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A Long Day_(1)

2022-06-23 00:00:05

Authors note: It has been quite a while since I have posted a story on here that was one of mine. It is real hard to write a story and post it when the only computer you have won't show you anything but a blue screen, so you will have to forgive me. I decided to try and change up what I do post though so this is what I offer up today. It is the first time I have written a story of this nature. Any comments related to the story would be welcome. Now, for your enjoyment (hopefully), One Long Day.


"Raymond Couch, you have been found Guilty by a jury of your peers for the charge of murder in the first degree..."

As a defense attorney those are the last words that you want to hear during a case. Especially when you had promised the family that you could get someone clear of the charges. That one sentence had been on my mind for the last four hours.

As a woman in a mostly male profession it is hard enough to get the respect of other lawyers in town, and get business. With one failed case after another, clients are steadily dwindling. Maybe I should have just stuck with dance at the club that helped me get through law school. At least I was good at that job.

At only 28 years of age I was still in the prime of my physical appearance. However, the more I get into the bottle wine at the end of the day the less I seem to care. Yet still, it was hard to understand why swaying the judges seemed so difficult to do. My ending arguments must really be that horrific.

At five foot nine I was just between being short and being called an Amazon. With a pale complexion and fiery red, natural, hair I looked every bit of the Irish in my blood. With a figure like Marilyn Monroe to top it off. Add to that a form fitting skirt and low cut top. Yeah, my ending arguments must truly be horrible.

When 7:30 rolled around I had already finished reviewing the case I had just lost, along with a half a bottle of wine, and was relaxing on the couch when the phone rang. 7:30 like clockwork. You could set your fucking watch by it. All I could do was let it go to voice mail. A female with a thick Irish accent came through the speakers, "Hi Claire, its Mother. I take it since you didn't answer the phone the case didn't go well. I am sorry Claire, maybe next time. I was calling to tell you that we got your message. From the way it sounds there might just be a dog in heat around. I will call you tomorrow. Dad sends his love."

Maybe some context is in order here. I called my parents yesterday when my dog, a four year old German Sheppard mix, had been acting odd. Panting at the door. Scratching at it. Trying to run away on our walks. I didn't figure anything was truly wrong. Just wanted to make sure that is what it was.

As if he was on cue Arcanine, yes I named him after a Pokémon, jumps up on the couch and plops his large head on my lap. I couldn't help but smile down to him as I scratched behind his ear. He was such a loveable dog. Little did I know that tonight, I would find out just how loveable.


Standing, albeit a little shaky, at the kitchen counter I turn up the bottle of wine to discover my second failure of the day. As the wine bottle dripped empty into the glass, I could do nothing but sigh. Another bottle gone.

Looking around at the clock I couldn't believe that it had only been two hours. It is moments like this that I am glad I live in a one story apartment. Stumbling down a hallway is easier than stumbling up the steps. Living alone has taught me not to have a care in the world when home.

Stumbling through the hallway I slowly start removing the clothing I had been wearing since getting off work. My suit jacket was still lying on the chair where it was when I got home. High heels still beside the door. Unbuttoning the white long sleeve shirt and untucking it from the skirt before letting it slide off my shoulders. Leaving it there in the hallway. Stopping in the doorway of the bedroom just long enough to let the black tight fitting knee length skirt to drop to the ground. Having not expected any company that night I hadn't bothered with any fancy undergarments. Just plain cotton panties and a none descriptive bra. Honestly, it had been months since the last time I needed anything more.

A fact that was made even more apparent when looking around the bedroom. Clothing that was left lying on the floor. Clean clothing stacked on top of the dresser instead of in the drawers. I haven't even bothered to make the bed in weeks. My little friend still sitting on the end table where I left it last night. My little friend was a seven inch vibrator. The top two inches curved slightly and if put on the right setting twisted within the red silicone. Attached to the lower part of the shaft was a one inch prong that stuck out. An attachment that pressed against the clit.

Preferring it to sleeping constricted my arms go around behind my back and, in my drunken, struggled to undo the clasp of my simple bra. Making slow work of it finally allows it to slip free, exposing my breasts and nipples to the chill of the room. Enjoying the chill I didn't bother with turning up the heat.

Falling onto my back on the right edge of the bed, my left foot on the floor with the right leg extended, I lay there for what feels like hours. When I turn my head to look at the bedside clock however, it has only been a few minutes. With a disgruntled groan I move until leaning back slightly against the headboard. Deciding that I might just need to tire myself out before sleeping.

Hitting the button on the remote for the TV turns it on to the last channel I had been watching. The sound started before the screen had even come on. A sound that was telling the story of two women already in the thralls of their scene. The screen showing the scene just a few seconds later, although by then I could already feel myself begin to dampen the fabric of my cotton bikini cut panties.

