I had no idea what to do trembling with my heart almost pounding out of my chest,...I set there helplessly with one hand in my cunt and the other hanging onto his cock like a young child with one hand in a cookie jar and the other full of goodies, caught red handed left me frozen and I made no effort to move or release my grip!

He said with a perverted smile you like it referring to my hold on his cock, he grabbed my arm and pulled me up forcefully into his arms turning me around at the same time causing me to let go of him! Then with his voice next to my ear said in the most perfect french, more as a lover “ Vous êtes la plus jolie femme et il serait mon plaisir de vous voir fanfaronner sexuelle dans le bonheur” ! You are a most lovely woman and it would be my pleasure to see you withering in sexual bliss!
Fuck I thought to myself! As his big black hands easily started to explore, and had with little effort unbuttoned the few on my white blouse and was lovingly squeezing and twisting both of my bare bra less nipples, then whispering in my ear he continued to easily seduce me! I could feel his warm breath as he spoke more words of erotic sex, “ Je veux que vous, je tiens à vous faire mes sexy prostituée pour robinet noir “! I want you, I want to make you my whore for black cock! Their is just something about a big forceful black man that is talking about doing perverted erotic sexual things to you, with his hands all over your naked body, and speaking in french that makes a girl like me into the most submissive slutty whore one could possibly imagine?

With out realizing it at first my heart was really pounding and my mind was racing. I thought about my marriage,and about Alex. What would it mean to us, and what would he think and feel or even do if he'd known I was about to go black. This all crossed my mind as I was helplessly and easily forced over the edge, and into the kinky world of perverted interracial sex? As if this was not arousing enough, he started nibbling on my ear I could feel his firm manly package pushing against my bare bottom though the short skirt as his big black hands and fingers were now inside the waistband of my short skirt and had found my wet well shaven panty less pubic mound! One set of fingers had stopped next to my throbbing clit and the others had descended farther down, and do to me, almost dripping with anticipation had curled around and found their way up into my waiting slit, and directly to my “G” Spot,.. then started aggressively finger fucking me!....

This was all it took as I slumped helplessly in his strong arms that was followed easily with my first submissive shuddering orgasm!. My throat was dry and I could barely speak letting out only a blissful moan of sexual submission and release? This so erotic approach and my over sexed imagination had now taken care of any reluctance I had. But he had grabbed both of my wrists forcefully and holding them helplessly together behind my back guided me into the bedroom where Wendy and Jean Louis had gone earlier!

To be continued in part two