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A star is born.

2023-01-14 00:02:18

I am Amanda, I am 25yo, single (by choice) and employed as a Financial Analyst in an Accounting firm where I have worked for 3 years. My Manager is Peter Mathews and he is, to put it bluntly, a total sleaze. I have lost count of the number of times I have caught him peeving at me and making sexist remarks. I have thought about resigning but I enjoy most of my work and it affords me a decent, but not fantastic, wage. But last year my expenses began to outstrip my salary. I tried resisting asking for a raise as I could see the company was struggling a bit. I thought if I asked I would be let go and be in a bad situation.

Finally I couldn’t wait any longer. I would ask for a minor pay rise and perhaps that was possible. I went to see Peter. “Oh hello Amanda. How are things” he said leering at me. I explained my situation and he listened intently. “I see” he said “well you know as well as me that the company is barely breaking even. In fact I have joined with a friend of mine and formed a small video business which is doing very well”. “You sell videos?” I asked. “No my dear, we MAKE videos” he replied “special videos for a *********** clientele. Videos they can’t buy in a store”. I understood immediately. He was making porn. I wasn’t surprised. It was something I would have expected of him. “In fact, Amanda, you might like to star in one” he said “it would pay very well. Solve your money worries in one hit”.

“I don’t think so thank you very much. I have a fair idea what these videos are and who they are for” I said. “Well you think about it my dear” he said still leering “the offer is there until the end of the week”. I left his office feeling sick. I had my credit card bill sitting on my kitchen bench that had to be paid but starring in some sleazy video was out of the question. I went home that night worrying about that credit card bill. I didn’t just want to pay the minimum and have to pay 20% interest on the remainder. I picked up the mail and went inside. I looked at the envelopes and my heart sank. I opened each one. An electricity bill and my car registration. I sat and cried. I knew what the answer was and I cried more. I could not even eat I was so distressed.

The next day I walked into Peter’s office and told him I was interested but I had to know more. “Fine” he said “after work I will take you to meet my partner and we will explain everything”. He was smiling as I turned to leave. The bastard knew he had me over a barrel. Just what was he going to make me do? What sort of grotty video was I to star in? I stayed at my desk as the other staff left. Peter came up and said “let’s go honey”. I swear he was licking his lips. We drove to an industrial area on the edge of town. There was no-one around. He parked outside one and we got out and he opened the door. “This is my partner Tony” he said “Tony, this the woman I told you about last night”. Tony shook my hand. He was maybe 40, tall and quiet good looking. “Come Amanda. Let me show you around”.

The warehouse had been set up as several rooms. Most had beds in them. There was no doubt what sort of videos they made. I imagined both Peter and Tony starred in them. “We have a number of males and females on our books. A client will contact us with a special request for a certain type of video and we film it” Tony explained “it may be some particular kinky video like threesomes or lesbian but we do have one or two requests which we can’t do. We have trouble getting someone to do them. It means big money for anyone willing to do something out of the norm. Perhaps you might be someone we are looking for”. I had no idea what he was talking about but I heard “big money” and so I was immediately intrigued.

“Big money” chipped in Peter “isn’t that why you came back to me?” He had realised that I needed money and he was going to use that against me. “Let me show you a special room” Peter said and opened the door. The room was bare except for a large couch in the middle of the room. “This is a room we set up when we got a request for something very special” he explained “we were offered a huge sum to make a bestiality video”. I had no idea what he was talking about. “Oh come on Amanda. Surely you have heard the word” he said. “I have no idea what that is” I said. “Well let me explain. Bestiality is women or men having sex with animals” he said. I was shocked “You mean” I began. “Yes my dear” said Tony “we have two clients who want us to film their dogs having sex with a woman. They each say their dog is fully trained and they said we came name our price”.

I stood there shocked and disgusted. “You want me to have sex with a dog while you film it” I blurted out “are you both crazy? You want me to perform for the world to see?” “No, no” said Tony “you would wear a mask. No-one would know who you were. Why don’t I show you what we are talking about?” I was too stunned to argue. We went into the office and Tony opened his laptop. Clicking onto a site and clicking on to a video I watched a woman wearing a mask playing with a dog. The dog licked her and after a number of attempts he mounted her and judging by her moans she was apparently enjoying it. Tony and Peter looked at me and then Tony wrote something down on a piece of paper. “This would be your cut for one video” he said. I looked down and gasped. All my financial worries would disappear at once. “I will have to think about it” I said. “We need to know by tomorrow” said Peter “tomorrow”.