The adult channel that was playing, the most commonly used channel on my TV, only showed girl-on-girl scenes. I had always found it a little odd that a women with no lesbian experience, would get off harder to it. Maybe it was the fantasy to try it. Who knows?

:: On screen::

A simple enough setting had been designed. Two women were currently using the bed in a jail cell for their purpose. On her back was a beautiful blonde haired woman with a fair complexion. Her hands working her nipples on her large breasts like they owed her money. Pinching and twisting them hard. Her right leg hanging off the small bed while an ebony skinned beauty, the gun belt she still wore showing her to be the officer in the scene, held her left leg up high. Straddling the women at a slight angle it was obvious what they were doing.

As the ebony women grinded her pussy down against that of the women under her, now obvious the "prisoner" in the scene, they both trembled as their moans and screams ripping from their throats.

:: Off screen::

It didn't take long for me to begin my trip to their level. My left hand already on my left breast, kneading and massaging while my middle and ring finger pinched my sensitive nipple. My right hand trails down over the plains of my stomach to cover my sensitive heat through the fabric covering it. Using just the tips of my finger to stroke through the folds of my pussy through the thin damp fabric.

It wasn't enough through. As my breathing began to pick up my left hand reached out for the vibrator on the table beside the bed. Through it all I never notice the pair of eyes watching me from the end of the bed. Once I had my little friend in my hand my right hand begins to start pushing and tugging my bikini cut panties down to my knees. Exposing my swollen unshaven pussy to the chill of the room.

Once at my knees it was a simple task to remove them completely. As my legs moved and kicked to get the panties out of the way, I turned the dial on the base of the fake cock two clicks. The first set it to vibrate and the other set it for the curve at the tip to twist. A simple enough device for a woman at the bottom of a wine bottle to operate. Slowly my right hand begins stroking the vibrating dick through the folds of my pussy lips. Moaning out as the shaft rubbing across my sensitive clit.

While I began to slowly push the fake cock into my moistened depths, Arcanine crept his way up onto the bed and lay on his stomach. Having felt his weight shifting the bed he caught my attention. He was laying with his head on his front paws, a quiet whimpering could be heard between the scene changes on the TV. A scene that I scarcely noticed as the sex toy stole my focus from the world around me. Slowly pushing the fake dick deep within my waiting, and willing, pussy quickly makes my own moans feeling the room alongside the fucking on TV.

With the twisting curved tip moving deep within me and the prong pressing against my clit, the entire thing vibrating, I was quickly moving my way towards the edge. My back arching, my entire body trembling. It wasn't until I felt warm breath and a cold nose brushing along my hip bone did I notice the large German Sheppard had moved. Quickly coming back to my senses my right hand released the toy to push the dogs head away as I looked up at him from where I had moved to my back.

With the toy still doing its business within me it was hard to control myself as I watched the dog staring at my pussy. I don't know why but the sight of him looking as if he wanted to ravage me pushed me over the edge. My orgasm pulsing from my pussy to every nerve in my body as my juices squirted out around the fake dick. The juices had barely hit the sheets when the dogs head went between my legs. Moving away at first, thinking him going for me, I watched from a reclined position as he stood their lapping up my cum.

That was the first time I noticed it. Sticking straight out from its sheath was the dog’s red colored cock. Larger than any man I had ever been with, even some that the appeared on my screen occasionally, it had to been ten inches long. The sight of it sending chills running through my spine. I wish I could say it was the wine that caused me to do it, but I would be lying. It was desperation.

Sheepishly my right hand reached out and used just the tip of my fingers to run along the length of the shaft, mesmerized by how hard it was I didn't notice the shape of the tip until my fingers made it there. As I stared at my dog’s stiff cock I became lost in my own thoughts. So lost that when the toy finished vibrating out of me I hardly noticed. As my hand grasped his cock I smirked when he started hunching. Fucking my hand.

I even felt myself start to laugh, that was until I saw his pre-cum oozing from the tip. I have had many thoughts involving this dog over the years. However, not one time had I thought about doing what happened next. Moving slowly I got onto my knees with one hand on the bed, my other hand still grasping Arcanine’s cock. Stroking his shaft as he hunched my hand. Finding an odd enjoyment out of the brutes panting.

As I knelt there on my hand and knees my body began to react without my permission. Moving closer to the strong body, until I could feel the warm fur against my side, my head moves down under his stomach. With my head tilted to the side my tongue moves on its own as it began to swirl around the tip to taste him. It wasn’t an unpleasant taste. Odd. Yet not unpleasant. An addictive taste.

Needing more my lips slowly begin to engulf the large cock before me. Moaning against the enlarged member as I worked my way slowly down. Taking it as deeply as I possibly could. Arcanine had other plans for my mouth. Suddenly, before I could react, Arcanine jumps up so that his stomach was on my back with his friend paws around my waist. His claws digging into my waist. As I felt his warm panting land on the flesh of my ass cheeks, and what I could only guess was saliva, he began to fuck my mouth with all he has. No waiting. No slow pumps. Instantly jamming his massive cock deep into my throat.

Getting treated as nothing more than a fuck slut was new to me. An experience that I had obviously been missing out on. Feeling his strange tip deep in my throat was causing my moans to be mixing with gagging. I enjoyed gagging on a good hard cock; however the wine wanted to make a comeback. Something that would surely ruin what is promising to be a good night.

After struggling to push the large canine off of my person, I quickly got over to the opposite edge of the bed. Leaning over the trash can there, just in case. As I hung my head there trying to catch my breath, my breath suddenly caught hard as I felt a cold nose sniffing its way up my inner thighs; just moments before a long hot tongue began to lick over my flesh. Licking up every drop and line of my juices that had poured out of me. Goose bumps began to coat my skin as he made his way higher. Suddenly it was like electricity coursed right into my pussy as I felt his long wet tongue working me better than any man ever had. His tongue exploring every fold as he does his best to lap up every drop of my juices. Quite counter-productive as it only serves to make me begin to pour more juices from my depths.

With screamed moans ripping from my very core just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. Whimpering now I turned my head to try and see what had caused him to stop. Just in time to see the large canine hoping up onto my back. His front legs going around my torso just behind my arms. A happy accident that the rough pads of his paws pressing hard against my nipples. His claws digging into the flesh of my breast. Nipping at my neck to show me that I was his bitch he began to fuck hard. Groaning in frustration as I feel his large cock is only rubbing between my ass cheeks. It was enough for him, though not near enough for me.

Hoping that I could hold myself up with just one arm, my other reaches under me. My hand grasping his cock at the base I worked it until finally I felt him slam deep into my waiting heat. The thickness of his cock forcing its way passed my lips. Not even giving me the chance to stretch to fit him. His animalistic urges instantly bringing him to the point where he is giving it everything he has. The painful pleasure setting off every nerve ending in my person as he pounded that large cock into me repeatedly. His warm panting landing on my neck as I trembled heavily under him.

All at once wave after wave of orgasms began to rock through my body as this large dog used me. Squirt after squirt of my cum gushing out around the cock within me. The force of the orgasm causing my arms to collapse under his weight. With my ass still up in the air my chest slammed down against the bed. My head over the edge of the bed. As I collapsed Arcanine came down hard onto my back. As he struggled to get his paws free the rough pads of his paws, and his claws, roughed up my breast. His claws leaving long scratches across them.

Once free he did not give up. Placing his large paws against my shoulders forcing his weight down on my back. Even if I wanted to get free, I couldn’t. He had me pinned under him. Not a position I expected to be in when I got home hours ago. As his thrashing of my pussy continued I realized why that was going to be important to him.

With each desperate pound into my heat it felt as if his cock was swelling. No, not the entire length of the shaft, just a portion of it. I had forgotten about the knot! As the knot got larger the walls of my pussy did not. It wasn’t long until this massive beast was doing hard quick jabs inside my pussy. The knot had just gotten tight enough inside me to keep him from moving when I began to feel his large cock twitch within me. Feeling his hot dog cum spraying into me. Filling me to the point I was sure that there was an obvious budge.

Unlike most dogs, Arcanine did not start struggling to get free the moment he got off. It was almost like he knew it was futile to do so. Instead he moved his paws to either side of me on the bed, as if to let me move, and begin to do his best to imitate a lover. Nuzzling my neck. Licking the sweat from my drenched body. I said before that he was a sweet dog.

The entire 30 minutes it took for his cock to go down I don’t think he even so much as moved his hindquarters. Once his knot had shrunken enough to allow his cock to escape, he slowly pulled out of me. He watched as I moved so that I was lying on my back with my pillow under my head. As I laid there, well and truly fucked, I watched as he licked himself clean before laying his head on my bare stomach. Weakened by the experience I just laid there letting his still warm dog cum pour out of my pussy onto the bed. Knowing that if I have my way, this would not be the end of this.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my first attempts at this kind of story. If you did, you are most welcome for the now sticky keyboard. If not, oh well. Tell me why. Also, side note. I debated the way this would go down for a couple hours before writing it. Would it be consensual through out, or would the dog simple “rape” her and leave. I decided on consensual. However, if you would like to read the “rape” story let me know in the comments. I have no trouble writing it. Make sure to watch out for “The Goth: Three is a Crowd” along with other stories that I am working on now that I have a working laptop. They should be coming out within the next few weeks.