He drove me back to my car in silence. My mind was spinning. I drove home and looked at the bills on the kitchen bench. “Shit” I said out loud. I had remembered the address of the site that Tony had shown me. I went in and that night I watched several videos of women with dogs. Now I know porn is not real. At least the moaning isn’t but I kept watching and thinking about that money figure Tony had shown me. “OK” I thought “one video, take the money, bills paid. I can do this”. Next day I walked into Peter’s office and said “OK tell Tony I am in”. Peter’s eyes popped and his jaw dropped. He had probably hoped I would say yes but he was still surprised by how quickly I announced it.

The following weekend I drove to the warehouse. Both Peter and Tony were already there. They were very excited. “We wondered whether you may have had second thoughts” Tony said. “Well I said I would do it so here I am. What now” I said. “Well we are waiting for the client to arrive” Tony said “then we can start. Now both Peter and I will have cameras. Peter will take a wide view and I will do the close ups. Do you need to see any more to see what will happen?” I said it was fine. Telling Peter to wait for the client Tony led me up the room. There was a crutchless body suit and mask on the couch. “Put those on honey and wait” he said “it shouldn’t be long”. He left and I got undressed and put on the lingerie and mask. I put my clothes in a corner out of the way. Moments later Tony returned with Peter, a guy I assumed was the client and this huge dog. Second thoughts? I had a hundred thoughts but most were about paying my bills.

I never did know the client’s name. I guess he wanted to remain anonymous like me. But the dog was called Rusty. The client explained that he was fully trained and while his wife wasn’t into being a bitch she got off watching dogs with other women. It sounded dodgy to me. I imagined him sitting there jerking off while he watched it. It didn’t matter. I was just doing it for the money. I could see Peter drooling as he looked at me practically naked. I smiled and he smiled back. Little did he know I was thinking “it would cost a lot of money if you want to fuck me”. “So let’s get started” said Tony. Telling the client to stand out of the way he and Peter picked up their cameras. “Action” cried Peter. “My God he thinks he is a Hollywood director” I mused.

Rusty had been fairly quiet. I guess all the strangers were freaking him out. But as soon as I began to pat him he came alive. Either that or he smelt my already soaked pussy. Like in many videos I walked over to the couch and sat down. “Hello boy” I said “aren’t you a lovely doggy. Would you like to lick my pussy?” Now I don’t know what triggered him but he immediately pushed his nose into my crotch. I squealed as I felt his wide, rough tongue come in contact with me. It felt so weirdly wonderful. I opened my legs wider and he seemed to be trying to push his tongue inside me. I forgot about the cameras, Tony, Peter and the client. I moaned as my body started to shake. God am I cumming? “Yes Rusty” I wailed and came with a rush.

I knew that just being licked was not what was wanted. I had entered this to pay bills. Now I wanted sex. The bills would be paid. I quickly knelt down as I had witnessed on the videos. Rusty immediately mounted me. Some of those videos I had watched the dog didn’t seem to know what to do. Not Rusty. He knew exactly what to do. Make this woman his bitch. He began to thrust and found his target. The squeals and moans of those videos may or may not have been real but my response was 100% real. “Oh Fuck” I screamed as Rusty drove his growing cock deep into me. No man had ever fucked me so hard and so deep. All too soon he slowly drove his knot into me enlisting another scream. Then he stopped moving. I, however, was rocking back and forth. I knew what came next and his cock twitched as he pumped doggy cum into his bitch. It was maybe only minutes, but felt like hours, when he pulled out. I rolled onto my back and began to rub my clit. I came with a groan and then heard “cut” and realised where I was.

“Oh sit Amanda” yelled Tony “that was the most amazing thing I have even seen. I have watched videos but you put them to shame. You are a natural”. “Yes” added Peter “I had trouble holding the camera steady. I am so horny right now”. I smiled sweetly. “Well maybe we can discuss my pay rise next week darling” I said. The smile left his face. He would have to save his hard-on until he got home. My pussy wasn’t going to be free anymore. Tony, Peter and client and his dog headed off. My pussy was oozing doggy cum down my thighs. I took of the suit and wiped myself down. I got dressed and went to the office. “I made a mess on this” I said holding the suit “I will take it home and a wash for next time”. “Next time?” said Tony. “Yes, didn’t you say you had two clients looking for bestiality videos?” “Well yes” they said together. “Well next time” I said. Tony handed me an envelope. I put it in my bag. “Aren’t you going to count it honey?” Tony asked. “Of course not Tony. I trust you” I said, kissed him on the cheek and went home. I took a long hot shower, masturbated again and slept like a baby.

Since that first time I have made three more bestiality videos, two threesome videos (one with two guys and one with a married couple) and a lesbian video which I particularly enjoyed. I got my pay rise and fucked Peter once. The rise was that much. I will never have bill trouble again. My next project Tony has planned is a gangbang. You are wondering about Tony? Yes. I have fucked him several times for free. A girl has needs and his cock is so nice.